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  1. For Inlets I am starting to lean toward a 7’ musky rod and a Curado 301E (this may just become my fall nj set up and where I do the majority of my fishing). Reason being you don’t need to cast far at all in inlets and unless you are doing some heavy jigging or drifting out baits, line capacity is typically not that big of a concern. I would say that more than half of the fish I catch off a jetty were hooked with in 10’ of the rocks. The rest were caught jigging. I have done very little drifting baits out like the RI breachway boys do. Now if you are staying spinning and want large bulletproof reels I would look at ZB over VS. Reason being that with the easy exchange between the 27 and 27 spools, you are essentially getting two reels in one. Whereas with VS you are stuck shelling out for a second reel when all you truly are using the large spool for is fast line retrieve in rough conditions. I strap my Z25/27 on a 10’6” ¾-4 mojo as well as a 10’ premier (both st.croix). If I was not trying to switch over to conventional gear I would pick up a VS150 and 7-9’ rod for jetties and inlets (I have been using a Penn SSG 440 and 550 for a few years now for this set up). Good luck and I would advise against a custom rod at this point. You are at a period in life where your body will rapidly change. The build you will get today will likely be much different than what you would get in a year or two, so why burn the money.
  2. No ones constitutional rights were violated. If you truly feel that way layer up and bring a case against the state….be sure to let us know how that goes for you. People were warned of the potential of the storm and later it was decided that mandatory evacuations would be beneficial. If you could have chosen to stay at home if you liked. Personaly if AC was open for business I would have been down the shore myself. You are making it seem like Marshal Law was declared and the troops had taken over you property. This afternoon it was reported that 4.5million were without power and that is prior to the storm trashing the New England. Maybe you can sell some beach towels to help clean up all the minor flooding.
  3. Yea you shore guys got it easy. The River communities…not so much
  4. i am in
  5. KO’s for everyone…. Who do you want to fight next???? My clone...yes you are the most dangerous man in a cage,,,,for now
  6. I am using a new computer, can anyone post links to surf cams?
  7. Think about all those poor Piping Plovers…lol
  8. I hope the Navy and USCG have some media from the ships they moved offshore.
  9. You have family so you should go. I have no dependents, so you should leave the house stocked and give me the keys and camera. If this storm holds out it is going to be one hell of an event. The wind, rain, wave and surge action all have the ability to pack one hell of a punch. Set that camera up in a widow to take a photo every 10 min until the card is full of the power goes out and the battery dies.
  10. Does the V2 have a set screw? If so make sure it is setting correctly
  11. I would not mind if it made a stop to level Giant Stadium as well, flood out the Garden and rebuild the towers with the carnage that it picked up along the way. Now I am late on my prediction, but that does not not matter. After the first few charted paths earlier this week, any one of us could have predicted the path of this hurricane just as accurately as the so called meteorologists. Regardless if it is still a hurricane or TS, it is going to dump a lot of rain on the mid Atlantic and NE. more rain than we can handle. The ground is already over saturated and trees have been falling all over the place. They will continue to drop branches and uproot causing power outages. The debris will further block storm drains and worsen the flooding.
  12. I have converted and leave my spinning reels on dry land. I have found that a baitcasters and/or conventionals to be much more natural and thus more comfortable to use on a kayak. To make the switch I used them for bottom fishing only. Then decided that all my bait fishing would be done with a conventional. Next I decided that the little freshwater I do would be done with fly or bait casting setups. I am no using a Calcutta 400B (this reel has been abused), a Newell 220, and a Curado 301. I need to find a 6-7’ rod for tossing light lures with the Curado 301
  13. Officials want everyone as many people heading west as early as possible. Less congestion, less accidents. Now if they are smart the east bound lanes will open to westbound traffic on the barrier islands as well as LI. Now the good people of NY will wait to issue evacuations until it is too late and causes mass traffic leaving people stuck outside during the storm.
  14. I would be concerned if I had a boat docked in the bay. With all the rain we have had, a new moon, and this storm you better key your bilge clear. Outside of that I can't wait for the YouTube surfing clips
