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  1. The Democrats own the Trump presidency. Trump is so unfit for the job that a blind squirrel could have beat him in the election. But what does the left do? They put forth the most un-electable candidate in history. Then they double down on stupid by alienating most Americans. Bernie Sanders had a ground swell of support. With his promises of socialism and free college for all, the lackluster, entitled millenials flocked to him like mice to the pied piper. But once Hillary won, I mean stole, the nomination Bernie folded like a cheap suit. My guess is that a lot of the Democrats who stayed home on election day were disenfranchized Bernie supporters. I saw a good number of Bernie bumper stickers and lawn signs during the primaries, but none of those folks had Hillary signs on their lawns come November. While a Bernie presidency would have been a disaster, I do beleive if he was actually nominated that even he could have beat Trump. But the left wasn't done. The lefties crapped all over the "uneducated" throughout the election cycle. First, a degree in gender studies makes you neither smart nor educated, ans second, according to the census, somewhere around 60% of American adults DO NOT have a college education. Sorry you smug morons, but you just alienated the majority of voting age Americans by constantly belittling the "uneducated". And while we are at it, the last time I checked, white people are still the majority in this country, and you have grossly overplayed the race card to the point where it is almost a joke. Constantly being called a racist gets old pretty quick. Your racist wolf cries also works to marginalize true racism. Average Americans are also sick and tired of your progressive faux activism. To compare transgender bathroom issues to civil rights is a very intellectually dishonest position. Making someone use a bathroom appropriate to their biological gender does not even come close to laws that oppress people based on their skin color. Yet we (white people) have now been labeled transphobic as well as racist, and that's just silly. Transgender people make up less than 1% of the population. I have never met a transgender person and I bet most Americans haven't either, especially outside of urban areas. How can most Americans be afraid of/threatened by people they have never met. And while we are on transgender, calling Bruce Jenner a hero for cutting off his johnson and putting on a dress, give me a freakin break. In summary, your cultural elitist bs may play well in urban areas on the coasts, but that dog don't hunt in the fly over states. So instead of crying and protesting in the streets like petulant children over a president who was elected in a democratic process, maybe you folks should take a long hard look in the mirror and see where you went wrong. The election of Trump gives the Democratic Party and opportunity to rebuild and reformulate their strategy. They not only need new blood, they need candidates that are moderates who can appeal to regular Americans rhather than socialists and community organizers.
  2. I don't speak for the GOP. All opinions are mine. I also think that all of the candidates in this election are liberals. Jill Stein is Bernie Sanders in a dress. Johnson supports open borders, and Trump is no conservative.
  3. If you think about it, it is pretty easy to understand why the libbys don't see the hypocracy of constantly calling Trump and his supporters racists. Brainwashed liberals actually believe that the white race is the only race that has any capacity for bigotry and that the white patriarchy has been oppressing basically everybody since the beginning of civilization. They actually beleive that blacks can't be racists. They even have a term they use to justify blacks behaving badly-black rage. So when a libby turns on the 6 o'clock news and sees these animals looting and setting fires, all they see are a bunch of oppressed brothers blowing off a little black rage because liberals beleive that the more you are oppressed, the more rage and bad behavior you are allowed to display. A black person who proclaims to hate whites is not a racist in liberal fantasy land. He's just lashing out at his oppressors and centuries of institutional racism against blacks. They don't see that Black Lives Matter is a racist movement and that their part leaders are racists because they openly support other racists! Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are two very vile and disgusting people. After seeing the mother of that POS Michael Brown paraded on stage at the DNC, I swear I will NEVER vote for another Democrat again, ever. These people are vile individuals who spew garbage every time their mouths open. If that wasn't enough, Obummer the racist has the absolute nerve to attend a funeral for white police officers who were murdered by a black racist and turn the event into a lecture about white racism in America. Disgusting.
