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  1. Agreed…that little bugger has done me well this year. It has caught when nothing else would get a bump. Unfortunately I am a slacker with the camera.
  2. new

    Everything is so clean…clean shapes, clean paint, clean finish, clean shop…how do you do it?
  3. This seems to be a problem all of a sudden. I snapped my pin this spring, as well as a few other guys I know. I have been using a bolt, but the next time I get the kayak down I have a replacement shear pin for it.
  4. Are you crazy…look at those overhanging trees = structure…lol… Haves this contest ever been done before? If so go back and look at where that would go. Animal/nature I would say are two different things, but would probably get lumped together as needing a animal.
  5. Forget the bass for now…they will be accessible into the new year. Peanuts and mullet in September mean one thing to me. Big Fluke.
  6. I think many are way over thinking about this. I bet everyone fills there plug bag with lures that they know will catch (with the acceptation of maybe a few they you want to try out for SG). I also bet that most of you reach for a specific plug when you open the bag. Why? Because you are confident that that plug will be the one. Key work being CONFIDENT. I could be wrong, but I would be willing to bet that the majority of people do not catch and an even greater number wish they did so better (frequency or size). My guess is this guy/gal has not done as well as he/she wishes and thus wants to be put on fish with a guide. Now if he/she asks some good questions, he/she will start to put things together for real, and not just linking the over load of information that you find here or in a book. Make that link with a guide, build confidence, have better success on your own.
  7. If those last ones are Afterhours Mini Rascal clones, I have a good feeling they will be called upon often.
  8. If that Recession Peanut is a little popper with the pikie, I am digging that profile. You don’t come across enough gold and copper plugs these days and nice use of the light purple around the eyes. Now does the name come from the lack of peanut bunker the past few years or the lack of funds to buy more wood? If from funds, than I may have to call preface all my lures with the word “Recession”
  9. Frank: You can get away with none, depending on who all is coming and how much organization we have…Ie leave cars in town and chatch rides in. I pretty much live out of the lower lot (that is one of two at the light house). They charge a day rate, but I typically get in before any one arrives to collect. To have the car in the lot at night you need a permit. It is either called “Sport Fishing Permit” or “Night Fishing Permit” I don’t remember. LI guys chime in if I am off. PM me your phone number.
  10. We Will Never Forget Ten years ago and every day since people remember where they were when the world changed forever. I was entering my first year at the University Of Maryland, College Park and fast asleep, but would soon be woken up to the events of September 11th 2001. After receiving a phone call, my roommate John Antonelli woke me up repeatedly saying terrorist had attacked. My initial response was localized, thinking the campus was under attack I had instructed him to get down. I instantly wanted to identify the attack and begin to analyze the situation before deciding on a response and hitting the floor away from windows was the first thing to come to mind. What I described took a fraction of a second and It was not until John turned on the tv that I learned that our campus was not under attack, but our way of life had been. We Will Never Forget
  11. Sounds about right. I have fished down at the CBBT a hand full of times and every time there have been a good number of those winch boats. We jig the pilings and catch as many fish as we would like. They motor along the bridge and pick a fish from time to time. The difference is jiggin we can actually identify the size fish we wish to target and what depth they are holding….ban fish on and a fun fight. The winch fisherman never come out of gear or they will tangle lines. Guys sit in the fighting chare and these little bass aggressively leave a piling and end up skipping across the surface as they come in.
  12. Plug bash 2.0 at chucks rock pile?
  13. Make them dance
  14. I have started to paint stuff that I turned n the winter…lol…keeping it simple for a simple place and make sure you all bring bucktails.
  15. I need to find this guy and borrow his teleportation devise
  16. With the smaller reel go VS…No need for a large housing for a small spool. On the large spools go with a ZB and get two for one.
