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  1. Disappointing for sure especially since you have its been a couple of years since your last trip.
  2. Not looking too good for your trip to Florida Marcel
  3. It was still there a five o'clock tonight
  4. If its still open for purchase I would take the green 6500 CS mag elite for the asking price. If it is then PM where to send a money order
  5. They have been hitting the feeders at my place hard the last two weeks going through seed like crazy.
  6. There is a vintage sailing vessel that calls Stage Harbor its home port. I saw it leaving Stage Harbor a week ago. The masts are raked back (well at least two of them).
  7. Looks like his rudder is gone.
  8. Straight acetone on a clean good quality paper towel works too but you need to get it soaked good then wipe in one smooth motion across the entire lens left to right. Do this in strips. Note you basically get one shot at it. No wiping back in forth if it streaks as it doesn't get better. Also need to keep changing the towel so its a clean surface. Lasts about a year if you don't clear coat.
  9. Nice plug you have tied on there bassmaster!
  10. This reel was most likely made by Pflueger for Orvis and their 1499 Medalist is similar
  11. Note that swell period in the forecast! Big ground swell coming.
  12. Got into some fall run blitz activity last night that culminated at sunset with the arrival of a marauding school of large bluefish that thankfully were within casting range of this shore bound fly rodder. After several hookups and cut offs I finally landed this 27 inch bluefish. Kept it for my friend who smokes them.
  13. Last August. We were holding above a rip East of Monomoy lighthouse and jigging in the rip.
  14. I went out with Magellan and they wouldn't let me hold the rod to set the hook myself when I asked. Basically they would troll and let the boat set the hook and the mate would hand you the rod after the hook was set and you just cranked the fish in. Not my idea of striper fishing I guess.
  15. Used to troll for bluefish in Nantucket Sound out of a sunfish sailboat years ago. Worked great. We caught a lot of blues. Some guys we knew used a short boat rod to do this but we used a hand line and a 7 inch redfin swimmer. On another note we trolled offshore while delivering a 41 foot Morgan South for the winter. Picked up a couple of small tuna about the size of a false albacore trolling an old hooji troll squid. We had a boat rod in a rod holder that was strapped to the rear rail using stainless steel hose clamps. The key was the boat speed. We didn't catch much until we got to the right boat speed. Part of the problem was we were moving too fast but once the wind died and we slowed it worked.