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  1. well at one time there were ... and t-shirts and hats and hoodies
  2. yea that is what i was thinking too..... i need to go find my tack/staple puller .... i'd swear it looks just like that . i had to file the 'claw' part for it to work ..
  3. dam , thought that was too easy ... ok is it magnetic ?
  4. tack puller ../ staple puller doesn't really 'pull' but prys them out ..
  5. the 'pointy thing' has me scratching my head .... can ya post a couple more pics ???
  6. Top one is a tuning wrench for a piano Or a harp
  7. please read the guidelines for the forum here : and the bst rules here
  8. PP sent no hurry on shipping , can't get to my lathe . lol remodeling basement and it is buried
  9. dave . i'll take them pm me your pay pal info
  10. thanks panoramas are so easy with the iphone ...... i hate to say it ; but i hardly use my nikon anymore .....