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  1. open mouth poppers and another mans wood…these left coast guys just aint right…lol…
  2. RM Needles and Lefty jersey killers are hard to top.
  3. You could use a section aluminum at that center ring. That would cut down on weight as well as not rust out. May want to add a washer and a nut to the eye bolts if there is any play…I would probably sue that to attach a shoulder strap. Then find some HVAC tubing. The wall is thinner and will also cut down on weight. HD also has tray inserts that fit these buckets. I would look at one of those and check to see if you can use one of those and still use the buckets lid. If so I would add a foam cushion to the lid with a cut out to snugly hold your fav beverage.
  4. [img= Don’t remember if these started as dowels or broomsticks, but the bottom one almost caught fire on the grinder and the top one was a feeble attempt at holding it to a table saw. I then asked if I could observe someone using a lathe and Black Talon invited me over. I showed him these to and he asked to see my hands, checking for all ten fingers. Yes I have them all. About a month later I started to get the hang of turning and was walked through painting and the second picture was the result of the first plug I did start to finish on my own. It was also the first of my plugs to get bit and started an obsession. Now I have more tools than space and no time to use them.] [img=] And almost everything I paint now is white, yellow or blurple.
  5. Andy that is not shabby. If you are going to stick with green and black just thin out the black more and hold the air brush back a bit more. I always have troubles with black as that is an extremely heavy pigment. Another thing to try would be two different shades of green for the base and scale color and then remove the mesh and fade black at a distance on top. Or a green base and a pearl scale then same thing with removing the mesh and hitting the back with black. Keep on playing.
  6. Well how do you do it in the summer? I take them to the garage or go outside If I don’t feel like cleaning up and spray away with the trash as a back stop. If the can is empty I will hold the plug and spray into the can. Then take those primed plugs down to the basement to hand dry and gas for a few days. Lightly sand wipe clean and paint away.
  7. Tight drags and set that hook deep. I do not want to have any drag slip what so ever on a hook set. And a good fish is going to give me a good pull, probably make me step forward. After the hook set I will loosen up the drag. You never know when that big momma is going to come along and I want to be able to set my hook into bone if need be. A little fish will go head over tail and the shad that are off of NJ loose there face.
  8. Your pops has some skills…not just the carving but the paint as well. What type of wood?
  9. By browning pliers are going on year four or five (the cutters have been replaced), and this is my set up. I put electrically tape around the bottom to close the clip so they don’t fall off the belt. This also helps keep the pliers in since it is snugger now. I also upgraded the lanyard with mono that a buddy coiled by boiling around a dowel and crimped. A heavy dose of WD after each use and they stay good. I also saturate the sheath in WD kinda like you would oil a steal knife sheath [img=]
  10. 64sGfoWEN-8 I’m In Montauk Trick When I step out the camper Yall know me, Cause I walk with a limp Like an old school pimp, whose got to pee I’m Rocken Spikes I’m in the sand I’ve got a ruby red and vodka up in my hand Hay, Hamptons ****’s are kind of cute In that polka dot bikini, girl. Hey, this is what I want to do, Take off that polka dot bikini girl. Sleep all day Fish all night Lets get poppin I’m in Montauk trick Sleep all day Fish all night Lets get it poppin I’m in Montauk Bitch Everybody on the Bass, Bass Bucktails everywhere I’m getting hits, hits Fish are definitely here, Fish are definitely here I’ve gotta a plan, what’s your cell Even the Dalai Lama will be giving fish hell Hey, the girls at Shag are kinda cute In that polka dot bikini, girl. Hey, this is what I want to do, Take off that polka dot bikini girl. Sleep all day Fish all night Lets get poppin I’m in Montauk trick Sleep all day Fish all night Lets get it poppin I’m in Montauk Bitch Get your darter out Get your needle out Get your bucktail out I’m in Montauk Bitch Get your darter out I’m in Montauk Bitch Get yo get yo get yo get yo darter out Get yo get yo get yo get yo bucktail out Get yo get yo get yo get yo darter out Get yo get yo get yo get yo bucktail out I’m in Montauk Bitch It’s Mornin’ time and the bass still here They blasting poppers and pencils in the air Crazy Dave wants it bad, He’s got some big kahunas But i say Ill be back gotta get some more Coronas Hey, the girls at the point are kinda cute In that polka dot bikini, girl. Hey, this is what I want to do, Take off that polka dot bikini girl. Sleep all day Fish all night Lets get poppin I’m in Montauk trick Sleep all day Fish all night Lets get it poppin I’m in Montauk Bitch Sleep all day Fish all night Lets get pencil poppin I’m in Montauk trick Sleep all day Fish all night Lets get it poppin I’m in Montauk Bitch Get your darter out Get your needle out Get your bucktail out I’m in Montauk Bitch Get your darter out I’m in Montauk Bitch Get yo get yo get yo get yo darter out Get yo get yo get yo get yo bucktail out Get yo get yo get yo get yo darter out Get yo get yo get yo get yo bucktail out I’m in Montauk Bitch
  11. Yea you can regulate how water treatment plants process sewage along the water shed. You can eliminate fracking or at least the dumping of the chemicals used in fracking into our water ways. You can put an end to the bunker reduction so they will once again enter the bay and resume filtering the water. You can put a moratorium on no permeable construction in the watershed. Lost of things can be done to help save the bay.
