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  1. I power my Lowrance Elite 5 all day with the Nocqua 10 amp battery. Not much more than a pound in weight...
  2. Happy Halloween from my 2nd LT, currently finishing up his last phase of Chem BOLC training before reporting to his 1st Duty Station next month.
  3. Hello All!! My DS made it to Fort Leonard Wood safely! For BOLC. He left around 5 am yesterday, made a few stops including visiting the Flight 93 Memorial. He drove until he was south of Indianapolis then checked into a hotel for the night. (Smart Move) Now he has a few days to just relax as he doesn’t have to report until the 12th.
  4. The most difficult part for me was the “Empty Nest Syndrome” being a single parent. It’s still a struggle at times.... Just don’t be that Helicopter Parent, we gotta let them make their own way. The best advice I can give is when you get that first letter, phone call let him vent... Just listen... Don’t ask a lot of questions as he’ll already be under a lot of pressure and you don’t want to add to the stress. Stay Strong, Lean on one another.... Know that you and your wife raised him right! When you get time look up West Point Reception Day Parade for USMA Class of 2019. Via YouTube....Watch til the end.... I can honestly say that I lost it for a few mins.... Proud, chilling, shock and awe moment for sure... I still get goose bumps.... Be sure to turn the volume up.... Keep us updated on how your son is doing and if you have to vent just reach out... Prayers!! Will H
  5. My son is leaving for Fort Leonard Wood on the 6th for BOLC. He doesn’t have to be there until the 12th but wants to settle in early. He’ll be driving from NJ so I’m a little nervous as he’s never driven that distance alone. He’ll be there until November sometime then, home for a short break before leaving for South Korea on his birthday Dec 8th.
  6. Yes, this was my graduation gift to him.. Only able to purchase via West Point as each graduation class has 2 weapons to choose from. These are custom.. He won’t be carrying this weapon with him at all. This is something that’ll be passed down for generations.. It’ll be a conversation piece.. Really wish we had purchased two.
  7. Stainless Steel Colt competition 45 caliber pistol with a fiber optic front sight, a high rise beaver tail grip safety. On the left side as you can see it’s engraved “United States Military Academy “ above Duty Honor Country. On the left to the rear of the cocking serrations is the Helmet of Athena. On the right side of the slide is engraved “Class of 2019” above the Class motto, “So Freedom Will Reign.” To the read of the cocking serrations is a crest with the Class year in Roman numerals. On top of the slide is the American Flag. Grips made of Colt double diamond checkered rosewood. My 2LT son loves his graduation gift.
  8. All, My son is fine as he graduated o few weeks ago and is on leave before Reporting for BOLC. Please pray for Cadet Morgan and his family... We’re all still in shock including my son as Cadet Morgan was in the same company as my son. God Bless you all.
  9. Tom, Thank you Sir! He Branched Chemical Corps/ Military Intelligence his first duty Station is Camp Humphreys South Korea. He’s done and experienced so much while @ the Academy, no other college experience can compare. Thank you for your service.
  10. Well folks, he did it! My DS graduated from The United States Military Academy @ West Point on Saturday May 25th. He’s officially a member of “The Long Grey Line”. He was commissioned as a 2LT in the US Army after the graduation ceremony. It’s been a 57 month journey that he saw to the end, so worth it though. Up next is BOLC (Basic Officer Leadership Course) in July for a 4 month duration, a short break then off to Korea in December on his birthday. He’s ready, they’re all ready to lead America’s Soldiers near and far. We plan to get some fishing trips in after he returns from Vacation with some of the other graduates from his company. It’s been a whirlwind for sure.... Thank You everyone for the support and well wishes.. Truly appreciated. Pictures are not in any specific order. I’ll post more after editing.
  11. 32 Days until Graduation!!!!
  12. Bob, not sure which battalion he’ll be assigned to, he kind of let’s me know as he finds out, unless he has to be secretive..... I saw a YouTube video of the base.... WOW!!! Just about looks like a resort... Lol!! I’m sure as he gets closer to graduation he’ll tell me more.
  13. Hello everyone.... Camp Humphreys it is.
  14. Bob, Yes, these 4 years went by really quick.. I just spoke with him this morning and he says Hello. As soon as he receives his orders I’m sure he’ll let me know where he will be posting. We just reached another milestone as last night was the 100th Night Gala... Meaning 100 more days until graduation. I didn’t attend this one as tickets were limited, his sister and her boyfriend attended. He tells me that he’ll be reporting to BOLC in July and likely won’t be heading to South Korea 8 to 12 months after graduation with all the training he’s going to be doing.. Chemical Corps is know as CBRN now and I keep hearing the term “Dragon Soldiers”. After South Korea he hopes to post Italy. I’ll keep you posted... Regards, William