  15. Sorry. I just returned from Colorado and the chipotle I had for dinner last night is not sitting well.
  16. I will usually read through a few of these each year and sometimes make a comment. What always happens is one side is only for the dry suite. Another side looks at alternatives and the third part of the triangle are those who are looking for solid information. My first kayak fishing trip ever I used a wetsuite shorty that is typically used in the summer. It was the beginning of October and I added a gortex running shell over it. The surf launch was wet, but the shell kept the wind off and by the time we paddled out to fish I was comfortable. I do find that launching through the surf is often no different than dumping in open water. In fact you are likely to get more wet in the surf zone than a dump due to the force of the wave. I quickly picked up a drysuite. It was not breathable, but I managed the heat and let in cold air from time to time. I have since picked up a semi dry suite that I had gaskets put on to make it a dry suite. It is much lighter and more comfortable than the last one even in warmer weather. I used the breathable dry suite in Montauk last year and it was not the best. Yes for some light wading it was nice to get out of the water and just take off the shell in the parking lot and be dry, but that is not the case in rough surf. Even with the dry suite, water finds its way under the skin tight laytex neck and wrist gaskets. Basically when you are hit by the force of waves pushing out to a rock (much like you would in the surf zone) you duck under and water finds its way in. This is insignificant when out on the water, but back at the car I now have wet under clothing that still needs to be changed. With the dry suite submerged you will still get cold. The time it takes to get cold depends on how much insulating clothing you have on under the suite, how cold the water is and how long you are in the drink. Although for a survival circumstance your core is protected and you should be able to await rescue, what about your head, hands and feet? I have a good shell for my head that eliminates wind, and is water proof to rain and splashing. I have gone under water with it and been fine after, but I don’t think it would be much help if I dumped and was separated from my kayak in rough water. Same will be true in a wetsuit. Hands. My hands get cold quickly and for that reason I carry a few gloves. For surf entry I just go with some work gloves, knowing they are going to get wet and become useless rather quickly. Once past the surf zone I pull the wool or neoprene gloves out. And I often rotate them inside of a top to keep them warm and or dry. In the event I go in the drink, my hands are basically exposed and will become useless in short time. Same will be true in a wetsuit. My feet are much like the hands. In the dry suite and or waders there is not much insulating my feet. A pair of wool socks and the gortex or neoprene booties. The same will happen in a wetsuit. In the kayak the drysuite is quite nice and is my cold weather go to for early spring and late fall fishing. But I don’t like it in the day time as I get way to hot. ^and if you have a full suite that does not have laytex wrists and neck you do not have a dry suite and will get wet. I also use a wader dry top. Yes I have practiced dumping with this in open water from the kayak as well as bouncing around in the NE surf. You will get wet. Water will eventually come up form under the top and work its way over the waders. How much will depend on a few things; how tight your surf belt is, how tightly you clinch down you dry top, how tight your wading belt is clinched and how long you are in the water. Some water will work its way in the gaskets, but the majority will enter through the belt area. You say you will tighten down the combo to the point where water will not penetrate, but that will not last long. It is uncomfortable, restrictive and there is no way to make a water tight seal out of it. How much water enters and how it effects you is unknown. I have never had more enter than I could deal with. In extreme cold it could be an issue, but I mainly use this combo when I am fishing from early morning into the daylight when I know the air temps are going to require me to remove my top. No you will not die or drowned in unbelted waters in comfortable temps and if I have to cut off my waders to reenter I have that ability. I am new to the wetsuit this fall. I picked up a 5/4 that I intend to use surf fishing the NE. Knowing that I will get wet in a wader dry suite and the cost of that combo, I have opted to just get wet stay warm and have a bit of padding with a wetsuit. How long in what temps (air and water) I can be comfortable in only time will tell. I will also be using my POS Aquasucks top to cut the wind, and have my wind stopper hood as well. Things I do know about the wetsuit so far. I have quite a bit more mobility than when bundled up in the wader/dry top combo. I don’t think that would be the case with a much thicker suite vs the dry suite, but I would say that I am more agile in the wetsuit than in a dry suite. I am also not worrying about damaging the wet suite, and know firsthand how easily the dry suite and seals are damaged and the cost of repair. Regardless of what you use for kayak or surf fishing, each have applications that exceed the others. For the majority of the kayak fishing I see, hear and read people doing, the wader/dry top combo will suffice. I will find out if that is true for the wetsuit, but that will be more individual specific to everyone. With prolonged exposure nothing will keep you dry and nothing will keep you warm. Even in the middle of the summer, if separated from your kayak in the open ocean, you will eventually become hypothermic. The real lesson here is to know your limits and that of those you fish with. Everyone should be able to self rescue in optimal conditions and if you are going to be out in cold or rough conditions you should practice re entry at the end of you r trip. Lastly, everyone in your group should be able to broadcast for assistance. As a side note I notice more issues with self rescue due to placement of accessories and leashes than anything else.
