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  1. I haven’t read the article in question but I’m betting it’s related to all the false reporting they did
  2. ? A news network reporting actual news? This surprises you?
  3. You can’t dupe the willing, or something to that effect
  4. What’s “blackslapping” ? Sounds racist
  5. Trump didn’t attempt a coup.. he lies about hookers and his golf game you'll have to excuse me if I don’t care
  6. It’s tough to screw up pancakes
  7. Treason motivated by politics... Obama’s DOJ was rife with political corruption... from Lynch to Comey to McCabe to Baker and strozk it was a cultural of corruption
  8. See Patchy we do agree on some things
  9. I believe strozk and or page told us what we need to know about that
  10. They were serious
  11. This is a shine proof turd
  12. It’s unraveling faster than the Left can gather up the ends to try to ravel it back together again... Discuss....
  13. It can’t be
  14. Into obstruction (McCabe) Rosenstein appointed the special counsel as I recall... they panicked I think
  15. Comey was fired for cause... good cause as laid out by Rosenstein... Barr wrote a memo explaining how it’s not Obstruction... not that there’s any real question as to if anything was obstructed as evidenced by the ongoing investigation
  16. You should read Andrew mccarthys take on Rosenstein actions... he’s close to the truth I think several pieces over at National Review... one just recently
  17. I agree with Dude... they certainly made some huge “mistakes” more of the the truth will come out... none if it will be flattering for any of this crew
  18. No they didn’t... they scewed up from the get go and the rational for doing so is laughable
  19. Amazing he’s outing himself as such a hack... we knew he was but still... it’s embarrassing 2 years later he thinks maybe it’s possible LMAO
  20. Though it certainly could be
  21. Hop over to CNN... I don’t think the timing is a coincidence
  22. If he lied why wasn’t he called to task? Why wasn’t he charged?
  23. Good for Ruth
  24. It looks like Barr pulled the plug and the Whittaker story isn’t going to get any traction outside conspiracy theory circles (Schiff and his merry band of witch hunters included) adjust your expectations accordingly
  25. It’s an oft repeated myth... one of many