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  1. You do know this was won and announced back in the middle of Feb right? I thought Chuck won, b/c I send him a text and he never got back to me. Then when I found out it was an 81 year old I thought it was going to be stewie. But now I am convinced that Eddy has made a good attempt to collect. Between the Aviator and the new hat how could you not think it was him?
  2. looks good It is hard to tell if what we are calling bubbles is from a heat source blistering the primer or paint. It may also have just needed a bit of sanding after sealing or priming. Not to dark…you could be even darker and the thing can still catch. you def have the netting attached well and you know to back up a bit. next go around as you back up think about applying less paint toward the head and angle the gun and your scales will fade away nicer on the belly.
  3. This is another what works best for you situation. Yes the heat gun is likely a cause. if you feel the need to heat, heat the epoxy before applying or heat an area not the plug. The spinner can also be an issue depending on how it is set up. For the number of plugs I do at a time, I found the spinner more of a wasted space than anything else. I do one thick application and can flip/hang about 7-10 plugs in a sitting. I brush on one thick coat, basically to the point of dripping. Rotate and spread the epoxy evenly and use a flame to eliminate all air bubbles. Then I take about a minute to flip the plug before hanging it. With one hanging I will move on to the next one and typically have to flip the first two or three times before I get to hang the second. Then I do the third the same way and by this time the first one only needs flipped once as I hang each additional plug. With ETex light, a self leveling bar top epoxy, I use the caps to measure out the two parts and combined in a medicine cup. I will use a toothpick to mix the two parts for 2-3 min and depending on how cold the basement is I may do this under heat. With this amount I can get 3-4 plugs hanging at a time. I do keep an eye on them for about an hour after the last plug is hung and flip as the epoxy runs. In my basement, after about an hour I get very little drips and a glass like finish. Good luck Jason
  4. Basically two directions to go in. Hand carve or turned. The best tutorial on hand carves may have been posted by “The Greek”. I am sure many others did it that way before him and a few may have even posed tutorials, but that is the best one I have come across. If you are looking to turn plugs than you need to find a lathe and practice making shapes. Don’t even think about plugs, just spend a few hours, days…learning how to remove wood as you intend to.
  5. I love this show. Baldwin may be a top notch fly guide in Alaska, but he is not afraid to take himself out of his element. It may be an amateur act but I don’t think he has spent much time in the surf, just look at his casting. Regardless that is part of the show. It shows that anyone can go out and catch fish. He has obviously caught a ton of fish to have been a guide and his own show, but he is still having a blast with every fish he catches. And the show is not just about the fishing. He takes time to enjoy the people, the place and the views. Who among us does not do the same? Tell me your local spot does not have local characters, and buddies you BS with every weekend. Tell me you don’t have a favorite place to stop on the way to or from fishing. And if you try and tell me that you don’t enjoy taking a moment to just stop and look around, than stop asking for pictures. This is not necessarily a TV quality show, but one hell of an YouTube style production.
  6. I have been keeping an eye on craigslist for about a year now. I need it to be a steal but do have big plans for it off the NJ surf in the spring. I would like to drill it to put in a few bungee cords that will hold down a rod and figure that is about all I would need. I can use a two or three tube and keep everything in need for fishing on a belt. I would also just tuck the paddle into the bungee when actively fishing. Both the paddle and rod would also have a leash that I can attach to my belt or to the board.
  7. This is what you are looking for; let us know if you figure it out, because it is well beyond my time constraints to do so. Rapala had a video of the factory visit but I cannot find it.
  8. I am going to have to try this with needles. Through drilling after scares me and this may save me an ER trip one day. I love jigs, but always seem to destroy or lose them.
  9. Double belly hook and a tag on the ass end. I like eyes, but have probably done more blind ones. Build them to swim 4-8” under and you have one of the best plugs for fishing around jetty rocks.
  10. This belt is extremely easy to make or modify. If you are on the fence, go with the larger size and take it to a tailor to have shortened up after you know the max length you will need. leaving it long gets extremely annoying. ~Jason
  11. I voted Obama and will likely do so again. I think if the country took one thing from last night’s GOP debate, it should be that everyone on that stage has proven that they are unfit to be president. And yes that is coming from a Registered Republican. Surf Hunter makes a good point that I hopefully can build on. You may not agree with everything Obama, but you can probably say the same thing for every president. Obama has not had the opportunity to do what he does best and that is moderate between lines. The tea party that has the Republicans running scared have done more damage than Bush did and I believe until the tea party backs down we as Americans are all spiraling down the tubes.
  12. My 1030 lasted a good 5 years in the salt. It has not been taken care of at all and the seals for the battery housing have started to fail. This fall I called to find out if they could be replaced, but they are no longer doing repairs to that model. It still works just not in the water. I picked up the TG 810 and so far it seems to be basically the same camera, just with the addition of GPS tagging. I know that I will likely send this one in for seal replacements every few years.
