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  1. If price point is a factor the Redington classic trout is a great inexpensive fly rod for beginners and advanced alike. Paired with an inexpensive reel and a Cortland 444 you have a fairly inexpensive outfit. Though another concern might be warranty as breakage might be a consideration. Not sure how Redington handles that but certainly TFO is a great company for warranty service. Last thought is that Orvis might be a good choice. Being in the Northeast their warranty department is a days shipment away and I bet if you contact them they probably would quote a business a package deal through corporate sales department on everything. One stop shopping.
  2. Lessons can be arranged thru the Bears Den in Taunton. If you can maybe set something up for the Saturday morning that you are transiting in then you could practice once in P-town.
  3. Not sure how young you are talking but there is a boat that runs out of Saquatucket that caters to taking out kids. I think the trips are two hours long. Capn Kids Fishing Adventures
  4. I thought you were supposed do the spraying in the evening so the hot sun doesn't cause problems.
  5. Interesting, I have caught some very good sized largemouth bass on a damselfly imitation.
  6. Not necessary if it is too much trouble. I was just curious. Sounds like what they call on the fiberglass flyrodders tobacco glass if you are seeing a weave in the glass. These types often are more sentimental in value if owned by a relative.
  7. Any chance it was a custom? That name is not familiar. Can you post photos of it?
  8. Looks like it is in the building with multiple businesses called Harwichport Square next to the town parking lot (North side of 28). Photos of the food on the reviews look great!
  9. I wonder if you could get some of those hesitant fish to eat a blue damsel fly imitation.
  10. Can't go wrong with a chartreuse and white clouser. If you are still learning to cast though you might want to start with an unweighted fly like a white deceiver or sand eel imitation. North Chatham outfitters has some nice flies in stock.
  11. Anyone know where you can get a sand eel rake on the cape these days? Friends son is looking for one. Doesn't have to be a high dollar one (rib) actually probably better if it isn't.
  12. Awesome! Thanks for the information and additional photos. Again, great setup.
  13. Nice setup. I have to ask do you guys prune those plants to eliminate the suckers and train them to the wire/string support?
  14. My advice would be a stop into Norm's to get some flies and some information but seems you are on the right track. July should be a good time of year for beach snook. Once they see you the jig is up. Sun at your back is best for sight fishing and keep in mind they are really shallow. Good luck. Please post some photos.