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  1. Two times

    Guy on the metro (DC) was bumping into everyone a buddy of mine told the guy to settle down and than a katana sword (or something like it was pulled out of a back pack.


    Second time was in College Park MD. My roommate and I had been having words with a group of local wanabe thugs. My roommate bartending at the time and I occasionally working the door at a local bar that I frequent. Many people had repeated problems with three individuals. Eventually an incidence happened at the bar and the they got tossed out and ruffed up a bit. A few months later my roommate and I are walking out of a wawa with a few girls and they spot us. They start running there mouths, we just ignore but one of the girls got pushed out of the way. The girls get in the car and the one dude starts throwing **** at my car. A knife is pulled, I was still going to just drive off but they came at us. It was icy out and dude with the knife slipped and busted his ass my roommate and I wrestle so we were more comfortable with the fight on the ground anyhow. Good girls called the police, guy with the knife got arrested other two were sent on there way and we drove home. It may have lasted two minuets tops. I got no ass that night and feel like I have to keep an eye out when I am down in CP.

  2. Rutgers has a tagging program with Stripers and are going to or have started with weakfish. It is an internal tag. They also have a dozen marker buoy in the Great Bay/ Mullica River area that reports every time the fish is in range. I recently found out about the study, so I don"™t know much more about it. I hope they will find trends in movements for that area.

    Good Idea, but most likely to many uncontrollable variables and too small a sample size.

  3. It is not stakumms


    If you put provolone on a cheese stake it is not a Philly Cheese Stake (American or wiz)


    Toppings should be limited to onions and mush


    If you are looking for pats or genos and think you made a wrong turn just keep going you"™ll stumble uponem.


    Always open always a good time.


    When I went to U of MD I would make the trip back up to Philly to show them MD and LI, NYers what it is all about.

  4. I have not looked at every post but I had taken a look at many of them and the one topic that I don"™t think was mentioned was the media stirring up the question, "why was there not a campus lock down?" or "why is a lockdown not part of campus security plans?"


    What do you all think?