  4. Why do we owe them any help? You see regardless of whether the ideas come from team D or team R, progressives can't let go of the idea that the poor are societys burden and we all must pay our fair share to support those who CHOOSE not to support themselves. I really don't care what color your skin is, if you refuse to hold up your end of the social contract, you can go **** yourself as far as I am concerned. Now I do understand that there are those on the left that feel that the able bodied poor should be helped even if they refuese to help themselves. I think that is a very noble ideal and those who feel that way are far more compassionate than I am. If you feel that way, I implore you to get involved and do your part to help the poor. But coming to my doorstep with your guns drawn and demanding I pay up is immoral, especially if you personally don't practice what you preach. So liberals should really be asking their fellow liberals, what have you done personally to help the poor black community? If you really cared about them , you would do something. But most liberals are cowards and hypocrites and wouldn't be caught dead in da hood in broad daylight.
  5. I am willing to bet $20 that the real reason she's not having kids is because she is so ugly that most men would not touch her, and those that would look past her ugliness are totally repulsed by her militant feminist man hating attitude.
  6. Liberalism has perverted the fundamentally important concept that all men are created equal. All are created equal in the eyes of the law only. That is a very important concept that our founding fathers understood. You see there are cultures, and some still exist today, where there is an institutionalized class system so that basically the class you are born into will dictate that path that your life takes. In America a dirt poor child of an immigrant can grow up to be the president, not so in many parts of the world. But beyond the eyes of the law all people are absolutely NOT created equal, and equality of opportunity (which we have here in the USA thanks to all people being considered equal in the eyes of the law) is not and should not be a guarantee of equality of outcomes. Or to put it they way my parents did when I was a kid "life's not fair."
  7. But most do. When the libbys first started squaking about $15 an hour minimum wage I took at look at some actual statistics, and as expected, once again, the truth does not fit the progressive narrative. The overwhelming majority of people working minimum wage jobs are single folks age 26 and younger, primarily in the food service and retail sectors. Basically we are talking high school and college kids for the most part. Sure there are some "adults" struggling to support a family on a Mcjob, but unlike what the libbys want you to believe, they are the exception and not the rule. Which brings me to yet another thing I absolutely can't stand about modern liberalism: The idea that the majorty must constantly make concessions for every single type of minority that suffers some sort of real, or most often, imagined oppression. When as a rational society do we stand up and say enough is enough?
  8. Grade A progressive bullcrap. In a fair society, people should be expected to arrange thier lives in such a way as to not be an undue burden on others. YOU are expected to do what it takes to make sure that you can feed yourself and your family if you have one. No one is expected to have a second job by society. I don't have one because I don't need one, but if I wanted/needed more money I would get a second job rather than cry unfair to the government.
  9. The idea of feeling guilty over something you have absolutely no control over (We don't get to choose the race we are born into) is utter stupidity. Just further proof that liberalism is a mental disorder. Lately it seems like they have doubled down on stupid. Basically because I am an American, white, straight male who identifies as the gender that corresponds with my genitals I am the scum of the earth that is responsible for all of the evil and oppression in this world. Yet another reason I will not be voting for Hillary. At this point I could care less about her alleged moral failings. I don't care who the candidate is, there is absolutely no way I can get on that crazy train called modern liberalism. These kooks are working overtime to destroy this country.
  10. Families should work to get themselves out of poverty. If I run a business I could care less if the wage I am paying you is not enough to feed your family, it is not my problem and it is not my responsibility. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that you can make enough money to feed your family. Want to get paid more? Try showing up on time and working harder so that you can get promoted. Get a second job. Get training or education, get rid of the $100 a month cell phone bill, stop smoking a pack a day etc. Low paying jobs are low paying because nearly everyone has the required skills for those jobs, and there are people who are willing to work for those wages.
  11. and liberals hate rich people, yet they nominate the poster child for crony capitalism. Not only did they nominate her, they actively defend her. It truly is a mental disorder.
  12. I agree. Hillary is such a lying piece of human garbage that if Trump just kept his mouth shut she could easily be responsible for her own undoing, but it seems like the more he opens his big mouth, the more people flock to the side of the lying beast.
  13. How much is one way coach airfare to Africa?
  14. I personally don't believe it is all about the money. One thing that struck me while watching some of these documentaries about the Clintons is that the people who thay gave favorable treatment to seemed to make far more money from the shady dealings than the Clintons did. More than just greed, they are absolutely drunk on power.
  15. You can self identify as a ****ing Nintendo 64 for all I care, still doesn't change biology. Please enlighten us as to how society as a whole is a better place now that .gov has forced the school to allow little Johnny to piss in the girls room because he thinks he's actually a girl.