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  1. Thank you all for the quick reply. PM has been sent to Black Talon
  2. I don't know about the vacuum, but I have a Robomower and love it. Took a few weeks to get it set up correctly but I have not had a problem since. All I do is edge every so often.
  3. I'll take it
  4. Let it be #26
  5. You have to jump start them. Topic popped up about a year ago. check out this link
  6. I may have to start turning plugs to get the Phillies and the Eagles on top
  7. What do you all think about a Penn State Industries VS Turncrafter Pro with Extension Bed? I have been doing a lot of remodeling around the house and have been enjoying working with wood. I think a lathe may be in the future but don't know much about them. Any way a neighbor of a college buddy is moving and not taking a lot of tools.
  8. Well than every B&T shop is guilty of spot burring. They post reports for two reasons. 1) get you into the shop and 2) put you on fish so you want go come back. Come on when charters go out they share fish they have found. Maybe it is not till after a few hook ups or when they are back at the dock, but they are willing to help each other out. If I run into fish along the beach or a blitz occurs anywhere it is not spot burning even if you give GPS location. It was a blitz and some times it will last a few min and be gone and other times it may last all day. Saturday the 13th I was with a group that spread out on the beach prior to sun up. We all had a little action and joined up around dawn. We landed a few bonito before noticing a mass of birds working to the north and the boats on the beach. We made the move to a massive blitz that ended up lasting all day. Any way we were a few of the first people on fish that day and had landed more fish in the first hour than I have all season. As the day went on the beaches were loaded with fishermen and women, friends and family. I got to had my rod to little kids and talk to countless people thought the day. Yes I tried to stay ahead of the fish and away form the masses, but I did not run into one ignorant person all day long. And there were hundreds of people catching thousands of fish. Sunday the 14th may have had a large following of people but they were chasing reports not fish. If you had found a hole in a channel, along a creek or a hidden rock pile that always held fish that would be spot burning. In my mind I would love to share the experience with others, but will never put stress on a hidden spot.
  9. don't know what to say. That was incredible. Big blues were at you feet on the beach..... The day started out with two of the guys I was with landing some Bonito...We looked up the beach and the birds were gong crazy and the boats were pushed up on the beach. We made the move and the pods were so thick you had to stay out of them or you were just donating hardware. Not because you got bitten off, but because another ran into you 30lb braid or what ever else, and it snapped. That and bent hooks cost me a hand full of cheapo spoons. I used one Hopkins with trebles and it cut into my fishing time. Single hooks only, I started tossing a Pet Spoon (a trolling spoon that was my only thing I had left with a single hook) and that got banged up. It had a hook on hook and the hook with the feather got ripped off. We keep hopping in the car and getting about a mile in front of them. park walk north toward them. land one or two prior to the mass...try and get one in the mass, get cut off re-rig and land fish till we had three cast with out fish and hop back in the car. I ended up stopping for some more wire and bought all the cheap medal with a single hook (007 gigs) they had. If you had wood plugs you now have sawdust. And now I am rambling...but I think I am still riding the high. No mugging on the beach, I wonder if it would be the same if it was bass running the beach? We were into them so well I handed my rod to little kids on the beach that looked like they wanted into the action. All in all non stop action from 9am till we left them biting around 4:30ish.
  10. I only skimmed the link and it looks good but I assume it will be taken down so below is a copy of what I posted on another forum in early September. I have only done it a few times but have yet to take a spill. Take a look at the waves prior to going out. You will notice they come in sets usually form 4-7 and the last one is the largest. Once you have an idea of the numbers in a set wait for the largest to crash and head into the smaller ones hoping to get out and ride over the swell of the large ones. Take the waves straight on and with your rudders up. Returning. Once again keep an eye out and count the sets as you sit just out of the surf zone. once you have them timed I get on the tail end of the largest. Not in it or on it but just behind it. This way you make it most of the way in and the smaller waves are at your back. once in hop off quickly and walk it in. Do not go straight out or straight in. You want to be perpendicular with the face of the waves. When hopping off at the end have the kayak between you and the beach. This way if another wave comes in the kayak does not knock you down. Some times you just have to go for it and hope for the best. With that said I will probably end up eating sand and drinking salt water the first time I try in the Adventure.
  11. I use a river rock lantern (360 LED) and a head lamp. I have gone out only a hand full of times and usually keep the 360 light covered with a cloth or off, it is just to bright. But I pretty much always have the head lamp on with the red light function on. Safety first, but the less light you can use the better you are when night fishing. I use the head lamp a lot and comes in big when I get out to wet wade or walk the sods or am just surf fishing till I can see enough to launch in the surf. (I don't think I could do surf launch at night.)
