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  1. Sold if u hit me back clopes. Thx
  2. Not wanting to ship
  3. I tried posting pic. Pm me a cell number ill text u if that's ok.
  4. Model 200CL-5 ..11 ballbearings
  5. This is THE Cadillac of all bait casting reels. This series of Shimano Calais is by far the best reel u can toss .Condition is n o doubt t he absolute. best condition there is next to brand-new. You will see it is not even broken in.This reel was only spooled with line once and used less than 5 times. This is an awesome reel. Looking to sell but not wanting to. Please only reply if you ate ready to buy. This reel has absolutely. No issues and has a nice case that wraps around it for protection. YOU like using baitcasters this is the only one u will need. Priced for quick sale at $125.00 I am on southshore Mass I want to meet in person to sell reel. Thanks
  6. Huge sushi fan here. I'm in close iwth a local sushi chef. I have traded an extra striped bass for some sushi a few times. he feeds the family the striped bass since it is too big for sushi quality. Striped bass sushi..known as Suzuki is excellent when i have had it prepard by the chef, But they use a farm raised bass that is like 2lbs. even a 9lb 28 inch fish does not meet the sushi standard. I hace sliced off a piece of bass during the filet process on my own and found it tasted kida yuck........ Screw the frezzing first thing fresh is best. I een eating sushi 8 years now and NEVER had an issue healt wise. Once i tried raw salmon and tuna either sahshim, sushi or maki style. I never cooked it again. Sushi rest. require Grade 1A Tuna for the sushi. I think the grocery store uses grade 2, there is for sure a difference when u get into eating em.
  7. Sounds like ecduzitgood didn't get a fish out the blitz he was at...and the guy next to him did.
  8. St.Croix the only rod that snapped on me in my life, I went to set up on a fish in the ditch and it snapped, then snapped my line too as i tried to battle with half a rod. ugh. by hte way...I sat on that same rock HS and had a fish about the same size recently
  9. Well I grew up camping out 7 miles on sandyneck beach every single weekend all summer long. It was 1991-1994 and I would fish every high tide on the beach and even walk out to the point about a mile to fish the channel running into barnstable harbor. Every single tide I would pull in at least a couple fish but lots of times up to 12-15 fish. Most on hooks loaded up with 3-4seaworms but my biggest came on plugs. So thats the same territory you were talkin about and I can agree with you on the the available stripers and soooooo many between 26-34 inches wiht a 36 inch limit it was crazy how many were short. Now I dont get out to that location any more but the 6 or 8 places I do fish it's just nothing like it was.
  10. I banned redtop a couple years ago after a similar incident. Service is terrible no matter i been goin there 10 years. same ol story. I like canal bait, evern if i gotta cross the bridge I'm always welcome and well taken care of. (even the dog is welcome in the store)
  11. OMG People are catchin striped bass in the north river in MAY? WOW next thing you now there will be Bass at the herring run in the canal. Go ahead and Talk the North River and Cliff talk. Not gonna mae me upset. cmon here we go again. a fishin site sharing info...and then told not to. ugh.
  12. I started hittin the cliff about 1994/95 parking and fishing there. Then in 2001 I showed up there with my pregnant girl and all our camping gear, went to check in and the girl was like, U need to be military to camp here. I had no idea and so she said..its ok u want 3 nights? put me and my tent in a perfect spot and fished my A$$ off. That's why I never thought a guy like dale would be a D**K to me. it was several years and about 50-60 fishin trips laterthat "not so bad"Dale decided he would play a game wit me. When board A$$ dale started the battle I was driving in the gate as usual , got out to shut it behind me and he asked for military id...I told him na not me and went on to explain how I been comin here for over 12years and respect the place..blah blah blah. Told him my dad is a disabled vietnam vet, he said " is he in the car with you" (obviously I'm alone) I was going to walk out to the mouth of the south river to fish. He said I have to find a place to park outside the gate then. I found a spot, parked the car, left a note for the homeowner with my cell, packed up wit waders and gear and went off walkin the additional 100 yards "not so bad" Dale added to my trek. I walked about 25 min to the mouth and got set up..look to my left..YUP here comes good guy dale and his dog. Guy followed me out there. "Oh by the way" he says.." You gotta be out of here by dark, can't have you walking through the grounds after dark without being military status".....Look to my right. Sun is just about 10min from setting...Dale walks off, i pack my sht up and make about a dozen angry casts and walk back to my car. SInce that day I been there every year, couple times I drove in and parked my car and went off to the cliff fishin and avoided him (a local told me the days he ain't around) I have dragged many a tails through that lotand talked it up with dozenz of military status campers, even shared some of their beers with me a few times...and then the next day picked up the trash that those military status guys left on the beach. SO dale and I will cross paths again and I will be walkin those waters till I can't walk any more. That aint no fish story.
  13. I was roaming the area too...One missed hook up. Not a sign of life.
  14. Always like people to check out this link when they wonderin about the fishin round Humarock... www.stripermike.com Yup he the one who was fishin sunrise on humarock beach and a blufin found his mackerel chunk:shock:
  15. U guys talkin bout my stompin grounds...It's a slice of heaven out there and at times the striped bass fishin is world class. Quanity and quality find there way into my hands every year out there. Not having military status, There are some access issues in the 4th cliff area with a guy named dale who I gotta dodge to get my line wet . I fished out there for over 10 years taking other peoples trash out with me every time I find it on the shore, being respectful and keeping to my self and then one day we crossed paths at the gate and he decided to make life difficult for me and my waders. Other than Dale and sometimes the schools of dogfish the place is worth a trip.