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  1. Phil, you need help with the fly you let me know. -Jr.
  2. Fishing is not the same as it used to be. If you do make the trip be careful wading out. The sand is very soft from a recent dredging project and unstable. I would suggest fishing with a buddy if you go, and don't trust the sand.
  3. Thanks. They were going to be first on my list. Sent from the interwebz.
  4. I'm heading to Montauk Thursday and in my typical last minute fashion I found out that my old vezco rack does not fit my 2006 Wrangler. I put myself in a bind now and I am looking to see if there are any guys local that have rod holders for trucks in stock? Thanks in advance guys.
  5. Quite possibly one of the best all around surf and jetty rods. My go-to, however, wetsuiting I prefer a 1201M custom and sand beaches a 1321M. ^^WWO knows the deal, they can help you out.
  6. Thanks for the replies, I'm really looking forward to starting up again. I can remember using 5 minute epoxy that always wound up with a yellow tint to it haha. It has been some time. My first purchase is going to be a new vise. I want a rotary vise and of course it needs to hold up a heavy duty saltwater hook. As for materials I'll be supporting my local supplier, but I'm always interested on internet deals. Where do most of you get your stuff? I'll definitely be attending the Fly Fishing show in Somerset, that was always a great place to get some deals.
  7. Hey guys, It's been at least 10 years since I've done any serious fly tying and I'm looking to get back into it. I would consider myself an experienced tyer, just a little rusty and forgetful. I'm looking to put together a list of all the essentials I'll need to get back into the hobby. I'll be tying flies mostly for the usual Northeast species. I know I'll need all usual tools, vice, thread, bucktails, saddle hackles, hooks, eyes, flash, peacock hurl etc, but I'm sure there are some things I have definitely forgotten. Enough rambling, who can help me out, maybe even show me some patterns that you've been fond of lately.
  8. Definitely a Habs. Looks like a 1.25oz. . As for value I wouldn't know in dollars, but it's value as a fish catcher is excellent.
  9. Have you ever used the Simms neoprene wading socks? I'm assuming you are using a wetsuit. They've worked perfect for me for the past 6 years and double as gravel guards. I've fished in November when the water was chilly and they've worked well for me. Only 2.5mm but warm enough.
  10. From the album Dive shop on LI

  11. Do it guys! This is great ride for my friend Chris' memory and for wounded soldiers!
  12. RIP Shep one of the first guys who always came to mind when J&H was mentioned.
  13. I've been seeing them at Makamah beach recently. Went down there one day and saw over a dozen!
  14. That guy doesn't know what he's talking about Hey Ross!
  15. Who's catchin fish?? It's been nice out, you know they're around. How's everyone doin? Who's ready for the spring run? Where are you starting out this year?