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  1. They complain about Columbus Day being taken away but they get the whole month of February.
  2. Supposed to be in the high 30’s and there is still almost 3’ of snow on the ground. Your talk of trout fishing and mowing the lawn makes me want to drink heavily. Taking daughter skiing one day and ice fishing the other. Not sure which yet.
  3. The frozen eggplant cutlets are the best I’ve ever had (store bought). The nearest TJs is a little over an hour south so we don’t make it there very often, but when we do, there are several things that are worth stocking up on.
  4. I’ve bought my wife’s last two trucks at Rochester Toyota. In both cases I was pleasantly surprised with the salesman’s lack of douchiness.
  5. Deer shanks this afternoon. Crappy weather day and figured it would be good to have the oven on.
  6. My daughter doesn’t realize it’s odd to know the name of the meat we’re eating. One of her friends Was over for supper and we were eating burgers. Her friend was raving about how good they were. Maya said to her “yeah, Mary is delicious.”, and then starts telling stories about what a nice cow Mary was and how she was such a good mother.
  7. Nice rack on her as well.
  8. At 85 years old, mr. young should get an award not a misdemeanor.
  9. Whatever you get is reportable as income. You can choose to report it as a long term capital gain. Have the forester help you determine your cost basis (the value of the standing timber at the time you purchased the property) to use the depletion allowance to minimize what you have to pay. Any access improvements “necessary” to implement the harvest can be deducted from the income. Good time to add gravel to your driveway.
  10. Nothing to win any $ with, but steady enough fishing to keep this herd entertained. Can’t ask for more than that.
  11. The rotary club is putting on a big ice fishing derby this weekend.
  12. I get $15/lb picking and selling them to a mushroom company who then markets them to restaurants and at farmers markets. Last I knew they were selling them for $26/lb. its rediculous.
  13. Same type of material. Not required, you could use a heavy Dutch oven. They do work good though and aren’t that expensive. I broke one of ours and was able to replace it on amazon. This is the one I got. It’s a 2 pound pot.