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  1. Bob, not sure which battalion he’ll be assigned to, he kind of let’s me know as he finds out, unless he has to be secretive..... I saw a YouTube video of the base.... WOW!!! Just about looks like a resort... Lol!! I’m sure as he gets closer to graduation he’ll tell me more.
  2. Hello everyone.... Camp Humphreys it is.
  3. Bob, Yes, these 4 years went by really quick.. I just spoke with him this morning and he says Hello. As soon as he receives his orders I’m sure he’ll let me know where he will be posting. We just reached another milestone as last night was the 100th Night Gala... Meaning 100 more days until graduation. I didn’t attend this one as tickets were limited, his sister and her boyfriend attended. He tells me that he’ll be reporting to BOLC in July and likely won’t be heading to South Korea 8 to 12 months after graduation with all the training he’s going to be doing.. Chemical Corps is know as CBRN now and I keep hearing the term “Dragon Soldiers”. After South Korea he hopes to post Italy. I’ll keep you posted... Regards, William
  4. Ok everyone, this evening is Post Night. My DS will be posting South Korea.
  5. Mike, yes that’s the Hudson... The area is known as Trophy Point.
  6. The United States Military Academy
  7. Jim, including USMAPS ( Prep School) it’s been almost 5 years.. It’s been an Adventure for sure!! Ups and Downs but, well worth it...
  8. Hello everyone... It’s been a long time since I last posted on the site.. Update on my son @ USMA. He Branched Chemical Corps this past November, his 2nd choice. Only 2 Cadets out of 1020 branched Chemical Corps. In 2 weeks he’ll find out his Post, he tells me he’ll post either Italy, Germany or South Korea after attending BOLC School. He’s ready to start his career, counting down the days until graduation, 118 days. We’re all excited and apprehensive to the unknowns at the same time.
  9. One short fluke this morning in the park, nice clean green water, lots of structure. Fluke just don’t seem to aggressive yet this season still searching for my first keeper this season.
  10. What a AWESOME GAME!!!! I was in attendance as my son is a cadet, USMA Class of 2019. So proud of these young men and women on both sides. Put the Army Navy Game on you Bucket List... So Happy thet the CIC Trophy is back on the banks of the Hudson. I was unable to get many pictures as I didnt want to ruin my camera. I'll post a couple up after I process them.
  11. Love this spot!!