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  1. someone should tell this guy that those laws do not protect people against themselves. Those laws are designed to protect restaurants workers and people who do not smoke against second hand smoke. And to protect you and eye from being in an accident with an individual who is texting. Not a fan of the hands free driving requirement.
  2. After listing to how well built Manleys were and that sergeants were the original beast. I picked them up yesterday and they worked well at home for about 10min before they started to tighten up. In that time the spring no longer works and the cutters do not fully close or lineup. Called customer service who said they have never had such an issue and that I should exchange them. Any other reviews of the newer ones?
  3. USCG Academy was one of my top choices coming out of HS and looking back, not going may be one of my biggest regrets. 20/20 hindsight. I took an athletic scholarship and picked up two B.S. And a minor with it. Anyway If you can not get directly into academy take a look at the prep school. USCG sends students to the same prep school as the Navy (NAPS). I tried to get into bootcamp and take an OSC track a few years after college but the wait put me over the age limit. USCG is and has been part of Homeland Security since shortly after 911 and is no longer classified under the Department of Defence. Yes the USCG has coverage world wide, but from what I understand you had a better chance of winning the lottery than getting a combat placement. As with any federal application..If your interested get started now. They all take an extremely long time to process. Good Luck..
  4. I have not held a Torque at all and love my Z25/27. I would not get a Z22. If that is a reel you are considering I would recommend taking a look at VS150.
  5. The boots uppers are still holding strong. The rubber vibram sole started to separate and became a hazard so I eventually removed the rest of it from both boots. I have only been able to get out a few times this spring and NJ’s nice big flat jetties are hardly the place to abuse these boots/studes, but they are holding better than they were. The hard plastic is much more secure and allows little to no movement like when put into the vibram rubber. Hopefully I will get to make a trip north soon and be able to put these boots in the bolder fields that I love so much. I like the sounds of the newer studs that you are finding but its hard to tell from the pic if the thread is as aggressive and able to hold. [img=]
  6. If it is a money issue all they need to do is get a few seed cameras and randomly rotate the locations. Then they can put the rangers on the beach. They don’t even need a truck, just a quad or a golf cart, a phone, ticket book, and water jug. I will take a summer gig if I can live in the park.
  7. The hang tag is a season pass for vehicles not hitting the sand. In the past it was $50 now it is $75 Last fall was a mess because they did likely did not stick to the maximum limit of vehicles that are/were allowed in at a time. If it was not a Mobile Sport Fishing Permit I would not care about the beach goers, the tents, the kids swimming outside of the designated zone. Because it is a Mobile Sport Fishing Permit, they should enforce that…have a fishing registration, appropriate gear for each person and actually fish. If the park wants money all they need to do is put a few speed cameras along the road and start ticketing those who take a Mobil sport fishing permit on the beach and do not fish.
  8. I have been getting the hang tag for years now and it has always cost $50. This year I got to the park and they wanted $75. Of course the CC machine was not working, I didn’t have the extra cash and would need to run to the ATM. I asked if I could pay the day rate and bring the ticket back later today for a credit toward the hang tag. Night guy said no problem. Come afternoon the day guy was having none of it and the Manager was an A$$. He kept trying to sell me the 4x4. Finally he let up and asked for $75 and I told him what the night guy said due to the CC being down. He was not going to work with me and i coughed up the $75. He places my money on the counter, scans my ID wrights up my info for the tag and comes back telling me I am short $20. At this point I was just about done. I gave the manager three choices. Run the video and give me my Tag, Give me my $75 back or I will call the police. The guy gave me my tag. I tell you what…I want to look over the rules and will call that and any regional or state office when the park staff is slacking. My neighbor, who I didn’t even know fished and recently retired, said he and his brother have been going to IBSP since they were in elementary school. He said he and his brother are done with the park. I said any time he wants to borrow my tag to feel free. I love the park and if I had a 4x4 I would visit much more often, I will still hit the beach at night, but the place is slowly losing its appeal for day fun. And that $20 a day would price me out if I was new to the park.
  9. Stewie…buddy how is it going. I likely have a trip north coming up. Going to be chasing down rabbits that move as fast as vehicles by the end of the trip. The Ultimate Surf Belt, is a modified dive belt. The thing is bullet proof. My main pliers are Browning and I have cut a 6/0 vmc treble out of a women’s hand but that did damage the cutters. I carry bolt cutters when I will be away from the car. ~Jason
  10. Grommets are garbage. If you are worried about a little bit of ware on the plug than don’t fish it. The hooks and fish are going to do way more damage than a swivel ever will.
