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  1. You are correct you can enter the park to fish any time 24/7. But with the vehicle access limited to 500 (I do not know if this rule still stands, or if it just has not been enforced the past few years) once 500 vehicles have entered the park the park is at capacity and is no longer safe to enter. Probably has to do with a fire marshal type ruling. Any way I would say that the majority of my fishing has me entering in off hours. The times I have been turned away from the park due to max capacity were all instances that I came down late afternoon after fishing elsewhere and just wanted part of a tide. I have also entered the park and have had to make a decision to exit or park illegally due to no remaining parking spaces.
  2. I fish IBSP a lot and do not have an peach permit. The first few years I hiked in the mile to fish the inlet and usually was able to catch a ride back. Over the past two or three years the park has exploded in popularity and now get crowded early. The camper/RV crowd fishes and fishes a lot. The general beach crowd is the user group that most frequently brakes the rules. First the park is only supposed to allow 500 vehicles in the park. Three years ago, I had been denied access or sat in a one in one out line because of max capacity. That never happens anymore. I know there is no additional beach or parking, so administration must have forgotten how to count. Next…no tents or erected structures were ever allowed on the beach. Now you have tents for bathrooms, shade, housing inflatable beds and more spread up and down the beach. The inlet crowed may park in tight for an extended stay but why shouldn’t they if people are allowed to tent up beach when not camp at the inlet. Three years ago a ranger would patrol the beach regularly and a tent would be taken down within 10mins, RV/truck camping on the beach didn’t fly because you would get a knock on your door. Fires are supposed to end at a point I am not all that cannot remember, but they now extend all the way down toward the inlet. Every year and usually in the fall I walk past an abandoned fire. And trash is another big concern for the park. Personally I do not notice all that much trash down at the inlet, but there is plenty in other areas of the park. I can understand no wanting people to camp out on the beach and am in favor of enforcing that rule, but don’t ban the RV/slide in crowd. Next month I should be getting a truck w/ slide in camper. I don’t even think you could remove the camper from the truck if you wanted. The two have been married for over a decade.
  3. last time I was down at the park there were a bunch of the butterfly rays caught. Everyone was either tossing mettle for the small blues or bucktailing for fluke at the time. All light tackle stuff and the fight all depended on where you snagged the things. I landed two different species of ray out on the jetty and lost two others. One of the ones I lost just kept on moving like it didn’t know or care that it had a hook in it. then it took off and eventually just sat on the bottom till I gave up. Another buddy hooked a butterfly that was a good 5-6’ across. fun times
  4. Isn’t developing the land with restaurants and allowing camping a bit counterproductive
  5. I am all for taking back the beach for the people…. I say we ban all the home owners from turning on lights, AC…. and stop the burning of valuable fossil fuels. Heck when I am sitting at my sustainable beach fire I do not want to see any house light, so level all the houses that are built on barrier islands. You know the islands that Mother Nature intended to shift over time and protect the main land. You have an issue with a fire on a hot night; well I have an issue when you have your house set at 68deg when it is 80out and 74deg when it is 40 out.
  6. This is correct…I just had this debate last week with a buddy who thinks USPS should be gotten rid of. To take it a step further USPS not only has to ship to every address in America, the price is the same for every address. UPS and FedEx do not, and will not ship to all area codes and will actually use the USPS to complete shipment to remote destinations.
  7. I don’t care what the bikers do…I have never witnessed more than two across and they have always gone single file when cars are coming. Technically a bike has the same rights to the road as any other MV. I am more concerned about the Tent City that IBSP has become.
  8. That sucks and the law is different from state to state. In PA it is 20’ and I think it used to be 10’. If you ask me 50’ is a bit excessive. Eliminating 200’ of a street in a shore town is ridiculous.
  9. I find it funny when people get a light rod for distance and then put on a heavy reel that is not designed for distance. Cost aside either get a rod/reel combo to be light and cast or get a combo that may not be the lightest but will take the abuse and still perform. Are we still on track?
  10. Removing the barb sounds good, but I find it just as dangerous if not more. How many times do you get a fish in and it thrashes on the beach, next to the rocks, boat side, on deck, next to the kayak or on your lap? With a barb the odds of that lure being shaken loose and becoming a projectile are low. Crush that barb and look out. I say this because I have been stuck four times. Every one of them was due to the lure being tossed and only one of them had a barb.
  11. Every one of you would be just as animated….How many times does anyone get to see that in person?
  12. The NJ bays are loaded with spot and crabs right now and when I was out crabbing last week we spotted a hand full of small bass at night. They didn’t care one bit that we were around and I was able to get about 7’ away before they would slowly swim off.
  13. That is pretty sweet. I liked it before paint just as much.
  14. I have yet to find a plug that held the grommet for the life of the plug. Use what you have and never order again. The only reason people use them is because commercial builders use them. And commercial builders only use them because people expect them. By the time the belly hole is destroyed the rest of your plug should be as well or you are fishing a plug that just does not catch fish. Hand it on a wall or put it between an anvil and a #5 sledge hammer. If you insist on using them the fostner bit step-down looks the best.
  15. lol…I don’t even wait till they finish. It is so much fun watching their faces go from pure enjoyment to confusion and or anger.
  16. One way to check if you are alive or not…check your trousers.
  17. I'm in. Thank you
  18. looks sweet… As originally written in 1892. "I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."
  19. Ross has some nice fish under is belt, but I don’t see anyone successfully passing a 7’ rod around the bow when your rod is doubled over. Combos are all personal preference, but I would strongly recommend a conventional set up. Once you get a hang of them you will never go back to a spinning reel on a kayak.
  20. I think over the counter kahle hooks for fluke are horrible. They rust, are flimsy, not sharp and don’t hold gulp well. I fish a bucktail with a higher hook mostly as a teaser. I say it is a teaser, because most of my fish come on the bucktail. Currently I have been suing 5/0 octopus hooks but think a similar J with a small barb or worm hook (depending on gulp used) would be a better choice.
  21. Straight into the hard plastic is holding up well so far for the spring. A few NJ trips, three days up at the canal and three days out on Block Island and not one stud budged. That is a big difference from when they were screwed into the vibram rubber. Hope this holds true for in the fall.
  22. looking sweet
  23. Now this guy is thinking. Use a quality VMC (that is if they still exist) on the front hook and a Mustad for the rear…lol Hooks rust and I dunk my bag in fresh water with all my other gear when I get home. I think it has to do with the difference in mettles on some lures. Sometimes it is the treble attached to a swivel and other times it is the rear on the through wire. Maybe I need to stop fishing so states that border NY waters and my problems will be go away.
  24. Penn Captiva CV2 5000 $25 plus shipping Never used