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  1. Book Swap I have the following books Striper Surf : Frank Daignault Surf Fishing the Atlantic Coast, second edition : Eric B Burnley The Surfcasters Guide to the Striper Coast: DJ Muller The Art of Surfcasting with Lures: Zeno Hromin I would like to read the following books Fishing The Bucktail: John Skinner Striper Tails: DJ Muller I would also swap for ss darters or needles.
  2. I have turned a few needles out of PVC and also find that you need to drill slowly to prevent melting. I have also found that it is often better not to sand plastic, but to use the shaft of your chisels as a burnishing tool.
  3. agreed…and that is why I hung out with you degenerates in the surf instead of dragging the kayak out with the knuckle heads that don’t have the respect to at least fish the outside of a pod. But it is fun jigging doormats off of pilings or out at the rock piles when the surf is loaded with napkins. Everything in life can have blind luck, but I would say that bait fishing can be just as technical as anything else. Don’t expect to land a big momma sitting on a bucket…odds are the bait fisherman who get the biggins move around quite a bit and fish specific tides or currents just like everyone else that has consistency. I am just not a fan of the group that spikes rods covering 30 yards of beach. I do however enjoy watching 4 out of 5 rods get pulled into the sand when the blues come past. I get more pleasure when 4 out of 5 rods get pulled into the surf in the summer when the rays are running. carry on…. ~Jason
  4. that is what bugs me…the ones from a few years ago seemed to be spot on…this past plug bash I didn’t bother with hook, way too many busted…I am hoping it was a bad batch and after X months our dealers will be freshly stocked with good hooks again.
  5. you could have fooled me…I should have gone togging this morning, but I wanted no parts of driving.
  6. Congratulations To college bound students and parents of college bound students: After knowing three people on Admission boards I have learned that you zip code is the number one deciding factor for borderline students. Two of the Universities just scan your essay to count errors and check that you have followed all requirements.
  7. I look forward to running into Johnny Cakes and his friends on the beach. When the hordes line beach in the spring, drooling over fun sized bass and casting everywhere, I feel comfortable that I will not get hooked. In essence it is often more enjoyable to fish shoulder to shoulder with some groups than it is to fish with 10-20 yards between people. O and boat fish don’t count…lol…
  8. Sorry Fish, just trying to swap Mike sure why not… PM on the way
  9. Cakes…what are you doing inside on this wonderful day? Rob You have a better chance at biggin’s on the sand or boardwalk than you do on a boat any day….lol happy new year all, Jason
  10. evil…you are spot on who cares…. Who cares if you follow the rules of SOL Who cares if you offend those who once made this forum one of the better sights to come learn about and/or build saltwater lures? I guess there is no value in history. Lets not recognize those who put in the time to figure out a great plug. Lets not recognize those that thought outside the box to get something to swim in a situations that nothing else would. Life is too short….probably why many of this forums best builders have walked away from the disgrace that this page has become. Maybe this page is a direct reflection of society. A place where people once valued and respected community that has now shifted toward doing everything for individual gain. Maybe I have just not kept up with the shift and still respect others. As someone who catches mostly on my own stuff, or stuff of people I know personally and even more so on bucktails, I don’t worry? I do how ever feel bad for the new guy who buys a lure at a show, online or at a tackle shop from a builder who was asking “how to” questions in the same year they started selling.
  11. I also wash down my gear. I dunk my bag in a freshwater bath. but that is not completely eliminate the rusting. The GRS tool is good for putting cut hooks on but I find the hooks often shatter when being cut.
