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  1. I love the photo shop of the Surf Talk photo in the upper left corner of all the pages. When it is faded in to the shirt in a cloud design it looks very nice. I have a friend who has access to a dye sublimation printer and has made some amazing prints. It is a heat transfer that is better than anything I have ever seen done. Only problem is, it is school property and he is a first year teacher so he can't go around printing for a commercial sight...yet. Any way if you were to find someone with that type of printer art on insulated material could probably work. Cost $1 a print for ink, $1 a sheet of transfer paper X for time. In the future we will be looking for projects like this to use as easy fundraisers.
  2. There are people in PA trying to pass similar laws. They are being held due to the general feeling that the state should impose as few restraints on its citizens as possible.
  3. AMMO is correct about line signal, but never the less the VHF is a must have for me. even if I am separated form the yak and bobbing aimlessly for hours, chances are a boat will be in range sooner or later. The first few times out I will set it to scan and find out what channels people are chatting on the most. I do this for two reasons. One it will be the channel the group I am with will avoid, and two if something goes south it will become a go to channel for help. A cell phone in a dry bag will work till the person you are trying to contact can't hear you and you have to take it out. And most cells sink like a rock. Nun the less I have started taking my cell with me as well. As long as it is on it can be tracked. Most importantly give someone a float plan. And if the bite is good and you are going to stay on the water longer give someone a call and let them know of changes.
  4. Looks like Jamaica Bay event This year will be May 3rd with an open day/prefish/demo on the 2nd and a rain date on the 4th.
  5. Haven't messed with COD4 or any live for a long time now, but Halo3 is where it is at for me. Gribs LoveJuice
  6. Re First post That was a cool day. A bunch of us started a few miles south of you and a few were able to land some bonito. When the blues got down our way I started handing my rod off to little kids. Truly an amazing day.
  7. I like gray or Black, but in the end it would have to depend on the Art
  8. I'm In
  9. Some amazing shots here. Anyone going to get capture the lunar eclipse tonight?
  10. Bump Toss in the Toyota Highlander Hybrid as well any users with reviews
  11. Horsham in the house
  12. Does anyone know what the difference between the sturgeon on the east coast v the sturgeon they catch on the west cost? I think I remember a show where they were targeting sturgeon and calling it a prehistoric catch.
  13. I am going to give it a go when the big browns start to show regularly in a few south NJ areas, just need to find someone who wants to play with me. I was also thinking cut the leader after a good ride or get back to shore.
  14. I have been doing a lot of paint at my house and getting board of using a brush and roller for everything. I want to mix it up with a spray gun, especially for molding, but an having trouble. The paint is to thick to out of the can and I need to thin it out. The question is what the magic ratio? Thanks in advance, be back tonight to check updates
  15. Thanks for all the feedback. I went back to the brush and roller with the if its not broke don't fix it theory. Well that and my flooring will be in earlier than anticipated and I don't want to hold things up learning how to use a sprayer. I still want to pick up a spray gun to play around with. Its always fun to tinker with new toys. Once again thanks for all the feedback and strong warnings about future headaches.
  16. Thanks for the Advice, but finding out I don't like using a spray gun is one thing that I am going to need to learn the hard. Any way here is a little bit more what I am looking at. It is a Kobalt sprayer and no worry about overspray, the room was/is completely gutted and the windows will be covered. Only thing in the room now is sheetrock, taped and spackled and new windows. All molding and casing is removed. The room will receve high hat lighting so no fixtures. The fire is down to the fire box and will be covered as well. I am doing each room in the house one at a time. And every room is getting new everything form crown to base. Thing is with this addition and remodel I have come to realize I love design and framing. Ttaking an empty space and a pile of lumber and building a beautiful structure, or completely changing the look/lay out of a room is fun. The repetitiveness of priming painting rooms, cutting, priming, painting or staining, door/window casing, base/chair/crown molding, wainscoting...all gets boring and I wanted to mix things up and learn something new. I have learned a lot over the past year working in a historic house and this one. I went form knowing nothing to being able to tell you what is not up to code at any residential structure in my town. Lol lots of reading, and a little trial and error, but so far everything is coming along well. I figured I kinda jumped into it without looking into it to much picked up a gun figured I could take the paint and add some water and be good to go. After playing with viscosity and having to take the gun apart to clean out a few times, I think I will just check and see if they can thin out the primer for me. (no mention of how much to thin pint out in the user guide). Taking the gun apart and cleaning took less time than cleaning paint brushes, rollers and pans.
  17. I picked up a similar size air compressor to do trim work, do you think I can put an airbrush on the home improvement tools list for touchup work and or making fancy doodles in corners of the rooms?
