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  1. I experienced the same slooow fishing at Popham the first 2 weeks of August. Just never got in high gear this year.
  2. Doing a lot of remodeling on the home front so the garden became a landfill. I did get some potted tomatoes that did well until they started developing blossom rot seemed like one pot got it and a week later the other two did as well. Any one know why or how blossom rot happens?
  3. Depends on what you have to spend and how long you want to prolong your season. The best thing you can have is a breathable dry suit. You can layer underneath accordingly, take a plunge and be no worse off than when you put it on. This can keep you in the water all year round. They can be expensive new but found on line for less than a good set of waders. If found online and mention replacing the neck, ankle or wrist gaskets, contact the manufacture for pricing. Dry top/dry bottom combo signaler to above but have more to fit and fix. Dry top/ waders widely used but tend to allow a small amount of water in. Many people like this combo because they already have waders and just need to find a dry top to complete the package. Wetsuit-a wet suit is best when wet (submerged) and not so good when you are out of the water and loosing heat from convection. Rain gear-you will be good when you are dry and if it is raining but if you get wet you will be miserable. The under layers will only stay wet but convection will pull heat form you body With that said my first fall trip was in October. I layered in a wet suit and had a Gortex jacket and pant (rain Gear). In addition I had on neoprene socks and thin neoprene gloves. We did a surf launch and a full day our front. Later on in the day I straddled the kayak. When my legs were in the water I was not cold but on the paddle back I did notice a difference. Wanting to continue into the colder months I found a dry suit on ebay and had the gaskets replaced. The dry suit is not breathable so hot days I need to take extra water. When time comes I will get another dry suit but breathable and with a relief zipper. The fall and winter months you must pay more attention to safety. There are less eyes on the water and time becomes more of a factor as temperatures drop. I have a set of dry clothing in a dry bag that gets stored in my hatch in case of disaster. I will always keep my VHF on make a float plan to give someone on land. In addition where your PFD at all times. It is almost time to start looking for stripers to flag down for a ride.
  4. At the beginning of last Oct I started fishing form a kayak and had on a wet suit with Gortex pants and jacket and a PFD. The gortex was to keep me dry and the wet suit was in case I went in I would stay worm enough to paddle to the nearest dry land. In my hatch I keep dry clothing in a dry bag for emergencies. The wet suit is to hot when not wet and if you get wet you must stay in the water for it to be useful or the air will make it very cold. If you have waders I would pick up a dry top and go with that combo for warmth. I picked up a dry suit on ebay that can keep me on the water year round. Always have the PFD on when on the water. Find one that fits well when sitting down. it should not be bulky or it will be hot in the summer months. Falling in the drink is not a worry of mine I expect it will eventually happen. I am a confident swimmer when in shape, but you can't swim if you are unconscious and that is why you need a PFD. An inflatable PFD sounds nice but if it activates when wet it is no good for kayaking because you will get wet. If it has a pull tab it will do you no good when unconscious.
  5. Stop in at Betty & Nicks on the way home, they may do it.
  6. Tagger...that must be an awesome feeling stumbling upon a post about a plug you could have made.
  7. I have gone snorkeling many times and done a scuba once and would love to get certified one day. I have gone free diving for conch by my self when the Bahamas and Mexico but never spear fishing. How much visibility do you typically have?
  8. I don't know who you are getting to do the service, but I am form Horsham and know of two people who specialize in tree removal. Send me a PM if you want #'s. As for using the chippings as much I would say no. The trees will be cut down, the limbs will be tossed in the chipper and end up looking like large chunks. The leaves will still be attached to smaller branches. The trunks will be cut down to large sections and taken away like that. Any fresh cut tree shrub.. that is still alive when cut down and shredded will, like previously stated, take nutrients out of the soil. I wouldn't even use it around flower beds. It will look ugly not provide enough cover to keep weeds down, take vital nutrients and absorb water. If you have room in your back yard and want to make much, pile it up let it dry out, chip it finer and you should be good. If you want compost do the same thing build an enclosure and include and add your moldy bread, fruit vegetables, all your peels and egg shells. Add water to keep moist and turn or mix as needed. Good luck
  9. I got a Prowler 13 about a year ago form Charles River Canoe & Kayak and had it shipped to the Philly area. I wanted a P13, after a long Google search I found one Charles River had the best price.
  10. Beer (preferred out of a bottle anything out of a can) When at the Preakness anything cold Yuengling most of the time Bud light when out on the town Teuila Patron Silver most of the time Gran Patron on special occasions Don't know what it is, but on of my friends form Mexico brings some of the best tequila I have ever had from home (has no label) Grand Marnier is a wonderful after dinner drink Jameson Irish Whiskey on the rocks and when looking to get mangled as a shot (but it has been some time) I have gone form a drinking close to a case almost every evening prior to going out to a case lasting well over a month. That much change in the span of a year and half
  11. I primarily fished with my grandfather, but between his passing in 2000 and school I have been out of the game for some time. Over the past year I have ventured back into fishing. In doing so I come across some of his fishing stuff from time to time. Most of the stuff has been long surf rods with older Penn conventional reels. I have been hanging them on the wall for keepsake. Most recently I have come across a spinning reel. A South Bend 730A. I would like to find a rod to match with the reel and figured I would ask here. All the reels have heavy ware and salt corrosion on them. I have been hanging them as I have found them, but would you clean them up first, and if so what would you use?
  12. I have three longer surf and one fly to post in the next few days or so.
  13. Are you saying that if you had a short fluke and it swallowed the hook you are going assume it is going to die any way so you end up keeping it? Is this a normal practice? I would hate to end up with a fine for keeping an undersized fish. If you were talking about fillet it on the spot and using the belly strips?
  14. A few of us were fishing our to a kayak. We were anchored up in a line and were chumming on a slow day a week prior to the opening of summer flounder season. There were plenty of people fishing off the sod banks and a dozen other boats around. One boat was coming in a little hot. It was passing over anchor lines and was with in 10 feet when we started yelling. The guy finally identified himself as fish & game but boy was he annoying when he made one of us pull anchor and chum line. I can only assume he was checking to see if he had fish on a stringer. He finally disappeared without checking out any other boats. The number of questions he asked was kinda ridiculous. The only thing next was to ask if he could board our kayaks.
  15. The tubes will rust if put in the humidor.
  16. My roommate last year made a lot of jerky with the dehydrator. I Was never a jerky fan till the homemade stuff. Used various mixes, but home made is the way to go. You just have to keep the dehydrator where the dogs cant nock it off the counter. (they will be salivating all day)
  17. SOL is a blast
  18. can you resurface concrete?
  19. PA is on strike and we are not able receive many of our services. As compensation I don't think we should have to pay taxes during this period. If a law was passed in support of this we would never have another strike
  20. KOQ is correct on the short cut ticket = avoiding an intersection or traffic signal citation. This month NJ has announced that they are gong to crack down on traffic violations, and yes you will get a lot of ridiculous tickets until the people writing the tickets stop getting pressure from above. Every ticket has an option of appealing it and or appearing in court. With the amount of tickets being handed out and paid without fuss, it will not be worth the townships time or money to see most of the tickets out in court. The worst part is that the tickets are to "spread safety awareness" (raise money), but it between gas and other increased costs of travel, many of the tickets are just one more thing that will reduce tourism and further drowned the small beach towns that make NJ famous. if you don't already I would also buckle-up, because many states have changed laws so that they can pull you over for it and not just add it on as a secondary citation.
  21. Don't mock the Prius. On open highway I like to cruse around 80 in what ever car, but have hit 100 in the Prius when not paying attention to speed.