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  1. Speaking of twins... fun fact... she actually does have a twin sister who stunt doubled for her in some of her scenes in T2.
  2. I can imagine this isn't unheard of. My late grandfather told me one time he caught a ballyhoo in the Canal. Warm waters bring tropical visitors.
  3. Had a couple buzzing me in my kayak all day yesterday at Mystic Lakes in Arlington.
  4. I mean, are you sure it's not something you made up? It sounds like something you made up. Most if not all the lib/Dems I know are for the legalization of prostitution.
  5. I haven't though. I've heard someone else claim that other people say it.
  6. I've never heard anyone make this argument, ever.
  7. You're braver than me. I don't go anywhere near the water with a lightning rod aka fishing rod in hand if I can see flashes. Got stuck in a nasty squall on Town Neck a few years back and honestly thought I was gonna die. Never again.
  8. Maybe. But do they really have the self awareness and honesty to admit that on a sign in their front yard?
  9. You have to be a special kind of stupid to think this is real. "I hate differing opinions." "I hate debate." I mean, cmon guys...
  10. I've done this before with a floor jack. Also... wtf is with that "tricked out" Mini Cooper in the background? Who would do that to a car and think, "yes, this looks cool."
  11. Pretty much every reliable source I've ever read on the subject has strongly advised against antibiotic treatment for tick bites without the detectable presence of Lyme and it's symptoms. This is the crap that leads to antibiotic-resistant strains of otherwise perfectly treatable diseases.
  12. This is interesting. Something I've never even thought about but will now be mindful of in the future.
  13. Thanks. Not sure I'll take Stop & Shop's word on it over their employee's own self-reported wages, but then again it's not like I can refute it either.
  14. I don't buy that for a second. You sure it wasn't $9? Would love to know their source on that. I've done some poking around of my own on this and I'm finding the average salary for Wegmans - which is considered one of the highest-paying of the local super market chains - to be around $10-12/hr for the most common job titles. The only ones anywhere near $19/hr are management positions. A few of those are a bit higher but not enough to skew the average to such a high number.
  15. Didn't miss it. Found some spotted salamanders at one of my spots, and some more at another where I've never even seen them before! Also lots of peepers, some green frogs, and some Eastern Newts.