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  1. Google Nicky Fried in "News"
  2. Most were at one time or another
  3. I was considering starting a thread about my dogs breath, I may just hijack this one
  4. Politics.. not justice
  5. No.. sorry that’s not any kind of justification And the investigation outcome was pre-determined by political considerations I’m tired of arguing the point.. A dozen cops within spitting distance of her in front of her and behind.. and only one discharges his weapon it’s been discussed to death here in the PG
  6. My dogs breath is horrendous.. like take him to the vet horrendous
  7. I think the Family is suing the Capitol Police not the officer because that’s not really a thing.. to sue an officer I have a feeling the Capitol Police will be eager to settle the matter quietly
  8. We don’t typically shoot people for breaking windows in this country
  9. You’re confusing civil rights with a civil suit
  10. The Gold for Fencing is especially a big deal.. first ever I believe
  11. My cat is named Cee-Cee True story
  12. That’ll show em’ who’s boss
  13. Where did I say the C&P you just now posted wasn’t clear? Good God… seriously is this Schtick?
  14. No matter how many times I read that it’s not going to say what you said.. However Google reveals that your talking about the Guard supporting the White House specifically you are a sloppy poster
  15. Nowhere in there does it say anything at all about Pence calling in the National Guard.. Didn’t you also say the guard deployed itself at some point ? In the same post …
  16. He may have
  17. Which is typical as it frees up LEO’s from mundane tasks like directing traffic and securing low priority areas like government offices across town etc…
  18. Okay everyone is aware that the DC Guard was activated and present in DC on the 6th. right?
  19. okay… I’m done with you
  20. Mostly half hearted troll attempts
  21. There are legions of useful idiots in America unfortunately
  22. The DOJ reverted back to its culture of political corruption before Barr’s seat even cooled off
  23. I think you mean it WAS inherently racist because it excluded certain groups Is the 1st amendment rooted in Racism? Hows about the 3rd. ? you understand by now I think that this post was prompted by the ACLU Editorial arguing that (listen closely) the 2nd. amendment was added to the Constitution (Rooted in other words) to advance and continue the practice of Slavery in the US