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  1. A good friend of mines son (18) came out of the closet a few months back. Caught the parents completely off guard. I’ve known the kid since he was born and never had an inkling. Even knowing now and looking back I can’t remember anything that seemed off. My buddy is putting up a good show of being OK with it, but I know that it’s eating him up inside.
  2. I worked up a pretty good way to make them for a crowd. Muddle a whole bunch of mint in the bottom of a pitcher, however much you figure you need for the volume you’re going to make. Pour in two parts rum to one part each lime juice and simple syrup. I usually go with a fifth of rum to 12oz each lime and syrup. Everyone can then pour what they want into their glass, top off with club soda, add a slice of lime and done.
  3. Hal sold cedar ridge probably 5 or 6 years ago. What little guiding he’s doing now is out of his buddy’s camp just south of Jackman on lake parlan. I think he’s operating as big woods outfitters or something like that. Zone 5 is a pretty good poke from jackman. Congrats on the permit. Even if your wife or daughter do the hunting, go with them for the experience.
  4. Swing into Webhannet river b&t in wells harbor. They’ll give you some advice as to the where/how that’s been working. They also rent yaks there.
  5. AC DC. Ballpark at old orchard beach, Maine. 1991-2?
  6. They do give away roadkill moose. I got one a few years ago that a plow truck’s wing clipped right in the head. There wasn’t any bruised meat once you got halfway down the neck. I was following the truck and saw it happen. Called up the local game warden to report it and he asked if I wanted it. Hell yes.
  7. We eat grey squirrel probably half a dozen times a year. I’ll stockpile them till I’ve got a dozen or so and then have a big meal. Braised low and slow and it falls apart. Squirrel and dumplings is what my daughter asked for for her birthday this year. It’s really good pulled and used as taco meat. Shredded into a gravy. Very mild. I like it better than rabbit.
  8. Riding places in the back of a pickup. Serious distances. The sliding window was for communication/beverage transfer between the cab and bed.
  9. It works good if you keep the water to it during the germination and early growth. If you can’t keep it wet, I think you’re better off seeding it traditionally and mulching with straw.
  10. They complain about Columbus Day being taken away but they get the whole month of February.
  11. Supposed to be in the high 30’s and there is still almost 3’ of snow on the ground. Your talk of trout fishing and mowing the lawn makes me want to drink heavily. Taking daughter skiing one day and ice fishing the other. Not sure which yet.
  12. The frozen eggplant cutlets are the best I’ve ever had (store bought). The nearest TJs is a little over an hour south so we don’t make it there very often, but when we do, there are several things that are worth stocking up on.
  13. I’ve bought my wife’s last two trucks at Rochester Toyota. In both cases I was pleasantly surprised with the salesman’s lack of douchiness.
  14. Deer shanks this afternoon. Crappy weather day and figured it would be good to have the oven on.