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  1. What they weigh/length and and how do the fish
  2. You got it I’ll pm you
  3. 10 plugs 7 bucktails for 110 shipped.. great deal here
  4. Did u switch those numbers around cause I saw tackleshops drop them on the 8th for 30 a piece not 63
  5. 2oz mag darter new tac anglers popper uses As swimmer used Ss darter rootbeer new Smith bottle collab new ss black yellow barter used surf asylum gold olive lipless ss black silver white bottle used mikes 4 oz darter very lightly used Northbar darter loaded to about 3oz used 7 jecks bucktails 2.5 -3 oz (1 blue mac 1 green mac) rest white 2 whites and green mac bucktails not pictured 145 shipped PayPal only please thank you
  6. Intersted in silver metal lip if split
  7. Danny pm me he passed so it’s tours thanks sol
  8. It’s about 8 in 3 to 4 oz
  9. Message aent
  10. Blue Mac heavy red eye bullet, shop special very few made 35 shipped
  11. 8 days a lil early to flip out isn’t it some bait and tackles take longer than that
  12. Closing this thanks sol
  13. Looking to get 60 shipped and an afterhours popper 40 shipped or 90 for the lot