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  1. He's a very very very devout Atheist Ask him he'll tell you all about it
  2. Frank thinks you are overreacting
  3. You mean the ones that survive right... cuz' the dead ones can't really say anything
  4. I dunno' what did he call them ? Resurrection Enthusiasts?
  5. C'mon Frank thats lazy schticky sh*t posting
  6. It's a legit question... does is make you uncomfortable to acknowledge it? Wouldn't it be better to acknowledge the fact and then offer some explanation? Denying it seems petty and lazy
  7. 300 + Christians were slaughtered recently... might have motivated me to a little
  8. Why is it so difficult to acknowledge that Obama and Hillary both carefully avoid the use of the word "Christian" ?
  9. If only it were schtick
  10. Why are people so reluctant to acknowledge this crisis?
  11. Lets see... doesn't take 16 hours to open a box
  12. He's angling for a cookie and a pat on the head
  13. So... you stand with all the sane people in the world who find senseless violence abhorrent good for you!!