  13. I have a few and like them.
  14. yep…save the cut offs when you wire up your plugs.
  15. Between Tog and Fluke..the party boats are going to become artificial reefs or part of the NY water taxi.
  16. Between Tog and Fluke..the party boats are going to become artificial reefs or part of the NY water taxi.
  17. I am digging it both painted and unpainted Now you have to hold it up next the body art.
  18. Fun show, I enjoyed sharing it with people that have no clue about fishing. I also enjoyed watching the guy get taken completely out of his comfort zone and having a blast doing so. The smile on Ken Baldwins face when skishing was that of pure childhood joy.
  19. It gives the gulp some extra sent. Put the pup in a basket? I call handlebars
  20. What about Danny Pichney? I think they both called them surface swimmers. where are the old farts when you need them.
  21. The intention for this plug was to go deep. I wanted a swimmer that can get down in the inlets and turned this shape out of maple. it also has some chin weight and I was waiting for some clear water to start testing it. I had Keith look at it and something like six months past before I got it back looking like it does now. I know it gets down and does so fast. Every place I tossed it, it would hit bottom. As far as action, I have yet to get clean or calm water to be able to view it, but it does not have any pronounced wiggle at all.
  22. From the album Can you fathom them?

  23. I was not even thinking about health concerns…safety third…I just think plastic lays down better when burnishing as compared to sanding.
  24. “Selective enforcement” may have just been a creative way to draw the attention of the man who forum we play in. And anything I have posted has nothing to do with the CBST forum. I have only poked my head in there a few times to find out what it was.
  25. In essence just posting a new batch of danny plugs, you did pay homage to the design. And the same thing goes for Pikies. Now if you are making a specific builders Pikie and called it your own than you basically just snubbed a builder that you obviously admire. Take Eurojett for example. He makes a pikie that is based on a fixter style and fixter based his on creek chub…that style of pikie could go back further than that, I don’t know. Now anyone how has bothered to back trace that design you would notice that each one paid respect to the previous design. Now with the Skippy, he made it extremely clear that the jersey killer is a lefty plug, Big Rock and others have also paid respects to that design/style as well as put their own touch on it. Arsenal has gone and renamed it Arsenal lures. He has even gone to the extent to use some of the same names as Skippy has. What is different is that Arsenal lures puts his stuff out there as if he created the design, that is until he was called out as a fraud. The same goes for when he copies a black talon paint job. Both those guys helped him along the way and you would think that out of respect they would get a nod in return. Instead they get ignored by Arsenal and any one new to the page thinks Arsonal is a designer and not just a talented copy artist. This not the only case, just the most recent and probably the most obvious. I myself and most of us have copied lures. If I posted a clone, I am sure I mentioned it in the thread. I feel that way, but I also don’t think it should matter if a plug or anything, is cloned for profit or just flat out cloned. The fact that a design is cloned and being portrayed as their own is, in my opinion against what this forum WAS about. And when that is done after extensive tutorials and against the will of those providing the tutorials, it is basically a slap in the face. I think I can speak for Black Talon, by saying he doesn’t care about people copying his paining style, but to reproduce his paints without giving any recognition is basically theft. Now I know not much can be done about that, but on SOL I believe commercial builders are kept out of this forum, or at least keep there for sale plugs out of this forum. That is the only reason I occasionally throw a jab at people that copy plugs and sell them as their own. I also don’t see the difference between cloning any of the small time builders, verses cloning any of the long standing big names in the lure building world. Outside of SOL, not much if anything can be done. In this SOL forum, I felt and was always told that cloning others work and passing it off as your own was not only looked down upon, but a fast track to being sidelined from the small community. And to take it a step further, to strictly pull from the resource that is SOL and not give back is just a shame. I know it takes a long time to figure building out, and even longer to carve your own style, so many are hesitant to contribute, but just posting pictures or replying with a “cool plug man”, “sick work” provides nothing. Look back at most threads in the past year. Not many questions get answered and some even go on the defensive when asked a question. Example. Murphthesutf illusion sires plugs were shown here and questions were asked about how it casts and swims. Don’t hold me to this, but I think the answer was “good” or something of that sort. What is good? Winch said something along the line of it “looking like it would cast like a potato chip” and all hell broke loose. Those plugs were later sold for whatever. A few years ago if someone posted a newish design and was asked something about it, the builder usually could tell you everything. length, weight, how it was built, how it swims in various conditions…Often natural bodies or simple paint jobs where shared beforehand. I remember builds where a hand full of people kicked around ideas to try and get a design to work as desired. You just don’t find that any more.