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  1. I didn't bother reading any more after this one. Seems those guys get heated when you are fishing form your kayak and drift over as well. heck the guys that fish that pier send out gun boats to keep you form spooking the fish. Must be good to have that kind of cash.
  2. No scales needed. It is going to look like an eel.
  3. Four
  4. Three
  5. Two
  6. .
  7. Don't know if it will post the pic, but I would have liked to see multiple pictures of the next second or two.
  8. I posted on your youtube page but I always enjoy and appreciate the Ambergris films. Standing
  9. Don't be afraid to touch them. lol
  10. Can we get some surf pics
  11. Come on we all know you have to be sick to fish some of the conditions we do. At least he wasn't fishing the local inlets when he was on duty. Or would that just be doing some undercover work?
  12. I concur, but a swift kick in the dick or a Rick James ***** slap with the rod is in order.
  13. Who had on the Aquaskinz Phantom top?
  14. Agreed....what size is that rear hook?
  15. Not bad for a first popper. maby when i get around to making a few more. Or you show me around your RI grounds. Over my head
  16. How is that thing not dripping all over the place...looks good
  17. Prepared for battle.
  18. Good to hear things worked out. Technology may be able to fix Chuck and others like him but for the first time in history school aged children have a lower life expectancy than their parents. Make sure you kids are active.
  19. Someone has been busy I got a bunch primed up
  20. I think everyone in America will always remember where they were and what they were doing that morning. That was my Freshman year at the University of Maryland and I was sleeping in my dorm. I had three other roommates. Two of us were sleeping and another's phone kept ringing. It was a thirds roommates mother telling my roommate to turn on the TV. What channel he askes, and by this time it didn't matter. I was awoken seconds later with my roommate talking about tourists attacking. I thought he had meant on campus and told him to get down until I got up to the TV. This event shocked the nation and UMD was hit hard. Campus closed for quite some time and people still remember. Many UMD students come form the NY area and have parents, family and friends that work in the city as well as the WTC. Remarkable most of the people I know who have direct connections to people working in the WTC got out or had not going in that day, and everyone of those is an unforgettable story in and of itself. When the pentagon was hit another group of UMD students were hit with disbelief. I would bet everyone in the entire DC metro area has a gov. connection. I am back at Maryland to pick up a teaching certification and was on campus today. No need to pick up the school paper but I know some groups were having ceremonies. 9/11 is a day that will always be remembered.
  21. When I was in Aruba half the island is desert and the coast is covered in drift wood. I had grabbed a nice size chunk and the maid must have tossed it. but it was going to get turned.
  22. I would move to the mid west to be in a HPD adventure first hand. You are a lucky man.
  23. No one is chunking whale this weekend.....come on I want a pic.
  24. I got the Blues
  25. I'm in. Thanks!