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  1. No idea why I thought that was funny but I chuckled
  2. One of the unintended benefits of our economic system... The riff raff are cutting into profits and must be dealt with.
  3. I'd never given much thought as to why its called the Tenderloin Distinct Has never not been a bad neighborhood as far as I know
  4. Its best to clean as you go... evidently they were a little lax for a while
  5. Just used it to open a package of batteries... poor dude would still be struggling
  6. My current favorite dress up carry... sub 3 oz. more of a “reverse tanto” than wharnclife... but in the ballpark blade shape is more practical than I thought it might
  7. I feel bad for the next (and we know it’s rare but yeah it happens) legit victim of crime motivated by racial hatred or homophobia... great work Jussie you histrionic lying tool
  8. thank you I was too rushed to include the picture... what more evidence of the pee tape being real do you need ?
  9. Yeah that looks to be a real classic... I definitely prefer a full flat grind for edc
  10. It’s times like this that I miss a certain formerly regular Member who has not been heard from in months stories like this used to make him positively giddy
  11. The latest conspiracy theory CNN is peddling
  12. Trump's former Moscow associate David Geovanis targeted in Senate Russia investigation He's the guy with the half-nude woman in this photo. CNN reports today that Senate investigators plan to question David Geovanis, an American businessman based in Moscow whose ties to Donald Trump in Russia date back decades. Witnesses told investigators that Geovanis may be able to fill in missing details on Trump's business and personal activities in Russia which are now believed to date as far back as the 1990s. One of those two witnesses told the committee he has a photograph of Geovanis in earlier years posing in this portrait (photo above) with three partially nude women. CNN: Here's another bombshell in the CNN report: Geovanis helped organize that now-infamous 1996 Trump junket to Moscow, when Donald was in the early stages of pursuing what he apparently hoped would become a Trump Tower in the Russian capital. Oh, Paul Manafort like the Paul Manafort who is in prison? Yes, this will be interesting. Watch this name. David Geovanis. -From Boing Boing
  13. It's still a ring
  14. Still on my "want one" list
  15. I don't wear a watch or jewelry... both drive me nuts