  12. Erick asked for thoughts and is getting a lot of them. I agree that it is up to the individual as to what is needed and or should be used when participating in water sports. So if you are stuck in your ways you need not continue with the thread. Secondly there are very few people who are experts by profession regarding the topics that are posted and thus most people add what they have learned regardless to its accuracy. To those who continue to revisit the fact that there is a lot of BS about wetsuits being posted by non wet suit users most of you are only adding to the BS. Yes a wet suite adds some buoyancy and divers use weight belts when diving. I might also add the they use weight belts even when diving without a wet suite. So with that argument you do not need a wet suite at all. The majority of Americans are overweight so if you are average you are buoyant. In addition not all divers use weight belts when diving with or with out a wetsuit and have to use air form there tanks to maintain neutral buoyancy. Yes wet suites keep you warm. How? They trap a thin layer of water between your body and the suite itself. At first water enters and you are cold but as your body warms the water you become more comfortable. The only time water stays in the wet suite is when you are in the water. So for swimming, diving, snorkeling, and surfing you are in the water and the wet suit is able to perform its job. When you exit the water, water exits the suite and than you are not much better off than having wet clothing on. When a diver surfaces and prepares for the ride back to port they take there wet suite off. Why? Because they want to put on dry clothing because it is freezing... I would assume more people have gone water skiing than wave running. Did you want to go first so you could put on a dry vest or last so you didn't have to sit in the boat soaking wet? Convection is a *****. Even in a dry suite, dry paints/dry top, wader/dry top you will get cold when in the water. When these combos work you will stay dry in the water and not be soaking wet and freezing when you reenter the kayak or exit the water. Recently in the news a man from Florida passed away at sea. I do not know specifics, but he was kayaking in NJ waters. I don not know if he had on a wet suite or not. How ever a kayak was found and in the same area a half paddle and PFD were also recovered. A few days later his body was found floating just off the coast. Did he have his vest attached to the kayak and was unable to grab it when he fell out or was he un able to put it on? That we will never know. I would assume he was in the area of the kayak and or PFD but was not visible, but again we will never know. If a wet suite could provide sufficient flotation, the coast guard would approve them for use as a flotation device. Until than, stick to what has been proven and use a certified PFD. I am not saying you must do one thing or another, but I hope I have added what I think to be as close to fact without citing research.
  13. If you cant swim with a PFD why does the USCG do all there rescues with them on?
  14. how well does it do in wind?
  15. I got out sat around 4am and fished till about 8. the fog was thick so I stuck around dock lights at first. Blues around 15" kept me occupied for a bit. I wanted to get to brigantine channel pre dawn and with fog still looming I took Weakfish Thorofare and hung to the banks to stay out of anyone's way. A few times a min the water would explode. So when a fog bank, that brought visibility down to next to nothing came in, I decided to toss a small popper that is now trash. My light was dying and the fog didn't lift enough for me to feel comfortable to yak the channel so i didnt move for a few hours and played with blues. Barrell I swung my the shop a little after eight. I would have stuck around but I wanted to get going before I got to tired drive.
  16. that is what the duct tape is for
  17. A basic tool set is a must for every home owner. I started collecting tools in college to fix and build all sorts of stuff that was cheaper to build than buy. The fist was a chepo work force set up and it had a few drawers. hammer, razor, tape, wrench, garbage level. Set of screw drivers, socket wrench set up.... That dewalt set up is nice and ridged has a similar I would go with the rigid 4 pc combo. A good level is hard to find because they often get banged around. I would go with one that is 3' and if it is a good one you want one with a case. A square and chalk line thingy is also a good addition for only a few bucks. I have a miter saw and use it a lot but wish I had a sliding version. Most of the other stuff is nice to have but not always necessary. Even the miter saw is an extra. If you have friends and family I would look to borrow the big stuff from them.
  18. Down south it is now illegal to possess (remove from the water if even for a pic or to remove a hook) goliath grouper and large tarpon and I have heard that they are looking on the web, for pictures, to first educate anglers of the new law and to later fine those who do not comply. DNR everywhere should use the web and forums like this to educate others. Most B&T shops I have been in have photo copies of the years rules and regulations near the cash register for you to have. If not just ask. Instead of griping about the illegal catch here there are other things you can do. Send the B&T an email about your concern. "I noticed illegal fish being weighed at your shop and or posted on your web page. I am a frequent customer or yours and would hate to see your shop closed do to loss of business due to the illegal catch or the state/fed fining/suspending/or revoking your business license due to illegal activity.†Post your displeasure on the B&T forum or forward your concern on to DNR or your local game warden.
  19. 1.50 is a steal I may have to run out to dicks later and buy them all. Too much hair for ya than trim them up a bit. For a buck fifty you cant go wrong.
  20. Regardless to how you go about it you are going to need people committed to helping or you will not have fun at the roast.
  21. I don't know about molds but you could try a ballistics type material if you have ever seen Myth Busters they mold soft plastics with the stuff all the time. It is also what "Buster" is made of.
  22. I dont know if I will be able to make it down this weekend but when I do I will try and take you up on that offer
  23. Most jetty rods have a stiffer action to handle heavy bucktails 3-4ozs.
  24. I'm 5'7" ish maybe 5'6". I'm skinny as a rail. I quit smoking in June and I haven't gained an ounce. I've been this weight since I was 18. BUT IT'S ALL PURE FURY!!!
  25. hope this link works???