  12. Your going to be better off just heading over to a crafts store. They will already have eggs turned all you need to do is drill and seal.
  13. I like all my plugs to be just under, but a fat bodied pikie… I am with 2_Live Crew “face down ass up”
  14. Lets show up at his door step with pitch forks and torches demanding Black Talon Plug Porn. or Lets just call this a sabbatical I know I have been on one as well.
  15. Let’s get the Plug Builders Giveaway back up and running.
  16. When I was a little kid fishing the sod banks in the back of Absecon Inlet the bank gave way. Man that water was cold. My buddy bob and I were at the end of a jetty one night and a wall of water came up. I grabbed the pole, bob diapered the wave only to climb up out of the rocks about 10’ from where he was previously standing. On a small boat the weekend prior to Christmas we were heading out to fish the CBBT. The water was like a washing machine and the markers had been pulled. All of a sudden we hit a sand bar. It happened to cast to actually be scared but the luckily the next wave hit the bow and lifted us enough to get off the bar.
  17. This internet tough guy stuff has thrown this thread way off topic. I will admit i helped derail it with my glow stick comments in the early pages, but that was more for my amusement than anything else. I still don’t understand the why someone uses a glow stick, and maybe I need to start a new thread. The original question that we have strayed so far from. Do Montauk local people really hate outside fishman? NO!! Does the guy really have the claimed the rights to stand just right front of me? NO!! Its hard to tell if Rob and Shaky are busting each other’s balls for entertainment or are truly arguing, so here is my long winded opinion on the discussion. I can’t say that I have run into a Montauk local that was not nice. I can’t say I have run into that many people in Montauk that are not nice…Period. Maybe many years ago that could have been the case, Maybe on some little knows access roads that is the case, but the point today is not that way at all. Now I have only spent a few years (I think this was my third) out at Montauk. The reason I go is for a change of scenery. Something other than sandy beaches and jetties in NJ, and fluke season has usually come to a close. So some time toward the end of September and October I make runs to visit friends in Montauk and various other destinations in New England. So in the grand scheme of things I am the new guy. One of these days I will do some better exploring in the spring/summer. The new guys responsibility prior to catching fish is to learn why fish are being caught. I say that because it is the only way you will learn to catch fish on your own, it’s the only way you will be able to provide valuable advice to others. Blitz fishing tosses all bets out the window. Many a good, well known respected fisherman has gone blitz crazy, gone running down the beach or casted over others lines. The more strangers that show up at a blitz the bigger the **** show becomes. It can be fun to fish, it can be fun to watch or depending on your attitude it is a train wreck. Heck I how many of us have dinged bucktails off of boats that want to come cut fish off from the beach? Back to Montauk Price has nothing to do with having success. There are way more people fishing trout rods upside down than there are submersible reels and high end rods. You can spend hundreds on your shirt, pants and boots and the guy pushing out could have spent next to nothing on used gear. Cost does not matter when it comes to finding success in Montauk. But to be prepared to fish Montauk you should have waders, top and if nothing else spikes. If you want to get a bit more adventurous, strap on a wetsuit and go find hidden rocks. How many people have stood at the top of the light house and got a lure stuck in the rocks and not gone down to free it because they were in sneakers. Every time I pass this situation I ask how they will get a fish? Many think about it, pack up and leave, but just as many tell me they will snap it off in the rocks. I am a believer in first come first serve and that is why I spent a lot of this year fishing at night and enjoying the warm weather during the day. So if I am out on a rock all night and come first light the blitzes start popping everywhere, I am likely to stay a bit longer. This year I cut two lines for casting at me. In both cases I had been there before almost anyone was on the beach and as the light came up the blitzes started up. I have no problem with someone casting around me if they know how to cast accurately, give me a heads up on what there fish is doing if they are unable to control it. Both times