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  1. We use an Fi Collar for the GPS function and distance tracking. But best not be relied on for restraint as the snap comes apart easily though ours is a several years old and it may have been improved. We use this in conjunction with a training color.
  2. Bears Den fly shop has an extensive offering of saltwater flies. 239 Flies in Bonita Springs had some real nice shrimp and crab flies when I was there recently. Not sure if these are all listed online. You might have to phone them.
  3. I think the Bears Den has a used one on the vintage section of their website.
  4. If you have not already you should really consider joining Rhody Fly Rodders. I think the next meeting is Tuesday April 16th at Riverside Sportsmen's Association in East Providence RI 1 Mohawk Drive. As for gear a trip to the Bears Den in Taunton would be time well spent. You might also consider picking up a copy of Stripers and Streamers by Ray Bonderow too.
  5. Very nice Snook and Peacock Bass! Question is the trail the pull off on Route 41? For some reason I was originally thinking it was 75 but doesn't seem like much opportunity to pull over there.
  6. And plan on throwing away the socks you wear afterwords
  7. The Goldie has worked very well for me in the past. Also known as Empies Deadly Shiner on the Bears Den website.
  8. Trout fishing early in the season there is not much going on with hatches. Keep your choices down to a half dozen styles to start. I find freshly stocked trout take a few week's before they start keying in on bugs like midges. They are used to being fed pellets not eating bugs. Surely you should carry some wooly buggers in a couple of different colors like olive and black. One other pattern I haven't seen recommended that is great for rainbows is Rainy's Empies Deadly Shiner aka The Goldie. This is a great fly for lots of fish. I have even caught stripers on it. You can order or get it at the Bears Den in Taunton. It is available in four colors but I only use the gold which is the original. It is also easy to tie and instructions used to be able to be found on the Crossroads Anglers website. Some leech flies would also be a great choice to start as previously mentioned. Leeches are active year round and one of the few food sources available in early spring. If you want to learn more on fishing for stocked trout Denny Rickard and Brian Chan have lots of info online.
  9. Just an FYI in case you didn't know Patagonia will buy that pull over back from you.
  10. There appears to be some of those Rusty Black Birds along with them feeding off the ground. Never noticed these before but that photo above provided ID.
  11. Got my answer on the Red Wing Blackbird and apparently they do travel with the Robins. It is 25 degrees here at the office (S.E. MA) and the Robins just arrived in a flock as they often do this time of year to eat the berries off the Holly Tree and there are some Red Wing Blackbirds with them.
  12. We had a red wing blackbird at our feeder too about two weeks ago. I think there were a number of Robins on the ground at that time so he might have been traveling with them though there were a lot of songbirds there then too.
  13. Ward Beans Warmwater Fly Tyer website has some good step by steps.
  14. They, Simms, changed their sizing and I got burned by that ordering a pair of bootfoots when they only had them custom. Ordered the same size I always wore and they arrived and I discovered they were too small for layering. They took them back when I pushed but the policy at the time was no returns. I had to go up a size in order to get the same fit that allowed layering like I had done in the past.
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