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  1. The kids doing the pep rally thing... It's not even the same group of kids
  2. This thread is... what's the word I'm looking for?
  3. He is very often in disagreement with himself
  4. Frank hasn't been villifyin them... he just wanted to point out what little racist bastards they are and used a ridiculous story about "Blackface" to make his point... not that he's trying to vilify the kids or anything
  5. It had Hoax written all over it from the get go, lots of people wanted to fall for it... alot did
  6. I'm on an Alastair MaClean bender... The Ulysses... for ten to Navarone etc...
  7. I’m out... I’m gonna disappear this thread as well for your sake Frank
  8. It's not kids in "Blackface" you'd have to be a grade A-Snowflake to pretend to think otherwise not that you're obsessed with trying to villify these kids or anything... Christ you're a frikken Tool Frank
  9. There are multiple clips of the “Covington Crazies” donning black, and sometimes blue, face and body paint during various sporting events. New York Post Covington Catholic alum Ryan Toler pushed back on the characterization from the Daily News, saying he was shown in the background of one of the images in the article. He added, "ITS CALLED A BLACKOUT THEME. WE HAD SCHOOL SPIRIT. WE DO THIS TO EVERY SCHOOL NO MATTER THE RACE OR ETHNICITY. Stop trying to force a fake story to drive your false narrative."
  10. Not that your trying to vilify these kids as racists or anything LMAO You really fell for that "Blackface" thing at the Basketball game I'm not even sure what its about exactly... but I know damn well it isn't about of high school kids dressing up as blacks
  11. I thought I'd of seen this as well... mentioning it is clearly intended to vilify the kids as racist however. I wonder if he got duped by more Covington High School related fake news?
  12. Yeah I pointed this out a couple times... hilarious
  13. There were kids in Blackface? In a yearbook from Covington? I'd not seen that... and I think that would have been put right out there when this narrative went south Where those the kids in blackface the kids in the video?
  14. Frank didn't you call the kids "Entitled Brats" and then accuse them of being in blackface in the Covington yearbook? (bizzare accusation btw)
  15. I sense that you aren't interested in having an actual conversation about this. Do you feel like you've treated the Kids fairly when discussing this incident?