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  1. Oprha wins Democratic nomination. Well at least she should have. Clinton was a strong front runner till Oprha endorsed Obama. Than like everything else she endorses he blows up and becomes the new must have. It was funny listening to him speak today. Essentially saying the millions of us Americans chose change and chose him. Why is it funny, because millions more chose Clinton. And at a time when pools show that if the Presidential election was held today McCain would win over Obama and Clinton would win over McCain. I had no intention in voting McCain, but I don't think I can vote fro Obama. What if Clinton won by write in?
  2. I have had no problems in the past two years with two of there spinning reels. I use them on the kayak all the time so they take a ton of spray and get dunked from time to time. I am fairly sure that Pfueger makes them.
  3. Im In
  4. I also thought about drinking nothing but tap water. I had always did it during wrestling season and saved a ton.
  5. My van is sitting in the driveway all but dead. My next will be a hybrid just don't know SUV or Prius. My dad has a Prius and I get low to mid 40's in it. As for getting out on the water. I love my kayak, just don't know how it would be driving with it on the prius. I figure getting a Prius I will save a little over 3k on gas this year. Probably more because it will be my only vehicle. I typically fish with some friends so we split the driving.
  6. Fishing with my little brother on vacation. He landed a dorado, Amberjack, and I wish I had the pic of the cuda that was bigger than him. A trip to Cape Hanalopen Tip: I live just north so Philadelphia so learning how to enjoy more than just the fishing I part of what keeps me coming back. Life is always better on the water when your head is above it.
  7. I kayak for them in the back bays all season. Have never targeted theme at night. Bucktails, high low with gulp, jig heads with gulp live, dead, frozen mullet, snapper, killies. Bigger baits have resulted in bigger fish for me. I will always use my larger live baits first when in a known area. When in the kayak look for holes in bays, creeks, at the mouths of creeks, ICW inlets....I have hoped out on the sods and worked all the above over various holes. Never tried form the beach, but would think they would be at your feet chomping down sand flees and such. Try along finger jetties as well. A guy I know likes to take his dogs for a walk and takes a fly rod to just roll cast as he goes.
  8. There have been tons of articles on that outing. And every time I reed one they try to make it sound more dangerous than the previous. These guys have fished for these sharks before, just not form kayaks. They knew what they were getting into and had support boats on hand and did quite a bit of planning for this trip.
  9. I was going to hit NJ that weekend, but if people are headed to the flats and it doesn't sound like a milk shake I would be up for a trip. The 11-13th will be the first weekend I can get out anywhere.
  10. love it
  11. I think the stuff is all the rejected product diced up.
  12. there is a show that features extreme sports and in one episode a guy (I think it was in Australia) was trolling with one. He hooked a marlin got to the leader went diving to tag it and than cut the leader. But I would not say that they are better than a kayak.
  13. The monster fish was on before the bare handed fish. Seen a few of the segments separately but never all together. I liked it A Hammerhead took a guy alone in his flats boat 12mi out. If I am correct this WR to be ended up having 55pups in her, but they didn't mention that.
  14. Everything will bounce back when we humans disappear.
  15. make it a regional, or coastal license to fund research and I am ok.
  16. I am not a fan of a salt water license. There is never gong to be enough to fund reef or beach replenishment and I don't see beach access getting better. There is no stocking of our salt water species so the money wont go there. What needs to be done is more enforcement of current regulations. We as individuals raise tons of money for reef projects and various groups do clean ups form time to time. Another reason I don't like the tax is I am form Pa and love visiting different places. I mainly fish south NJ but there are spots all over that I enjoy fishing. I fished VA, MD, De, NJ, and NY and know there are many more like me who travel to fish.
  17. How does the water look?
  18. The question comes up on some of the big game shows, especially when filming tournaments. Most bill fishing tournaments show a fish caught when you reach the leader. At this point the leader is cut and the fish swims off with some hardware and heavy line, so what happens to the all that stuff. I have herd that the area around the wood festers to a point were the hook dins its way out. Anyone else see any truth to this, and does it sound reasonable to smaller game fish?
  19. Love reading HPD stories. You write with a passion that takes me form my basement in the outskirts of Philadelphia to paradise. In the past I have walked up stairs after catching large roosters, this time I will walk up stares after enjoying the past few minuets spent roaming around on pristine beaches that will never be seen by most.
  20. I would not suggest a big game for anyone. Like Soundfisher said it is a barge. Big and slow regardless of how big you are. For that money you could get some of the highest end yaks. I don't have anything against used yaks, they do hold there value, but not having it rigged the way you like is never good. You will find all kayaks are stable and that in the worst chop it is just a matter of learning to not over compensate for an unseen swell or wake. Unless you know the water extremely well you will want the fishfinder. Yes knowing there is a ball of bait or some holding fish is good but it is best utilized to learn structure. And you can find good deals on various fish finders. You should be able to do all the work and a bunch of things can be fabricated your self until you find out where you may want to place rod holders and such things.
  21. I tried Vaseline, but didn't like it come summer. I ended up using goop and it was good but when I got a new yak it was a pain to transfer. Not bad getting out but a pain to remove the old goop. I don't remember what silicone I used, but I had no complaints last year. I will find out how it held up over the winter, but I don't expect any problems.
  22. Sorry to extend your search, but I picked up a Prowler 13 for my first boat. I liked it a little more than the Tarpon 120, but I fish with a bunch of guys who use that kayak. I don't remember what if it was a scrambler or a drifter, but I also tired one of them and was not a big fan. I would keep an eye on craigslist in a few areas as well. I have actually picked up two kayaks from the NJ craigslist and sold them on the Philly page. A tarpon 120, 140. Shouldn't be to long b4 I make a run your direction "Flats"
  23. I love looking at your work and reading about people who take pride in what they do. It takes a special person to settling for nothing but perfection and the two of you sound to be about as perfect as they come. I only wish all contractors were like the two of you. We hired contractors to remodel two bathrooms when I was out with a knee surgery. Well a year later they still haven't completed the job and I have I helped a friend add an addition and do restoration to a historic home he owns. I have remodeled three rooms, replaced my roof and just gutted the master bed room in my parents. Man some thing that would have taken me a month, and I am no carpenter, has gone on for ever. Seems every time they come I find something they did wrong and they have to send someone back to redo it. The last trip they ended up hanging medicine cabinets that are not evenly spaced. My mother didn't notice it, but as soon as I walked in I knew something was off. Took out a tape and one was ½" in higher off the counter than the other and one was 1.5" off center, not even aligned with where the sink is. And on the jacuzzi tub the subcontracted plumber, who I actually like, roughed in the faucet in the way of where you would be sitting. No big deal we knew he would be back to fix it but the carpenter did all the finishing work with no way to finish the plumbing. How do you account for that. Sorry for the vent, Keep up the good work, I love reading about people who take pride in there work.
  24. I would vote kayak over canoe for all open waters. I also assume your name gives away your waters and a kayak will suite you well. I know there are many days when I would have been stuck on dry land with a canoe or would have been afraid of the trip back. Plus I bet you end up fishing from it more than you think. As said before out front will be no problem in a kayak where as a canoe...I don't know. As far as gear, you will learn what you truly need and take less but if you are planning to get out and fish from the bank of an island than you can stuff a ton in the hatch of a kayak. I graduated three years ago and a kayak got me back into fishing. Start up costs were steep, but not as bad as all the time I would be spending in a bar instead of on the water.