  18. I have been wanting to do the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel or surrounding area since I picked up a kayak a little over a year ago. From what I have read go with the put your lure out and retrieve it slow with the current as close to the stanchions as possible. If fish are not holding in the eddy or back wash around the stanchions awaiting bait to get fouled in the turbulent water they are holding in the shadows just outside the light line. In both cases are holding to ambush. The outgoing tide should give you a stronger current due to the mass of bay water bottlenecking near inlet bridges. But if schoolies are around it makes it hard to get small baits down deep enough. I to have just slung buck tails at pilings and worked my retrieve from there. I do the same thing around sod banks and I know many freshwater folks put there baits on the bank to start there retrieve. Barrell-I would love to get out with you in the spring. If I remember correctly we talked briefly online about Brig Channel, but I never made it back down during business hours to pick your brain. Any way my family used to have a house in brigantine and love visiting the area. I will be back in the game come second week in March (after Wrestling wraps up). Jason
  19. Tog, Flounder of my own catch mahi, mahi when on the boat And I love Tilapia
  20. Hi my name is Jason and I am a Plug Porn Addict. I would fist like to say I have been enjoying the plug building forum and is the reason I registered on the site. All of your works are a great and many of them look more than functional and could pass as art. Any way I am usually slow and do a bit of research in everything I get into. I like to make/build things myself if I can, and I think I would like to give plug building a shot. I don't think I can justify buying a lathe at this point but would love to see one used first had and even give it a try. I would like to see first hand how you set up your lathe, what tools you use and how you go about turning the plug blanks that are later turned into fish catching machines as well as pieces of art. I would also like to try one myself if at all possible. So without sending PM after PM is there anyone in the Philadelphia area that would take me under there wing for a session or two. I live in Horsham, Pa (willow grove area). Thank you in advance, Jason PS I think I am addicted already and I have yet to attempt turning a plug.
  21. still getting used to the tools and how to get smooth lines and less ridges. An attempt at some pics. Good from far, Hopefully not far from good.
  22. Up date. As previously stated I admire the workmanship and creativity of everyone on this board and want to learn more. My original intent was to get my hands on a lathe and get a feel if this was something I would be interested in perusing. Well over the past month or so I have been under the tutelage of Black Talon. And if I thought I was pumped after reading the posts on this forum and looking at every pice of wood (old tool handles, legs on broken chairs, baby cradles that were put out to curbs, branches in trees that came down in storms...) and wondering if I could get it to swim, walk or pop, I got a call from Black Talon who in essence said yes. I think we talked as complete strangers for close to half hour over the phone and bye the time we were done I was excited to meet him and get a look first hand what all is involved and what turning is done. I felt like a kid on Christmas eve and I still had a week to wait befor I could get over to his house. Any way for the past month or so we have met a few times. At first we BS around a bit and had to show him my attempts at a Polaris popper. I took a dowel from Lowes and chunked it down a bit with the table saw, and held it up to the grinder till I smelled smoke. He checked me for all ten fingers and got a laugh out of my failed attempts befor getting to business. He would turn out a plug in less than a minuete and I would spend the rest of the night trying to make my block of wood resemble something like he had turned. All the while he would give me tips. After a few visits I would start to get the hang of working with the tools and could get a rough profile of what I had intended. Much talk about turning, sanding, how/where to drill, sealing... was discussed over the trips and a little bit on how to get them to act as desired. I don't know how many of you know Black Talon in person, but I would say he is as good a guy as he is a builder. His willingness to let me invade his home, get me comfortable with the lathe and tools, teach some tricks of the trade and give me another view on fishing for stripers are only a tide bit to what I have been exposed to and learned in the few visits with him. He takes his time in answering question, and has let me try to figure things out a little bit at a time. He tweaks things a little bit at a time leading you in the right direction without giving everything away all at once. So a month has gone bye and you ask where am I going with this? I feel as thought I have a good idea how to use the tools, can turn out rough profiles, but need more time to get things smoothed out (no ridges, but a free flowing profile) before I am truly ready to learn more. So after searching for a used lathe and coming up unsuccessful in getting replies, one guy tried to sell me a lathe with a fatally cracked head stock and bent slide rail, another guy saying he had a lathe, but when I arrived to take a look at it, within a few hours of speaking to him, he supposable had sold. In the end I have finally sucked it up and picked up a PSI TurnCrafter. Now I can turn all day all night and in time I will have sexy curves to (on my plugs that is).
  23. I am an EAGLES fan but my dad would have loved to make it to a stealers game. He spent the game in my car listing to the Sirius radio. I think I herd him pound the horn a few times.
  24. I we talked this evening for about a half hour and it sounds like I am going to be taking under the talons wing. I am stoked. Now I must study his work.