I cut a line this year I had been kind in the first few tangles. I undid the mess or I cut my line first. After that, get the hint that you can’t control your cast or your retrieve and move on, they didn’t and I now have two bluefish bombs that I put into a box for some giveaway. Now had that blitz been going on when I arrived and someone else was on the rock I would have stayed away or pushed out to find my own rock. Heck I think one of the most enjoyable blitz outings I had this year was when the fish were at the end of a cast. My buddy kept hooking up and I was just shy. He told me to push out in front of him. I did and yes we had a tangle or two, and I had to jump over his leader when he had a fish on a few times, but that was all part of the mayhem/fun that was taking place. Now do I think it is right to walk out in front of a guy who is catching fish from the beach like the original poster was? No…that is idiocy. But when the fish are multiple casts out and a guy in boots has not caught anything, I have no problem wading out to my chin, finding a rock, casting to the edge of a rip and catching fish. Not doing so would also be idiocy. As far as helping people out, if you don’t you are only hearting yourself. For example I was doing well one night into first light in one area. I had waded out to my chest and found a rock that put me close enough to pick fish out of a rip. In the dark of night I started to hear lures landing behind me, so I clicked on my red light and that was the end of it. The rip died out and I stuck around till first light before making my way back in. Back on the beach the two guys who I had flashed started up a conversation. I let them know what was going on and based on the winds I recommended to concentrate on another area later in the day. Shore as **** later in the day I walked down to the water in shorts and sneakers and they were having a blast fishing the blitz that popped up that afternoon. Most people are nice and there will always be a few that are not. And of the many dicks in the world, most of them are dicks because they think they have to be. If you can’t handle the blitzing dicks, come enjoy a beverage, some good eats and many laughs back at the lot. Whatever you do, don’t blame a bad experience on locals, don’t blame it on NY scumbags, don’t blame it on NJ jetty jockeys, don’t blame it on fly boats, don’t blame it on Rob or Shaky. Blame yourself for not adapting to a situation and letting others get under your skin.
  18. I just fish with Bill Couch He carries more plugs than most people on SOL own and if you need, you can fit him in the chest pocket of your waders Love you bill
  19. I put on a wetsuit toward the end of September and October and will not look back. Did I get out to rocks that I would not have ventured to in waders and dry top, yes. But I would say that most of my fishing was done on rocks that I waded out to with waders and dry top in previous years. The difference when you go down, it doesn’t matter. In the wader/dry top combo you will eventually get wet and then your cloths underneath are wet. And then you have a bunch of wet clothing back at the car. With the Wetsuit I pack much less clothing. And can keep almost everything wet outside the car or in the cargo box. Inside the car stays nice and dry. As for a tournament, I don’t care. The last tournament I fished was a charity event a few years ago. That is unless you count the pool fish that I didn’t win on a head boat.
  20. Nice on both. Feel free to send an extra my way.
  21. I just want to know what is up with the glow sticks. That **** is annoying. I don’t know if these guys don’t know where there bucktail is by feel and are afraid to get it stuck in the rocks. Or Don’t know how long there leader is and are winding swivels through the tip
  22. You are welcome to ask them to do whatever checks you would like. Check minor things first. The more scratches on the bottom the more use the yak has had. Check the latches, gaskets and any cloth material. If they are showing signs of dry rot or much fading they have either do not get washed or are stored outside. Both things would cause me to look closer.
  23. I don’t need this lady making criminals out of people just out to enjoy water sports. I probably have my PFD on 99% of the time I am on the water, but do not need or want a law that requires it. Heck I would petition against it. Sorry for the families loss, but don’t let the decisions of a few set a standard for the masses.
  24. I also use screening spline But it is to keep the hooks from sticking through packaging and stabbing the mail man. Plugs are supposed to get hook rash and teeth marks. Without these scars the plugs are not being used enough.