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  1. I don’t know if there is any truth to this, but I heard that there is/was a shortage of the chemicals needed to create PT. That, coupled with increased demand and the time it takes to produce the product.
  2. They’re hell on snakes.
  3. Maybe a month ago he had on a guy who wrote a book about the Manson family. It was really interesting.
  4. One of the ponds we ice fish is filled with LMB. We eat them quite a bit in the winter and they’re delicious. I don’t fish freshwater much in the summer so I’ve never eaten one other than through the ice. In good clean water does the quality go downhill or just in warm muck water?
  5. The top one is the biggest American chestnut I’ve ever found. Healthy as can be.
  6. Better than I expected.
  7. I’ve been telling her for weeks I’d let her do it. Today was finally the day.
  8. Grew up on a farm. Summer I was 14 I got a paying job at the neighbors farm. Next summer I worked at a fancy horse barn shoveling shite and giving pony rides for the lofty sum of 3.50/hr.
  9. I just about stepped on a hen sitting a nest today. Startled the shite out of me. There had to be at least a dozen eggs in the nest.
  10. If they can get them they will. This happened to my coop when we were out in Oregon last summer.
  11. Taught my 11 year old to play cribbage a couple weeks ago. She’s getting good really quick. I hadn’t played much in years. Forgot how fun it is.
  12. There a rock down on the southern side of our farm just off the State Route. Someone has painted it to look like a frog since the 70’s. It’s a local landmark. People are always stopping to take pictures with it. What most of these folks don’t notice is that it’s surrounded by poison ivy. My brother just put a face mask on it and it made the paper.
  13. For sure. They’ll be lucky to not wind up as lobster bait if they stick around too long.