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  1. 4 mins ago, Jeffz1 said:

    My money is on a  little more than plain old  negligent dumbassery. 

    Gaps In security and communication would make Trump vulnerable.

     You don't think some want him dead?

      So maybe not outright plotted but it seems there were a lot of doors purposely left open.


    ^^^ This is as about as far down the rabbit hole as I’m willing to go ^^^

    Even this though.



  2. 2 hours ago, DeepWaters said:

    At first, I believed nothing but sheer incompetence. I mean the SS is a government group after all. 

    But the more that comes out, the fact that they were aware of this threat for soooo long, the scrubbing of the crime scene, the whole steep roof bs - that roof is a 2 pitch at most, most able bodies can walk up to 6 pitch in sneakers, and on and on. 

    But on top of all that, the biggest “mistake”, if you believe it, is even with eyes on the target, confirmed armed, confirmed ranging the stage, confirmed on the property - and even more, on the roof… why would they let Trump on that stage? Why would they keep him on stage for that whole time? There is no reasonable explanation in my mind as to why that happened. 

    Worst case scenario here would be negligence 


    Negligence makes a lot more sense than some of the kooky stuff I’ve heard recently.


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