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  1. There was an ongoing investigation when Barr left That’s like what the 3rd or 4th time we’ve covered this ? Seriously
  2. On the bright side Trump is just a misplaced piece of gaffers tape and a stray mic cable away from a self pardon
  3. We know who they are We know who Trump is They won’t be anymore civilized if DeSantis is POTUS Difference will be DeSantis (or Scott or Pence) won’t make it easy for them by actually doing crap they can indict them for.
  4. The best way to counter all of it is to win elections, and win with smart Candidates
  5. Dump Trump ASAP please The collusion hoax was an example of a weaponized DOJ for sure Many examples of Justice not being applied equally.. we all know that We saw what Happened We all saw the efforts to take him out What they really needed was his help, and now he’s provided his assistance so they could finally bring legitimate charges Cue DeSantis Forget Trump
  6. And all those meetings Joe had with people giving Hunter money
  7. Exactly, that’s how we know Joe lied about not being aware of Hunters business deals
  8. You have no more to say or there’s no more to say generally ? If Trump is removed from play how does that help the Democrats? I would think it endangers Biden’s re-election bid
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