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  1. the wire is good. How are you holding the plug and what are you using to do the warps? I hold the plug between my knees using one set of pliers to hold the loop and the other to make the wraps. The best way I can describe it is trying to stretch the wire as I wrap it.
  2. Those needles should draw a ton of attention if they sink a bit. I like the shape of the spook, just watch out for the hooks. It looks like they are close enough to get caught on each other. Winch…this east coast guy is cheap….or as you left coast guys would say el chepo…I have an LA trip coming next month.
  3. those squids are obviously da bomb
  4. I keep looking back at this, you have a nice set up.
  5. I have never used Bin primer or the paint you are using so I have cannot speak to that. If the Bin is a spray primer, I would give it more time to gas off. Another area to consider is natural oils. I use a spray on primer and typically give them about a week to completely gas off. Then I will scuff the primer with 220, hit it with air and then wipe it down with alcohol. After that wipe down I will not touch the actual plug with my hands again until the clear coat is fully set. ~Jason
  6. I don’t know about the discoloration, but I also have an old bottle, that will get tested on a piece of scrap before any lures. I have found that after a long time sitting on the shelf the stuff does not cure well….thus I may give this new stuff a try if my current bottle is no good.
  7. I am not one for fancy colors when it comes to fishing, but I do appreciate some fine paint, especially the trout.
  8. white, yellow, purple over black.
  9. Nice, I love the Andrus Jetty casters also and had a mold made. think it has .5, .75, 1, 1.5, 2, 3oz.
  10. My first kayak was a Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 and I wish I never sold it. I got it new at an end of season sale and sold it a few years later for more than I originally paid. It paddled extremely well and acted exactly like it should in the surf. I even learned how to paddle with it, but the problem is I am not a kayaker and have no interest in recreational kayaking. It would have been nice to have kept for the river when I am basically drifting from wading point to wading point. It would also be ideal for areas that are mainly less than 2’. My second and current kayak is a Hobie Adventure and although it is large I absolutely love it. It is in no way a kayak that you would want to paddle all day, but it is doable for when you hit skinny water. Does it have mechanical parts that need to be maintained, yes, but that is minimal. For me it is a no brainer to fish out of the Hobie adventure. I can hold in current and fish with precision in and around structure sitting in current. The same can be said for jetty tips, ocean humps/depressions, channel edges and reef drop offs. With the Hobie I can hold still and accurately fish these areas. In the Prowler I had to drift over them multiple times. But probably more important is the ability to precisely control a drift when fluking. This means being able to speed up, slow down, or stop and jig an area.
  11. Anyone follow the toughest sporting event on the planet, what are your pics? 125...Megatron in OT to shock the world 133…Oliver decision 141…You will either fall asleep watching Russell, but hopefully Marion gets his slick shots going and can get off bottom. Russell in a snoozer. 149…Molinaro aka The Hulk by dec over Ness with some failed big move attempts along the way. 157…Dake dominates the match with a few takedowns and some boring top riding 165…Taylor by Fall 174…Ruth by decision or fall 184…Wright by decision 197…Simaz gets his due 285…Good luck Nelson 7pmE on ESPNU or espn3 lots of good stuff on flowrestling
  12. I typically have it leashed and strapped down below my feet and legs. This way I don’t snap a fin or the peddle stem on the landing. It also keeps the peddles out of the way for a quick entry and exit. The wheels come off on the dry sand. If there is absolutely no surf I will leave the drive in place. I don’t worry about the sand that will be gone by the time you exit the surf zone.
  13. I like the looks and concept of jigs and templates. My problem with jigs and templates is they always end up lost or broken. If I am making a bunch I turn the first one by hand then set up the duplicator to run off a few. Then I drill on the lathe, cut off the ends, sand an angle and drill a belly hole. I try to use the grain to pick a denser side so sand down.