  11. I love the boot fish for sandy beach fishing. They are extremely light weight and comfortable. I had had no issues with the open knee patch, they drain fast, now had they been sealed a pin hole allowed water in that water would have no place to go. The older boots with the felt bottom I liked better than the replacement b/c korker sandals don’t fit well over the newer ones. These are not a pair I would want to be tromping around the woods or jetty, but for sandy beach I love them. The gravel guards in the surf probably protect the seams more than anything else. All waders introduced to the salt will eventually leak, most within a few trips unless maintained well..Maintained well I give them a year or two.
  12. I do not think I have ever lied to go fishing but I always tell myself that gas is cheaper in NJ than PA.
  13. I had been getting a few pop ups when I am logged in.
  14. I am taking a trip to LA and wondering if anyone had any fishing recommendations. I am flying out of Phily on the 13th and will be in LA till the 19th then it is off to sin city. Any way I am staying with a buddy who lives in Marina Del Ray and have no clue what my schedule will be till I arrive but 14-18 are possibilities. Worse comes to worse I would just take a walk over to the docks. Jason
  15. No fishing for me, but I had a good time and will be back. You left coast people are extremely nice and I could see myself living in coastal California. I didn’t fish, but the two mornings I did spend on the beach I noticed plenty of bird action spread out between Marina Del Ray and Santa Monica. Out on the piers, people were using sabiki rigs to fill boxes with mackerel. Noticed a few buckets of Rock Crabs and what look like giant spider crabs. I got a laugh when I asked the one guy what he called the spider crab and he said “dinner crab”. I was disappointed at Santa Monica Pier. Anyway it was cool exploring. Everything had an artistic vibe to it that would not be accepted in our uniform east coast cities and town. Once again the people were amazing. Everyone was outgoing and easily approachable and that drastically different form the east coast DC/Philly/NY metro regions that I am accustomed to. And how can you beat a 40min flight to Vegas.
  16. I will start by saying I love fishing out of a kayak in inlets, open ocean and the bay. I will also state that I would much rather fish on a jetty or sometimes in the surf. From a surf prospective I have had very little issues with kayakers. I know it only takes a short period of time to launch and land. No kayaker has ever launched on the beach in front of me without asking and I have always allowed them to land. From a jetty prospective I have had issues with kayaks launching tight to the jetty. I fully understand that it is often easiest to shoot out next to the rocks, but when the jetty is lined with people it pisses me off on multiple levels. One it is just wrong, drag your kayak 30 yards down the beach and launch out of the way, even if it is a more difficult launch. Two it makes all kayakers look bad. I will not assist a kayak who launches along the jetty and ends up with hooks embedded in them. From the surf and jetty my only issue with kayaks are being between the beach/jetty and a pod of fish. Move the F out of the way and let the fish move in. I have the same issue with boats, but it is often more of a problem with them, because due to numbers and ignorance. Now as a person who has been around the water since I was in diapers I do not understand how kayaks make things unsafe for boaters. If piloting a boat you cannot recognize a 10-16’ long 24-30” wide kayak regardless of color you should not be on the water. How does this boater avoid other debris, weed lines, or bunker? Kayaks do not make it unsafe, boaters that are unable to take in the environment make it unsafe for everyone.
  17. ^ I will ask around at the marina…as for this evening I will be landing in time for happy hour.
  18. Thank you all. Unfortunately I think CA has turned me off to fishing on this trip. I am not sure what I would have been willing to spend on a license, but the extra for the CA license is a slap in the face to a visitor. I will be in town for six days. I probably would have done a party boat and a few off hours each day at the marina, jetty, surf…whatever. Unless I am looking in the wrong place; One day license = $14.30. Two day = 22.42. Ten day = $44.85 Double all of those numbers for a trip later in the year. Year license = 120.14. Now forget about family fishing. To the local economy that would have been money for the boat, tip, rental, sinkers, and probably extra bait. Off the boat that would have been buying a combo, jigheads and plenty of soft plastics. All stuff I probably would likely have given to a kid when I was done my last day, or left at my buddies place till my next trip.
  19. Nice do tell, I was not bringing any gear, but I assume I can find a tackle shop someplace in or around the marina. My buddy lives across the street from the little sand beach on Via Marina. I was hoping some kind SOL sole would be up for a little fishing, but the search does not sound like LA is an SOL hot spot. Hopping on one of the Marina Del Ray Sport fishing boats may be the answer.
  20. Love the vans and the talk, but let’s get some more details. Engine Transmission Axel ratio I was dreaming 4x4 van last night and wishing I was on the beach. It was good to be able to watch the sun rise over the horizon, an experience that never gets old.
  21. come on now…he asked about how you like your plugs, not your women.
  22. If the wire was softer or you are a beast that will work. For those of us with dainty hands we need some tools to keep the wraps tight.
  23. O boy…the timing of this interest may be off, but if you play your cards right I envision some serious turning down the road.