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  1. Stay in DC. Go to Fletchers boat house and rent a row boat. Row out in the Potomac and catch shad and stripers. That will eliminate your travel time. Google for Fletchers boat house for all the info you will need. Mike
  2. Nice to see a growing N. VA contingent! I'm up for a trip sometime soon. What about a Pt. Lookout trip. Could fish for croaker, rock, flounder and blues. I'd be up for that next weekend! Let me know, Mike
  3. Rock Runner, I live in N. VA also. I'm in Springfield. I've been doing a little fishing lately, but have gotten busy the past two weeks. I've been trying to force myself to stay closer to home and fish. So I've been fishing mostly down on the Occoquan river and out on the Potomac around DC. I may try to get out this evening on the Occoquan if I can get home and get some things done early enough. Anyway, PM me or post back here and we can try to get together and fish sometime. Mike
  4. Darrell, that sounds awsome! Wish I lived closer, but N. VA is a bit too far to make your meeting. I'm definatly up for coming down when you all have an excursion planned! Thanks for the heads up! Mike
  5. HenryH, if you like vietnamese spring rolls go to Cafe De Lat in Arlington and try the ones they make. Absolute best I've ever had. Also, if you like vietnamese food, try Nam Viet in Arlington. Every time i go there John McCain is in there eating! Considering what he went thru in Nam, their food must be good! MikeC
  6. Lumpia is incredible! I have a few phillipino friends who's moms make it for partys and special events. I always show up on lumpia day! I live in Springfield Va, and a Phillipino market just opened and they sell fresh lumpia daily! The only problem is you gotta get there early cause it sells out very fast! MikeC
  7. jigs, check your e-mail! MikeC
  8. Thanks for the suggestions guys! I'll be working on the boat tomorrow! MikeC
  9. Hi all. I've got a 25 hp Yamaha and the steering is froze up on me. I could get it to move about an inch in either direction. In playing around with it i put too much pressure on the steering wheel and broke the steering assembly. How do I get the motor to turn manually. If it is frozen how do i go about fixing this? I know i have to replace the steering assembly, but that shouldn't be too hard. Thanks, Mike
  10. I'll be in Nags Head from Nov. 24 - Dec. 1. I'll have my boat and kayaks with me. I plan on fishing everyday, so if anyone else is gonna be down there t-day week let me know. MikeC
  11. Guys, always cool to see other heads enjoying the music. May I ask what show you were listening to? If you don't have it check out 5/8/77, I think it's the best Dead show I've ever heard. If you want a copy of this show, send me a PM and we can work something out. MikeC BAND Grateful Dead VENUE Barton Hall - Cornell University CITY Ithaca STATE NY DATE 05/08/77 SET1 New Minglewood Blues [4:47] ; Loser [7:30] ; El Paso [4:22] ; They Love Each Other [6:59] ; Jack Straw [6:00] ; Deal [5:43] ; Lazy Lightnin' [3:29] > Supplication [4:21] ; Brown Eyed Women [5:12] ; Mama Tried [2:37] ; Row Jimmy [10:52] ; Dancing In The Street [15:43] SET2 Scarlet Begonias [9:14] > Fire On The Mountain [15:21] ; Estimated Prophet [8:32] ; Saint Stephen [4:43] > Not Fade Away [16:22] > Saint Stephen [1:53] > Morning Dew [13:36] SET3 ENCORE One More Saturday Night [4:54] COMMENTS RECORDING SBD 180 and AUD 180. Timings from an AUD source which placed El Paso and They Love Each Other between Row Jimmy And Dancing In The Street. Now making the rounds is an uncut SBD from a cassette master. CONTRIBUTORS Gordon Sharpless
  12. JPL, I will enjoy it and the extra leg room I'll have over the explorer! Thanks, Mike
  13. Sorry, guys it's mine! I'm picking it up on Monday next week! I'm considering selling my explorer now, but may keep it for friends to use! MikeC
  14. No clue where you guys are talking about, but why wouldn't you paddle to the spot?
  15. Here is what I do: I like to climb back onto the yak from the left side. I place my right hand on the right side of the yak, and my left hand on the left side. This is done right across the seat area. Then I push like I'm climbing out of the pool, once I've pushed myself up I twist a little and bam, I'm sitting in my seat and ready to go. It's very simple! Spend a day surfing waves at the beach and you will pick this up very quick! I really think you all are making climbing back on much harder than it is! MikeC