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  1. Two-fer of landing planes at Pleasure Bay this afternoon. The British Airways and new Lufthansa A380s landed almost back to back, too. That was pretty neat!
  2. They drop drastically in the summer. Maybe a bump in price over the busier weekends, but its not uncommon for them to go down to $4.99/lb or so for newshells.
  3. A couple weeks ago my local MB had hardshells advertised at that price, and newshells at $7.99. I asked for newshells but the ones I got were solidly hardshell and full of meat. Yeah I wasnt complaining either!
  4. Im fine with that too, though I never really understood why people get so up in arms over this distinction. Really, what difference does it make if someone wants to get "married" or "civil unioned" or whatever as long as the legal benefits/protections are the same. Call it whatever you want, the **** do I care...?
  5. Not for nothing, it doesn't really say much for educational equality if everyone's level of educational is equally low...
  6. Hey, I will admit I've posted in years past right here on this very forum in support of gay marriage, and I don't take any of that back; I still fully support it. I mean, if I had it my way we'd take government out of marriage altogether, but since we all know that's never going to happen, as long as I'm able to apply to have my relationship legally recognized and enjoy the benefits/protections that comes with that, then so should anyone else (who can legally consent, of course). If the gays want to get married and be miserable like the rest of us, more power to 'em. But man it's definitely taken a surreal turn since then, hasn't it? This has gone far beyond "tolerance" and "we just want to be able to live our lives like everyone else" and is now basically required acceptance, and in fact borderline forced celebration and participation. Look at that Philly hockey player who respectfully declined to wear a rainbow uniform to celebrate NHL Pride Night. Dude literally on record saying I support gay people and their right to exist, but this isn't for me and is against my moral beliefs so I'm going to sit this out. And he got crucified in the media for it. There is something seriously wrong with that.
  7. Good lord, it's like Post Malone had an even more retarded lovechild with Marilyn Manson...
  8. Alright, fine. I had to take matters into my own hands...
  9. They do! There were probably 30+ aircraft on display on the ground, at least a half a dozen that you would also touch/walk through. I myself went through the vintage C47 Skytrain and the C17 Globemaster.
  10. Someone needs to splice this into the bridge jump scene in the Nic Cage Gone in 60 Seconds movie.
  11. A couple weeks late, but one of my favorite moments from the recent Westfield air show. Finished off with a P51D and F35 flying in formation. ❤️
  12. $7.99 for "new shells" today. The ones I got were solid as diamonds lol
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