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  1. I get $15/lb picking and selling them to a mushroom company who then markets them to restaurants and at farmers markets. Last I knew they were selling them for $26/lb. its rediculous.
  2. Same type of material. Not required, you could use a heavy Dutch oven. They do work good though and aren’t that expensive. I broke one of ours and was able to replace it on amazon. This is the one I got. It’s a 2 pound pot.
  3. they generally don’t have to come right up to a full boil. Just cook them for a bit. When you take a spoonful of the beans out of the water and blow on them, the skin will kinda come apart or crack. I’m bad at describing things. I hope that helps. Dont get too fancy with the layering. My wife puts all the onion and salt pork right in the bottom and then puts the beans on top. The onions float up to the top during the cooking and get all brown and nice. She says ways she only adds liquid once during the cooking and you want the top to dry out a bit at the end so the onions get carmelized.
  4. Today was one of the days every year that I look forward to most. My brother and I and a friend of ours take the kids down along the brook on our family’s farm to cut trees for us, my parents and my aunt. My brother has a cathedral ceiling so it’s always a challenge to find the biggest tree possible for him. A morning spent tromping around in the woods with the kids, trying to break the ice on the brook by throwing rocks off the snowmobile bridge, making shelters, making a fire at lunch. Just generally having a good time screwing off. I’ve been doing it since I was there age. I just hope they’re able to bring their kids to do it.
  5. He does one on ghengis khan that was amazing.
  6. I think I had posted some pics about picking chaga. This is is the first book I bought when I got interested in mushrooms. It goes in depth on the easiest mushrooms to identify. Lots of info on how to use them too. I’ve bought a few other books since, but they have been more in-depth and generally for smarter/more serious mushroomers than me. I don’t use them much. Im at the point now where I’ve got a half dozen kinds that I’m 100% on that are tasty, plentiful, and often times, able to be sold. I’ve tried some of the more “advanced” kinds and I get wicked paranoid after I eat them, worrying that I screwed up the ID. I’m trying to find someone that really knows what they’re doing to tag along with.
  7. Good deal. Is there any mast over your way, or are the just eating in the cuttings and swamps?
  8. The continued snow is fantastic. Good hunting conditions and a good healthy herd is making for a great year. Deer are fat as hell and weighing up good. Only one guy in our “crew” is still hunting. He’s starting to feel some pressure to get it done.
  9. gosh darn. That’s quite the critter. How big is that? It looks huge.
  10. Thanks. The drag today made up for the last one. All downhill and mostly on an old tote road. By the time my brother showed up to help, I was waiting for him on the side of the numbered route. Wish they were all like that. Ive never gotten two good deer in one year before. One, or both, of them is usually a forkhorn or such. Think I’m going to try making a bunch of jerky with some of this one.
  11. Guy on the other side of the hill. I keep him in deer tails and bunny feet. He keeps me in flies.
  12. NH. It’s been years since we’ve had such good snow during deer season.
  13. And NH. It’s been years such we’ve had such good snow in deer season.
  14. In the mid 90’s they were two for $1 at the Troy general store. A couple of snappers and a cup of coffee, breakfast of champions.
  15. I know it’s wrong, but I friggen love red hot dogs.