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  1. Not lately! I havent seen prices that low since covid (I think). Definitely not last year.
  2. Look, I consider myself a pretty progressive person. I'm all for gay/trans rights/marriage etc and if any adult female or male decides that they are one instead of the other, or something else entirely, I can respect that and fully support their right to live and function in our society without judgement or persecution for feeling that way. That being said, this is just creepy. This is not teaching "tolerance." There are plenty of ways to teach kids tolerance and empathy for others without causing them confusion about their own gender/sexual identity before they are even old enough to learn about the birds and the bees. Do the people who support this stuff not have children of their own? The idea of promoting this stuff to 5+ year olds is astounding to me. My girlfriend's 5 yr old daughter just in the last week has been a T-rex, a unicorn, a puppy, then Sonic the Hedgehog because she watched the movie and became obsessed with it, a salamander, something else I'm probably forgetting... ...these are kids we are talking about. If they grow up to be transgender adults, so be it. When they are old enough to choose that for themselves, I'm all for it. Do you. But there are no trans-gender 5 year olds. Full stop, and I'll die on that hill. There's just kids being wild, imaginative, innocent kids - who unfortunately in many cases have enabling, weirdo, creepy parents who think if the fantasy involves being another gender that it should be fully embraced and promoted and it's time to start the hormone injections. There is nothing to be gained by teaching kids to question their "gender"- whatever the current revised definition of that word may be at the moment.
  3. I don't see any crying...
  4. Water is a bit murkier but I'm seeing ok video. Still seeing a lot of choggies.
  5. No, you are
  6. Agreed but thats up in price too! Used to be able to get it for 10-14 bucks a pound; last night at MB it was 27.99... and that was DOWN from $35 a few weeks ago.
  7. Managed to find a good bunch of schoolies to about 24" Saturday night up in Rockport though! First attempt of the season.
  8. This is exactly why I stopped fishing there years ago. I just can't tolerate this stuff anymore. Gives me an ulcer stressing out over it.
  9. Gotta admit I was a little worried I was getting old tank lobsters, but the two I got were good quality. Firm shell, full meat, none of the gross algae taste.
  10. I'm so curious what you thought you saw before the edit!
  11. 11.99 tonite in Burlington.
  12. Finally seeing some numbers in the Boston rivers.
  13. Eeehhhh. Maybe yours does better, but my MB has them all posted as hardshell, but often times they are very much... not. I don't mind though since they are still usually the cheapest around and I kinda prefer the softies.
  14. Striped Bass

    I can't even tell if bob_g is being sarcstic or not. Barely seems like an exaggeration.
  15. Yup, definitely have observed this behavior myself.