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  1. It’s roots had not a thing to do with slavery and if it was or was not applicable to slaves is irrelevant to the topic
  2. You don’t seem to understand the premise here… and I’m not even a little surprised
  3. You really should care about the Constitution.. its important.
  4. One MD tweeted… How close are they to actually triggering the protocols they surly have in place Will people get turned away and denied care?
  5. Overwhelmed means that people aren’t able to receive care where are people being turned away ? Do we need to reopen the field hospitals?
  6. DeSantis and Rubio were advocating that people skip the vaccine?!
  7. Legit arguments could be made there
  8. no that’s weird trolly predictable hacky talk
  9. Really You don’t have any compassion for a 22 year old healthy person who decides not to get vaccinated but is unfortunate enough to beat overwhelming odds by contracting and then dying from Covid?
  10. That implies that he wasn’t in support previously.., which is of course pure partisan BS Is that BS your pushing? I think it’s BS I
  11. They aren’t overwhelmed… they’ve never been overwhelmed thankfully, because we have huge resources at our disposal Why you would state otherwise is clear can you tell us what should be done now? Masks? Til’ When?
  12. Do you find the Post Trump PG difficult to navigate without constantly stepping on rakes?
  13. Octopotamus posts trash exclusively
  14. So you don’t?
  15. Again? When was our healthcare system overwhelmed? And what should be done now?!
  16. Did you go to the authorities when you discovered Trump was a Pedophile ? How’d it go?
  17. The picture of him kissing the kid whilst cradling his face in his hands is pretty unsettling… probably looks less odd on film but still..
  18. Fauci should have stepped aside months and months ago Why do you maintain faith in Fauci?
  19. Are the healthcare systems in these community’s at risk? What’s the mortality rate after admission? What impact do you think these spikes will have on immunization numbers? What should we do?
  20. That’s also the Adult Cohort least at risk for death, illness and hospitalization
  21. I must have missed your indignation in the “Trump is a Pedophile” threads that obviously must have been equally triggering for you in the recent past
  22. Not my words but that’s the thesis
  23. That’s not an answer (again) Maybe you should dial the snark down unless you can follow up with something intelligent when it comes time to actually discuss something? And what is the safe space babble about ?
  24. I’ve never said any of that stuff, you are lying again