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  1. Or the five gallon bucket one third full of water with a layer of sunflower seeds floating on top. Provide a ramp with a trail of seeds going up it.
  2. To add to the above post for those who had not heard we recently lost Armand Courchaine to the Covid-19 virus. A very sad day for the New England fly fishing community.
  3. Sounds like a clutch problem. These reels were known for experiencing this issue. Lamson no longer supports these but Bill Archuletta of Archuletta Reel Works in Oregon has the clutches and can fix it.
  4. Yes these vintage Harris I believe were dedicated right or left hand but do seem to recall seeing a discussion where someone had figured out a way to convert them. As for value I would check completed listings on Ebay and on the Spey Pages for sale listings. Certainly there is some value to the reel but I am not going to give you a number. I have and fish the newer Edco versions myself.
  5. The reel had a cult following in the mid-west for winter steelhead fishing as they were know to be able to keep functioning even in below freezing temperatures even when other reels wouldn't.
  6. Bill I noticed that too and was thinking the same.
  7. If you are looking for a US made reel then you might consider a Galvan Brookie or a Ross Animas. Bears Den just posted they are having a 20% off sale on Ross reels.
  8. Are you sure about the made in America? Not familiar with the reel and it is probably fine but I would be surprised if it was made in the states.
  9. Yes I would like to second the thanks for the great efforts from the MA stocking teams. Watching the daily updates it is clear they are on a mission to get those fish out while they still can.
  10. Vintage bamboo can be risky. Bamboo is fairly tough overall and Heddon's are generally respected tapers in bamboo (especially in the under 8ft6in lengths) but I would encourage you to do your homework on bamboo and their tapers prior to pulling the trigger so you are sure about the model and what to look for regarding condition. Keep in mind Heddon made a lot of bamboo so others will come along. One other thing to consider is the finish on the Heddons is varnished. A much more forgiving first bamboo rod would be an impregnated rod like an Orvis. Note - There is a whole forum dedicated to bamboo fly rods for your research.
  11. Swimming pool thermometer
  12. Great report as always. Thank you for sharing!
  13. Another option is Speycasting Northeast. Jerry Jahn and Lisa Weiner give lessons in CT.
  14. Those look pretty darn good to me.
  15. There is lots of history on the fiberglass flyrodders about glass but I am not sure it will help you find an appropriate blank for your budget. A short heavy rod for pike is a specialized application. My .02 for heavier glass blanks the Fisher blanks are some of the best. I have a 9ft 9/10wt I use as a boat rod and it is very good. There is a seller on ebay that lists regularly that has the remaining stock of the Fisher blank stock. If you want shorter you would have to cut one of these down.