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  1. What are you guys wearing (shoe wise) if your using platform pedals ?
  2. This post is disingenuous both coming and going
  3. Sounds like Biden… if you could be honest
  4. Good because you’ve no choice and that’s exactly what’s happening.. Hispanics in particular
  5. Deutschbank Trump is Demented and Jackson is covering Russia Russia Russia Trump is stealing mailboxes Stacy Abrams is Governor SDNY is closing in You are just a clown in a different circus
  6. Must of us realized sometime ago (years.. literally ) the Collusion Delusion was a hoax.. there’s nothing shocking to be uncovered really, it’s mostly just confirmation and getting to rub your noses in it now
  7. You should get the pooch in movies she’s got that movie dog look
  8. Just pointing out how incredibly close it was.. calm down
  9. West Coast?
  10. You could fit the number of voters across 4 or 5 states that gave Joe the EC in the Rose Bowl on a Sunday afternoon
  11. Facts trigger you guys, it’s hilarious Why though.. seriously ?
  12. No it’s not at all dishonest it’s an objective fact presented dispassionately
  13. Yeah I’ve been following the stories locally
  14. How do you manage her in the house after fishing with her ? She must get a bath and have to dry and be combed out? She’s beautiful BTW