  17. I was a BB fan for a few years, but it was not the best online or with applications. I am now using a HTC EVO and love the thing. My computer went down on Sunday and I have been using my phone for everything the past few days. Long text needs to be reviewed a bit. Auto text can add some akw words in places. You can also get just about any application you want for it. IPhone restricts this. As far as battery life. Well yea it is not the best when you are doing everything that the phone is capable of. But than again if any the phone had the capabilities of the EVO that battery would not last either. When I lost cable and internet a year ago due to storms. I simply hooked my phone up to the tv and was back in the game. I can't wait until everyone with a router is broadcasting free WiFi and I can phone and use the internet to make calls and video chat. It is in the future.
  18. West Coast Sea Tow Newport/LA - Ch. 27 Sea Tow San Diego - Ch. 27 Northeast Sea Tow Central Connecticut - Ch. 24 Sea Tow Eastern Connecticut - Ch. 27 Sea Tow Southern Connecticut - Ch. 24 Sea Tow Portland-Midcoast (Maine) - Ch. 27 Sea Tow Boston - Ch. 27 Sea Tow Cape and Islands - Ch. 28 Sea Tow South Shore (Mass.) - Ch. 26 Sea Tow Rhode Island - Ch. 24 Sea Tow Central Hudson (NY) - Ch. 24 Sea Tow Eastern Long Island - Ch. 28 Sea Tow Freeport (N.Y.) - Ch. 24 Sea Tow Great South Bay (N.Y.) - Ch. 27 Sea Tow Lower New York - Ch. 28 Sea Tow Huntington (N.Y.) - Ch. 28 Sea Tow Port Jefferson - Ch. 27 Sea Tow Shinnecock / Moriches (N.Y.) - Ch. 24 & 27 Sea Tow Services International (Southold) - Ch. 28 Sea Tow Western LI Sound - Ch. 27 Sea Tow Manasquan (N.J.) - Ch. 24 Sea Tow Northern New Jersey - Ch. 27 Mid-Atlantic Sea Tow Atlantic City (NJ) - Ch. 26 Sea Tow Central New Jersey (NJ) - Ch. 27 Sea Tow Sea Isle / Cape May (NJ) - Ch. 26 Sea Tow Delaware River (DE) - Ch. 26 Sea Tow Northern Chesapeake (Md.) - Ch. 27 Sea Tow Central Chesapeake (Md.) - Ch. 27 Sea Tow Lower Chesapeake(Va.) - Ch. 26 Sea Tow Hampton Roads (Va.) - Ch. 28 North Carolina Sea Tow Albermarle Sound- Ch. 27 Sea Tow Crystal Coast- Ch. 27 Sea Tow Ocean Isle Beach - Ch. 26 Sea Tow Oregon Inlet- Ch. 27 Sea Tow Pamlico Sound - Ch. 27 Sea Tow Wrightsville Beach - Ch. 26 & 27 South Carolina Sea Tow Charleston - Ch. 27 Sea Tow Georgetown - Ch. 27 Sea Tow Myrtle Beach - Ch. 27 Gulf of Mexico Sea Tow Galveston Bay - Ch. 27 Sea Tow Mobile - Ch. 26 Sea Tow New Orleans - Ch. 27 Sea Tow Pensacola/Orange Beach (Ala.) - Ch. 27 Georgia Sea Tow Brunswick - Ch. 27 Tennessee Sea Tow Fort Loudon - Ch. 28 Florida Sea Tow Carrabelle/St. Marks - Ch. 26 & 27 Sea Tow Charlotte Harbor - Ch. 26 Sea Tow Clearwater/Port Richey - Ch. 26 & 27 Sea Tow Daytona - Ch. 26 Sea Tow Destin - Ch. 26 & 27 Sea Tow Fort Lauderdale - Ch. 27 Sea Tow Fort Myers - Ch.27 Sea Tow Horseshoe Beach - Ch. 26 Sea Tow Islamorada - Ch. 26 Sea Tow Jacksonville - Ch. 27 Sea Tow Key Biscayne - Ch. 26 Sea Tow Key Largo - Ch. 27 Sea Tow Marco Island - Ch. 27 Sea Tow Naples - Ch. 26 Sea Tow Palm Beach - Ch. 26 Sea Tow Panama City - Ch. 27 Sea Tow Pensacola - Ch. 26 & 27 Sea Tow Port Canaveral - Ch. 26 Sea Tow Port St. Joe - Ch. 26 Sea Tow Sarasota - Ch. 26 Sea Tow Sebastian - Ch. 27 Sea Tow St. Augustine - Ch. 26 Sea Tow Services International (Summerland Keys) - Ch. 27 Sea Tow Tampa Bay - Ch. 27 Sea Tow Treasure Coast - Ch. 27 Sea Tow Venice - Ch. 27 Puerto Rico Sea Tow Puerto Rico - Ch. 26 & 27 Virgin Islands Sea Tow Virgin Islands - Ch. 27
  19. Do you take your rock with you?
  20. So is this a thread to actually give away a product? Or Is this a spam thread that has for so long been banned from the wonderfully world of SOL.
