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  1. They came up with the numbers to beat Trump so... never mind it’s all good
  2. It’s going to be so very very funny when the Dems Lose a big election in the near future and they start blathering about election fraud Or Russia... it’s inevitable
  3. The Biden Family is awash in soft corruption and influence peddling Leftists don’t care because Biden will gladly force a Christian Baker to make Dick Cakes
  4. I have an even better question... why did a hostile team of prosecutors come up empty? It’s a rhetorical question.. They came up empty because the collusion delusion was a hoax
  5. He’s much more accomplished than Biden.. it’s true
  6. If they find Bamboo, Panda’s are definitely prime suspects
  7. It’s real... and you have it I hope they find a cure
  8. These Audits are probably unnecessary and I’m sure they are being conducted by the most partisan of hacks, but they do seem that make the leftist anxious so... good, there’s no downside to intense election scrutiny
  9. It’s not Fox News fault this guy decide to riot in the capital bldg. Its his fault.. no one else BTW TDS is real.. and it’s a debilitating condition, and the prognosis for sufferers appears bleak
  10. High School kids in Massachusetts have to wear masks during outdoor soccer practice because of these people
  11. Eliminating shoddy mail order ballot practices is a good thing
  12. Exactly, in reality everyone knows Biden squeaked out a victory on the thinnest razors edge
  13. I’ve not done much in the way of fact checking here but I strongly suspect Maxx is getting suckered here.... Dumb clickbait headlines and hapless partisan hacks are a match made in heaven