  17. I can’t believe no one mentioned Rich Swiss or Shell E. both well respected NJ surf rats. Any way I think you fit into the majority of people. My thoughts on a guide You ought to know exactly what you are trying to get out to a guide service. If you are going to ask a ton of questions, ask many of them upfront and your experience will likely be designed to answer many of them. And if a guide is not going to be bothered answering questions on the phone or email then what’s to say that they will make a conformable guide. If you are coming down a few times a year, a guide can be valuable in knowing what is going on where, when and why. They can put you on that action, but you better learn why. You want to learn WHY more than anything else, because that same or similar situation is likely to pop up many other places as well. And don’t be afraid to call that guide back up before your next trip. They are not expecting you to shell out for every trip, because that is not reasonable, but they are likely to give you some pointers. Most guides with a trip (boat, sod, surf…) will give up some tips, in hopes you have success and are likely to be a repeated client next season or send them some business. If nothing else you have good things to say about them.
  18. O by the way is it true that some knuckle head tried to drive his jeep on the jetty this past weekend?
  19. I am a walk on, but often catch rides with a buddy. IBSP is one of my favorite places to fish because there is so many options. I spend a considerable amount of time early spring and late fall down at the jetty, but not as much in-between. The congestion down at the jetty is one thing, because most of that group is on the same page and many are willing to lend a hand to those that look out of place. I don’t fish the open beach much, because I don’t like sand, but once the summer season hits the beach is just too crowded and too hot for me. Even those who normally spread out along the beach get pushed down toward the jetty. As far as violations, yes there are many, but what are your biggest concerns. If you want something addressed make a list and find someone to present the list to someone that wants to listen. -I mind the groups that take up massive space and large tents. The little bathroom tents I don’t mind as much, but some visitors are setting up small house. -I am ok with driving on to swim if that is allowed in that section, but with the extended fluke season I will get peeved when I can’t walk the surf line and pick away at monsters munching down on mullet. -Now I know many will not like this one, but there should be a limit on the number of rods you can have out. These picket fences are often not in the water or are washed up on the beach. I cant count how many times I have watched someone with a trout rod and tiny spinning reel toss his bait off and stick the rod in a spike. It is only funny when they wade out in jeans to do it and take a fall on the way back in. -Unattended rods are one of my larges complaints. I can’t count how many times I have been walking back from the jetty at night/early morning and rods that are spiked at the high mark are sitting on the beach at low tide. It is even worse when the sinker is not even in the water any more. -My biggest pet peeve is with abandoned fires (and I have yet to get an answer on how to deal with them). I walk on so it is no simple task to douse a fire and burry it. Simply burying it could be bad news for the guy who comes along in the next half hour and parks on it, so I often just let it burn. I have called the office and each time they have told me to stay with the fire until park police arrive. I waited a half hour once, but never again. I will tell you exactly how far from the drive on or inlet the fire is and continue on my marry way. But in the end I love the park. Wish they would give us a 24/7 shower at the bathroom, and let us launch kayaks off the beach, but I still love the park. Who wants to float another poll out to the tip of the jetty?
  20. ^I think that is call a flipping reel and sound like a good feature depending on how it holds up. I would without hesitation recommend a conventional or baitcasting combo for all kayak fishing needs. They are worth learning how to cast, even if it is only to be used on a kayak. So far I have heavily used a Calcutta 400B on a St Croix Tidemaster TIC70HF for all kayaking needs. It does not cast well, but has taken abuse and served me well over the years. I recently picked up a Shimano Curado 301E that I intend to find a slower action rod to match it with. I have also been told the abu reels hold up well. I am sure there are many others, but this is what I am know a bit about.
  21. Now you just have to hope that those buckles dong give way. Seriously try using polycord for laces or if your truly concerned add a ziptie
  22. More so for the NE gang. Check in when you get power and life starts to return to normal so we know you are ok. On a different note I have a pile of bodies turned sealed and primed that have been slowly working through that process since the winter. I feel motivated for a simple painting session coming up. ~Jason
  23. I highly doubt they are using props to churn up the bottom…most likely hydro and it would be much more effective with a pump than an outboard. At least it is for re-facing bulkheads.
  24. I like how you can discuss what you want and be part of the design modifications on the current lineup of bags. As far as the durability of Ebbpoint bags, only time will tell. My bag has not had the opportunity to do anything other than beach excursions so far. Hopefully I will have the time to take it to war this fall.