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  1. Makes you wonder how many dozens/hundreds/thousands of guys are walking around and sweating bullets because they know they did this same stuff 10 or 20 years ago and it might surface and cost them their career and/or family.
  2. The Husqvarna ST227P I got last year fired right up on the first pull. Ran it for about 30 minutes then changed the oil and hopefully she will get me through another year without any issues.
  3. Pats can't beat Miami without Gronk. Puts the "MVP" chatter into perspective.
  4. Who gives a crap about the HOF? Honestly. His numbers are what they are. Where you and everyone else thinks he ranks is pure opinion. I feel bad they didn't let him play out the season because he has earned it, but it's the coaches call. You would think they know what they have in Geno Smith at this point, and there's no way in hell they name him the week 1 starter next year unless someone else goes down in the preseason.
  5. Finally got to try some Barnstable Brewing while at the cape for Thanksgiving. Great! Supposedly the brewers have some sort of connection with Tree House and they "borrowed" some recipes. I've had some "Julius" knock-offs from small batch brews, but this one was pretty darn close. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to go to the brewery on Friday. Hoping Santa will bring me a few bottles for Christmas.
  6. These refs are really blowing calls, too. The pats had two huge blatant holds on some of those Dion Lewis runs in the first 2 drives. The one on Alonso turned him around as he was reaching for Lewis. Not that it matters.
  7. This Dolphins team is unwatchable.
  8. I worked my way up from entry level to manager and then director at my first job, eventually having about 125 full and part time people that reported up to me. I am the same way in that I prefer to just roll up my sleeves every day, dig in and get the work done myself, achieve concrete goals, and go home. That was the most challenging aspect for me. The further up the ladder you go, the less actual day to day work you have and all of your goals are really just targets to hit at the end of the week or month or quarter. Your goals become centered around the performance and development of your staff, which means that as much as you want to remain friends with them and be on their side against management, your success depends on them doing their job the way management wants it done. All that being said, I would strongly recommend you take the job. For starters, in the worst case scenario that it doesn't work out for you and you leave the company, you can show on your resume that you were promoted because the company believed in you. That always looks good on a resume. Also, if you don't take the job and they hire someone else that is a real PITA to work for, that is going to be miserable for you. And don't worry about losing yourself as an employee on the team. Your first order of business is to get the next best person on the team to be as good if not better than you. When I first started managing, I knew that I could jump in and bang out 30 order issues twice as fast as my best employee, so I would do that and it just delayed the process of my team being able to operate better.
  9. Let me know when they get one programmed to rake leaves, do laundry, and clean up after my kids. Then I'll be excited.
  10. From what I've been told, the private course has a few nicer views but it's an easier course to keep the members happy. I actually like the challenge of the public course, even though I'm a terrible golfer. The bartender said that you can be a member for $5k a year and I think a reduced cart rate, and it also gets you access to any Troon golf courses for just their cart rate. I don't play enough golf, so it would make more sense to just play the course a few times a year, even if they whack you for $200+ on prime weekends.
  11. Just played Lake of Isles two weeks ago. Pouring rain, 30 mph winds, and it was still one of the most memorable rounds I've had. I love that course.
  12. 40 oz to Freedom is a masterpiece of American recordings. If you can't find at least one or two songs on that album to be palatable, then you should just move out to the moon and listen to the sound of space. Also, they recorded the bulk of the album by breaking into a recording studio at a college campus and doing takes while evading security. Edit - JDead already referenced this recording studio info
  13. I'm going to miss all of the Boston stations ripping on Francessa. Those are some of the funniest segments. Hopefully he is back on the airwaves soon.
  14. I like his stuff, although I haven't read it in a long time. I still have yet to read Hey Rube.
  15. I started dabbling with pad thai after reading the great threads on here (thanks MattituckMike) and I'm going to put a wok on my Christmas list. We have an electric stovetop, so I'll have to fire up the turkey fryer burner and use it outside, but that is fine. The 16" Wok Shop handhammered carbon steel with wood handles seems like a good option for $39 on Amazon.