  12. Tim… Take a look into my most recent sent PM. If you have any difficulty or for some reason are unable to do so I can forwarded that to you. Also feel free to give me a phone call and we can discuss what, in my view has been a downward trend in the building forum. As for directly putting people on blast in the public forum, well that is not my place nor do I want it to be, but one can only bite there tong for so long. They know who they are and know how they are viewed by those that inspired them. Why do you think the builders from the past don’t post? What will happen when the current group gets tired of building the same plug and doesn’t know how to build something new, because no one gave them a how to or gave them a plug to duplicate? How will the new comers, learn from guys that can’t tell you why they build a plug a specific way, or the conditions that plug was designed for? Selling for copied plugs is/was the one area were SOL stood above the rest, and that has, in my opinion, changed for the worse. Jason
  13. I don’t mind the rust, but the brittleness in my newest (winter of 2010) batch is/was just night right.
  14. You cant go wrong at first….and lots of good ideas were given. If your plug swims, it will catch. if your plug does not swim it will probably work as a jerk bait. You said your first one swam better without the tail? I would thin that hair down. I may even look to use a single hook. Both should allow for more. But with the way the belly is designed you may need that drag to keep from rolling out to much (I don’t even know if that will make a difference or not). The lack of belly hook may not matter, but it is often used as a keel. You say you added weight and to me .4oz is a ton of weight to add. If you do another one like this try to keep everything the same and add just a belly hook at first, and then play with lighter weight. The belly hook will not only provide ballast weight, but it can also help with drag. I typically make a hand full of the same profile plug and play with the hook and weight placement or make one and bring the drill and tape to the pond with me to change weighting around as needed. The type of wood you used is another factor? Have fun.
  15. “Not Enough Time” never is…I still have over a dozen unfinished plugs that were meant for Plug Bash…lol… heck fishing has been so good this year, I don’t know if I will ever put away my fishing gear and the lathe may just sit idle.
  16. Welcome…SolarFall..i love looking over the foreign building forms. Lots of excellent detail work put into baits. Somewhere in the registration were forum rules and I am sure there is a thread somewhere dedicated to it. There used to be a ton of talented builders sharing on this page, but most have been replaced by those unwilling to contribute anything but look at me threads. It is actual a shame that this subforum receives selective enforcement of rules and is probably a major contributing factor for so many not posting any more. I dig the tutorial on the eyes…that is what I am talking about with the fine detail you musky guys put into your lures and I love it. Take a look at the “Fish on Custom Wood” thread, we don’t get enough big musky on that page. [/url] The following is a pic of the color combo I like the most….simply sick.
  17. This past Sunday (Eve) I got my third ever boat trip togging in, I do most of my fishing standing on a jetty or sitting in a kayak. The fishing on the Ocean Explorer was not good, but the people made the trip enjoyable. I also gained a bit of confidence on this trip by being more active in my approach. Instead of hoping I was on good bottom, I did a lot of searching around, much like I would if I was tossing bucktails. I missed a ton of hits and that is just a matter of feel, but I finished with two for the table, my first cod, and a hand full of shorts. The boat did not do well with the exception of the sticky drop where we found tons of snags, many shorts and the stern had a steady pick of sharks (I wish we had stayed on that spot longer). I am usually limited to Sundays, but I hope to get in another trip this winter.
  18. This one gave me Goosebumps… Good job to all involved
  19. should have some serious wiggle.
  20. you may have just built a killer plug. Everyone raves about super strike poppers. they throw water and you can swim them. if that thing can cast and tail joint works like it should, whatever you paint it will hopefully not last long. as a side note…I hope that back half eventually ends up hanging on by a by half of that mangled joint. Not because I want it to fail, but because it can no longer take the abuse. What are you doing to keep the pin in place?
  21. looking good…but don’t compare your stuff to others, if anything let it motivate you to create your own profiles question? are you turning these on a lathe and then flattening the sides? Nothing wrong with that but Just food for thought….I would recommend checking out how a bunch of guys do hand carves (I think Ted “The Greek”) may have the best or at least most recent how to posted. he and many others basically rips wood to the desired thickness and cuts the outline out on a band saw or scroll saw. After that he rounds the edges over with strips of sand paper cut from a belt sander. .
  22. stripersurfster…Fixter would be proud.