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  1. Prican, I can do that. The 1445 is a new blank made in 90s is my best guess. Not sure I'd go 50 on it
  2. Fenwick 1445 and Batson sur1083 still available, thanks
  3. I appreciate the offer, but no thanks.
  4. About 7" and 2.5oz.thanks
  5. Thanks for the offer, but I'm gonna hold out for now. Thanks
  6. Can you meet me at $60?
  7. From the album Fixter needle fs

  8. Very lightly used fixter needle for sale. $30 pus $5 shipping. PayPal, thanks.
  9. 1083 still for sale.
  10. Ok, 4seal it's yours I'll pm you, thanks.
  11. If bunker chunks is still interested in the 1083,I'd take $60 for it and I will ship them together to you guys. Total cost would be $140 for both blanks to your door. Thanks
  12. I'm interested in a 300yd spool of 50 and 65. Anything I have catch your eye?
  13. Thanks belmo, ill keep it in the back of my mind.
  14. Lloyd please send your info and I'll do the same. Prican, they're yours, send info please. Tile, you got it, send info. Mitch, are you referring to the Ss? If previous deal falls through?
  15. Let me know if you may be interested in a trade. Have a daiwa ss minnow and X-rap as well these plugs. I'm interested in 300yd spools of 50/65 mostly. Thanks