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  1. Okay, thanks.
  2. Friend of mine may be interested, he's not on SOL. How can he contact you directly? He's in Nassau cty.
  3. I'll take the 3-2 3/8oz for $45 shipped paypal, ok?
  4. Payment made, message sent.
  5. Same offer, $25 shipped for 2 Roberts and Line Stretcher.
  6. plugs

    Price lowered to $48 shipped, paypal.
  7. I offer $25 shipped for the 2 Roberts and Line Stretcher,
  8. plugs

    I rather not split yet. Yes the LIFISHVT was made by John.
  9. 4 plug lot, $53 shipped Paypal Gags used 3oz pencil, has scratches and paint chipped Gags 9" needle new in package Habs Jr 3oz pencil used
  10. Pmt received. Thread closed.
  11. Ok, you got em. PM sent.
  12. Superstrike, Afterhours, Boones needles, $55 shipped Paypal.0
  13. You got it, pm coming.