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  1. I was using the 6'6" MH spinning last weekend and brought a 50# bluefin to the boat within 15min. A reel with more drag would have gotten it done quicker. Only complaint is the hook hanger loop that is massive and kept catching the line. I grabbed high to cover it but hope this was just on the wrong side of the blank. Otherwise I would cut it off or tape over it.
  2. If it is not going to get wet you have unlimited options. If it will get we go with a Pelican 2690 and take it swimming. If you are wading deep or wetsuiting go with a neck lamp. Put a Pelican 1960N around your neck and you can go diving. I carry two of the 1960N lights one as is and another I drop a red filter in. I also like the Pelican 2690 when I don't plan on having to swim at all.
  3. That Pelican 1900N can be found online for $10-15. No need to spend twice that for a Hansom brand name and surgical tube. The 1900N is my go to and I usualy have two of them on me. One as is and one that I have a red filter cut into it. I also carry a Pelican 3330 as an emergency bright light. The 3330 is technically not waterproof but I have one that has lasted multiple years in the wetsuite. The Pelican 2690 is a headlamp that I like. It is no frills but has lasted a long time. My first Pelican was given to me by a friend and they have outlasted a number of other lights that I have tried.
  4. I have never gotten a response from park police. It used to be that they actively patrolled the beach. A tent went up and it was down before it was staked out. Now it is rent free weekend living. I have no 4x4 and have called the office about many abandoned fires over the years. Had I been driving it would have been taken care of every time but I will be dammed if I am going to wait on the beach for a park employ. Under new management that place has become a ********. live with it or leave it. The once beautiful IBSP is now just another NJ beach.
  5. Blowfish are poisonous and you need to be a certified fishmonger to clean them. Put them all in my bucket and will take care of them for you. I have not gone looking this year, last year was not the best but the two or three prior were gangbusters. A buddy and I filled a cooler every weekend. We even got a bunch of big 12-14” ones.
  6. I have used grips but to be honest the easiest ways to deal with big bluefish is to swing them alongside the kayak and grab them right behind the head. I also find that they calm down a bit if you hold them belly up.
  7. Commenting on the reviews that were done on a wide range of coolers. The flaw in the review is that the coolers were not prepped properly. If you want a thermos to hold hot liquids you fill it with hot water to heat up the walls, dump the water and refill with desired liquid. The same thing must be done with coolers. If you dump ice in any cooler the walls will need to cool down before it is actually insulating. If you have thin walls they cool down quickly. If you have a thick walled cooler it will take longer. Regardless of thickness the cooler is eating away at your ice as it cools down or charges its walls. Once the walls are charged the thicker walled coolers far exceed the thinner walled coolers. So for me if I am planning a day or two day trip it is not a big deal. I just bring the cooler into the house with AC to cool it a bit and use block ice that I make in my coffin freezer and it does the job. If I am going for a long trip I will fill the cooler with ice the day before I plan to actually fill the cooler. When it is time to fill the cooler I will drain the water, remove the ice, put down a base of block ice, fill the cooler with food. Use chip ice to fill in small air gaps between, use as much block ice as I can, and top off with chipped ice. Now that the cooler is filled I will close the lid and let any ice melt drain before closing the drain plug. This will eliminate as much sitting water, and air as possible creating somewhat of a vacuum seal. Now don’t go into the cooler till it needs to be accessed. I recently did this on a trip to Block Island. Due to work I had to pack the cooler on the 25th and keep it in the car not to be opened till the 29th. Yes in the car the car for four days five nights of June. When unlading the cooler it had very little ice melt. Maybe a small water bottle of ice had drained out but what the melting of the chipped ice did was make a solid block on top of the cooler that I actually needed to chip at when I opened up the cooler. And yes all food was till frozen in my Pelican cooler.
  8. Has anyone had any luck with Collins Customs recently? I ordered from them years ago but have not gotten a reply via phone or email lately. Any other options for molds? Do It Hilts
  9. I see a zoo and no park people other than the gate. They used to cap the park now the gates are open, people are parking along the side of the road and bumper to bumper on the beach. No tents or sleeping on the beach. Tents every ten yards with air beds all night. Fires all the way to the jetty, people in the dunes collecting wood and brush. People swimming in between lines…the list goes on and it is due to a complete lack of enforcement of rules and no supervision. In the past a park presence was visual. A tent went up and a ranger was on it with in 10min. You tried to catch some shut eye on the beach and someone was knocking on your window. They doubled admission into the park and provide less of a service.
  10. I wonder if this IBSP exception is to promote visits with the Jetty closed. I am not sure I will be bothering to go this year. No way do I want officials getting any idea that the park will survive that jetty closed. Guy running it is running it into the ground.
  11. what rangers...that place is a zoo
  12. you can save some serious coin and pick up a Hyperflex Playa
  13. stewie screamed like a little girl when we used the torch to put his wrap on, but after a few days he was happy we did.
  14. Lost of good discussion. I don’t post reports much so whatever is decided will not alter how I post. Heck I rarely ever hop on SOL for kayak related topics. There is a big difference between reports from kayaks vs surf/boat is that you are burning two spots at once. The surf crowd can park and walk in a good distance, I know I do it. Hell many park a distance to avoid people tracking them down so easily. Boats can burn the catch location but it is almost meaningless where they are out of because they can cover a ton of ground and it is expected that X# of cars will be at a ramp for the marina or ramp. If a kayak announces that they launched out of X and did well at Y they kill everything. If they report to have done well launching out of X they still kill it because of parking and most only cover so much water. If you report doing well at spot Y you still kill it because it is fairly easy to figure out where to launch. Let people do their own HW. If you post pictures avoid identifying marks. Hell many people have the camera set with GPS and all I have to do is download the pic to know exactly where the photo was taken. But that is a bit of work. If someone post that they are launching out at spot X tomorrow that is not all that bad bc you have no clue how they did. And if they post a report in a reports section it takes a little HW to go back and look up where they put in at.