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  1. Hows this thread going for C&R?
  2. Husband... Pffffttttt..... Scummy Lies
  3. Actually, it was the Catholics
  4. Omar isn’t an anti-Semite she just speaks their language... sure okay
  5. Yes.... kind of a dumb question
  6. My bad I apologize I thought you were referring to the recent house resolution
  7. What anti bds laws are you referring to? I’m sorry I’m trying to backtrack through the thread but it’s easier just to ask
  8. You guys should probably be railing against the anti denotes instead of apologizing for them... it’s a credibility issue know what I mean ? how much more evidence do you need before you denounce Omar’s anti Semitic rhetoric and associations ?
  9. You wake up in a lawn chair again?
  10. Sweet...
  11. I would hope so
  12. which part? the Trump is a Russian Agent part was most certainly a hoax... the Russia staged a influence campaign (per usual) part was real... just run of the mill counterintelligence stuff.. but definitely legit
  13. How could it not be a show worth seeing... it couldn’t really could it?
  14. especially when they are initiated on false pretense
  15. Yeah I'd I wouldn't be bitchin' either if someone gave me cash to do it I gotta do it for free