  21. ^^^ That is exactly what I was going to say about Kalins and most other brands that use a black nickel hook. No good. A buddy of mine uses worm weights for a lot of his soft plastics and does well. What type of jig head is determined not only by the bait, but how and where you are fishing. Deep water I like the Shad style head On the beach I like a ball or the worm weights If it is going to be rocky than I prefer worm, sparkie, or banana jigs.
  22. I will give the Newell 220 a spin And if you all have something for the ZeeBaas I will put that to work
  23. I have tried a few lights as well and the one that has lasted the longest has been the Princeton Tec Quad. I like this light because when I want a bright light, I get it. The other big plus is that it is about as waterproof as I can find in that size and price range. If I could find the tactical version with the red filter I would pick it up. The down side is the lack of red light and it will eat batteries if you are using it around a base camp or for daily use, but you have better options for those applications. I tried the Remix and it didn’t make the cut. No way to keep the water out and it rusted within the first trip. You should also carry more than one light because that is one of the last things you want to get stuck without and have to cover jetties, bolder fields or sod banks. My second light is a push button flash light that I have added surgical tube and a mouth piece. It is called Coast V2 Battery LED 6-Chip Dual-Color Tactical Torch. At $25 it served me well for two years. I have even used it as an underwater light many of times. The light itself is bulletproof, the push buttons are finally starting to go and I don’t know how to maintain them. All in all it has outperformed my expectation and has spent many days under water. I hope the new one holds up just as well.
  24. (*edited - actually, Mike was removed from this forum by me for not honoring the agreement that we had. He wasn't "run off" by anyone, he chose to be removed by refusing to pay the commission he agreed to pay. He was removed from this forum and this website as that is considered theft. Just so you have your story straight if you feel like telling it again TimS)
  25. First my googan moments and there are more but here are three good ones I am a little kid, still riding a big wheel and we lived in North NJ. My parents don’t fish so I am off with my grandfather and for some reason we bring back some bluegills. My dad gets out the sump pump and fills a play pool with water from a stream and now we have a fish pond. The next morning all we had were bones in and around the pool. The raccoons got them. A little older, maybe middle school, I have still never fished for stripers and my grandfather had only fished with bait, tins and bucktails never any lures. We are fishing Atlantic City back off the Harris docks and a guy has some big plugs in his bag that we had never seen before. What the hell do you catch with those my grandfather asks and the guy says stripers. I had yet to come across a striper and my grandfather has only caught them on clams. The guy tells us to come back just after dark and shows up a new world. Still a bit older, my grandfather had passes away when I was in 11th grade. That all but killed fishing down at our shore house for me mainly because of how depressing it was. Half of fishing was hanging with my grandfather. Any way I go about 8 years without fishing to picking up a kayak on a Thursday in October, and take it fishing off of Seaside Park, NJ on Saturday. Our group was catching one large stripper after another all morning. I on the other hand would hook one, have line pulled and snap. This repeated until I no longer had any lures. The problem was my line. Old mono that was for fluke and snappers that had not been changed since the last time my grandfather did it many years ago. No on to the others. Boats…I have watched more than one Sport fisher and a few others try and cut across submerged jetties. Some of them make it with the next wave others it took a few to back off the rocks. Over the past few summers I have witnessed a few rods get pulled into the drink by rays. The biggest Googan move I have ever witnessed had to be during a bluefish blitz. I was with a few guys before it started and we were picking off a Spanish mackerel from time to time. Then the blues made an appearance that lasted form just after sunrise and it was still going on that afternoon when we quit. Blues in the low 30” range would come in waves and turn the water black with clouds of red. Word has spread and I had begun handing my rod off to young children when out of the corner of my eye I spot the Googans. One guy was hooked up and the other guy was knee deep and still pushing out trying to net this fish. The guy is lucky he did not get turn to shreds. Up at the Canal I was fishing with a group of 8-10 guys when along comes someone else. It was still dark and no one had a light on, but this guy proceeded to stumble around and become a light house. He would not take a hint and turn it off nor would he move. After sun up one of his buddies comes and starts to fish a few people down from him in the middle of our group. The guy is casting one of the new $30 sibeal swimmers on a light action rod and every time it swings down past him and comes tight, he sets the hook thinking he as a fish on. This went on for some time as the rest of us were hooking up on occasion. Then I hear a good splash. They guy actually hooked up and was pulled in.