  14. I have done quite a bit of reading up on the forums here about wetsuits and still have some questions that I hope some of you may be able come up with some possible answers. I mainly fish NJ waters so fishing with a wetsuit is not that big of a concern locally, however been taking weekend trips to places with a bit more rock than sand and am loving every bit of it. These NE locations are where I am most interested in venturing out or joining others in a wetsuit (more so the fall). I have also been itching to do some free diving to learn the areas I fish a bit better and I may as well spear a tog, or trigger fish from time to time as well (would dive when ever vis allows). The wetsuit would primarily be used in the fall. Longevity of a wetsuit? How badly do they get beat up on rocks? I have read that the open cell suits are warmer than closed, but it also sounds like they rip easily. If this were a free diving suite I would be going open cell, but is that out of the question on a suite to use when surfcasting? One piece or two? This seems very opinionated but this is what I am thinking, let me know if I am on to something or am asking too much out of the suits. A one piece that would work well for general surfcasting and probably be a tad on the warm side for free diving. Then I could get beavertail type top (possibly hooded) for colder temperatures or deeper dives. Now to possibly the hardest part, thickness. Most of what I have found relates to months of the year, without regard to actual temperatures and by looking at wetsuit write-ups, manufactures specify temperatures without considering body types. I am 5'9" and float around 150. I have wrestled my entire life and have very low body fat in the 2-5% range. I can acclimate to the cold and would like to think that it doesn't bother me more than anyone else, but I deff. get cold sooner than most (i hate being cold, and dislike being cold and wet even more, but still love fishing around a NE storm in November on a jetty that is washing over and am fascinated by an underwater world). Thank you for any help
  15. Just to update this one. My September and October of 2011 was spent mostly in a wetsuit. I had rolled the dice on a 5mm and it worked out ok. Toward the end of the fall I was given a 3mm and it has its place as well. A few notes. my 5mm is 100% stretch from Xcel and is comfortable. The 3mm is no name and not as nice fitting. For the most part I got away with the 3mm during the day and the 5mm at night last October. I know that does not help with air/water temps but i guess you can look up last year’s averages. Putting on a wet wetsuite at night is not fun. Almost worth getting two of each thickness, but it heats up quickly once you start moving around. I need to find some thicker booties. The wetsuite opened up a new world to me. Yes you can go do some stupid things, but the best part was not being concerned with taking a fall in the surf. In fact it is actually often easier and probably safer to stumble around and take a few falls in a wetsuite than it is to try and stay upright in waders and top. At night I almost always has a paddling top to cut the wind.
  16. I had the quad last a few years before I cracked the housing. I used to just keep it attached to my bag. I picked up a tactical version online for the red filter. It looks like the same housing as the one you have pictured, but I slather dielectric grease all over the inside. Same stuff I use on my kayak electronics.
  17. McDonough over Megaludis was outstanding. Could we have a passing of the guard? Megaman is only going to get better with Guilbon in the room next year. Oliver didn’t wrestle his style twice this year and took two losses. He was hosed with the no call but hell of a year for Stieber(s). Russell over Marion was exciting (for a Russell match), but it seems that if you shut down Marions left hand shot he is left with only a snap. The man is probably replaying that last series over and over in his head. Molinaro was slowed down a bit but it was a good match to watch. I enjoyed watching the Hulk over the years and big things to come for Ness. Dake was boring but it was good to listen to the entire building drowned out the Iowa section. Best wishes to St.John with future endeavors, he is a trooper. Taylor was amazing, fun to watch and listen to. Tough way for Hatchett to finish and best of luck in the future. Ruth is equally impressive as Taylor, big things for the two of them to come. I wonder if Amuchasteg was truly as confident as he presented himself or was he hiding nerves? Regardless it has been fun watching him. Wright may have owned all but a second of the match but Bosak took advantage when the OT opportunity presented its self. I wish the series would have been allowed to play out a few more seconds. Simaz got his due, good luck to Honeycutt with MMA. Nelson is a beast. Him and Telford are going to have some more battles. Over all it was fun to follow from home, and I wish I was in attendance. ESPN needs to subcontract the Flowrestling team to run both coverage and announcing or pull coaches into the booth to assist. No play by play kills ESPN.
  18. Once I learn an area I go bare bones especially for open water fishing. Most of open water fishing I can fit all the bucktails I want, some rubber and one or two small lures in the center hatch of my Adventure and then I put a few larger lures in tennis ball tubes that get tossed into a mesh laundry bag and bunged down in the tank well.
  19. Can and do are two different things. I am young and can fish about as long as I can stand the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter. Sitting down is not an issue because all you need to do to keep the blood moving is swing your legs over one or both sides. In the summer I have taken a dip to cool off and stretch out a bit. The guy I fish with the most is 55 and he has no problems outlasting me in a kayak.
  20. I now have it sitting on the driver’s side with a cargo box on the passenger side. 48-53MPG with nothing and does not drop much with just the rack no cradles high 30-low40mpg with the cargo box and kayak. Rack and cargo box will likely go up this week. Last year it did not come off till January. I have been all but living out of that car for the past two years. Averaging 100mi a day for work and then making trips to the shore every weekend. The rear seats have been down 99% of the time I have owned the car and with the front passenger seat pushed forward and a cooler behind it I can and have sleep fully extended for more nights than I can count. Jason
  21. I have used my Brownings for a few years now. Surf, sand, jetty, wetsuite, kayak and they are still going strong. I have cut a few hook out of clothing and one women’s hand. I just give them a good dose of wd40 when I am cleaning my gear. The sheath needs to be modified or replaced. I put some zipties around the bottom and taped over it so they can not fall off the belt.
  22. What do you both have it on? I picked one up that I want to use for jetty, bay and kayak. It is actually much more reel than I had imagined putting on a 7’ rod for light lures.
  23. Yo capt the fish are around the corner…you going to get the kayak out on the flats on the way up this spring?