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  1. Actualy I think it can be both a personal and a campaign issue... if it’s both (and it certainly is personal) it’s fine read that somewhere in the grand scheme of things this is piddly... it looks just like what it is... an excuse to get rid of Trump (it will fail) which is why when Trump says witch hunt people understand what he means
  2. Til' he wasn't then he wasn't I'll say it again... amazing the duration and intensity of investigative scrutiny Trump and thus far, nothing, not a thing Could change sure... but we were told that there's a Mountain of evidence, wrongdoing, collusion, obey laundering, bank fraud, tax fraud, sexual assault, bestiaity, pedophilia a draw full of Mattress tags etc... I think maybe people were just hysterical
  3. If your not indictable, you're squeaky clean from a legal standpoint, I took care to make that distinction in the OP
  4. This isn't about any of that stuff... it's about Impeach Trump
  5. I know right... but that's what it's looking like.. go figure
  6. What would be Patriotic about smashing him in the face?
  7. Ohhh... c'mon you smiled at least
  8. I'm betting Mueller is getting a thrill squeezing Pecker
  9. Prove he wasn't Prove he wasn't... in part even, protecting his brand, his reputation, his family, his marriage etc... Don't forget not the first time he's agreed to similar deals... long before he was campaigning
  10. Patchy tell us why this is a "Serious" Campaign Finance Violation And not, at most a civil matter resulting in a fine (won't happen but that's actually a worst case scenario)
  11. I think his Taxes are up next right?
  12. More Dershowitz... less CNN I'm telling you you'll think more clearly
  13. 2 Years into a slam dunk mountain of evidence obvious as hell Russia Russia Russia collusion and people talking about Stormy Daniels and the National Enquirer and elusive campaign finance violations... It doesn't bode well for the chances that Mueller \ The Resistance are going to be successful here