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  1. Trump could fire Mueller himself, or... he could fire anyone that he instructed to fire Mueller but refused, and then fire Mueller himself, or hire someone who would.. Sounds like the big takeaway here is that Trump ultimately listened to wise counsel and let Mueller be ? Which was a wise move really, in hindsight
  2. Barr is obviously a straight shooter, so I'm glad he'll get to set the record straight for Nadler Will "Mountains of Schiff" be there I wonder?
  3. How does that work exactly? Might be the funniest thing I've heard all day
  4. I can't believe those guys were in town and they didn't call
  5. Thanks You're way ahead of me in reading the report... I'm looking forward to reading all the content that leads you in that direction. You've been so spot on these past two years or so... I trust your instincts
  6. Dude.... clarification here please Thank you in advance for a straight answer to a straight question
  7. Another Trump win would be my guess...
  8. Yes and they impeached him... I think it's only fair that Trump be impeached as well... don't you?
  9. No choice but to Impeach really... When does that start?
  10. But... But.... But...
  11. Who?
  12. Which part of the investigation? Into Russian Meddling or into Trump's involvement is Russian Meddling? If you mean the latter Comey and McCabe etc... best hope that the AG and IG etc... agree with your lunchtime assessment So far that's looking like an increasingly tough row to hoe