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  1. Stripers are starting to increase in size. This is my biggest fish so far this season taken at low slack just as the tide started to move in again. Took an olive over white bead chain clouser on the pause. Time to loose some sleep and get out there...
  2. I was by there recently and there is a for sale sign posted on the front of the building and all was quiet except for the activity for people headed to the new dispensary.
  3. Definitely has diminished my desire to visit this forum. The worse part is the ads pop up and then disappear and it is hard to read posts when the page is constantly rearranging all the time. Static ads would at least be better.
  4. I have a glass seeker fly rod that was built on a spin blank that is a fine fly casting rod. Worked for my purposes in a starter fly rod very well.
  5. Crazy! How the heck did it get in without being noticed?
  6. You might want to verify recommended distance from feeders. I seem to recall reading that is an important factor as the nesting birds don't like a lot of activity nearby.
  7. There are others here more experienced but I have found cucumbers start fairly easily outside germinate quickly and don't like to be transplanted.
  8. I would second the above. Either through the Bears Den or one on one.
  9. I have vintage boron rod not by Winston that is a 7wt and love it though my favorite smallmouth rod is a fiberglass Berkley Curt Gowdy 8ft 7wt. That is my go to for smallies.
  10. Cordura covered pvc tubes are sometimes easier to get past than an aluminum tube.
  11. Have you read the discussions on the fiberglass flyrod forum? I haven't cast one myself but suspect they would be perfect for the intended use.
  12. Thanks for the heads up on the new shop in Bonita. Get by that way occasionally so I will be stopping in.
  13. One thought on rod choice that was recently being reviewed by a shop employee while I was picking out tying materials. Consider the warranty but also the service. If you break a TFO they have one of the fastest turnaround times of all the manufacturers. Location can impact this too. If you live on the East coast but have to ship your rod to WA then you add a few days going and coming. This may never be a factor but I know people who break rods regularly and this is a factor down the road.
  14. Was there today and the new 11ft TFO Axiom II 8wt switch looks like it might work for your needs. They had the 6, 7 and 8wt on the rack.
  15. Most marinas have slips they will sublease offseason on a short term basis. That said I think the marina in Onset has a valet rack service which might be a little less expensive.