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  1. Lot more fun with BB guns...
  2. They don't.
  3. Is it illegal to possess a pellet pistol on the Canal?
  4. The scary thing is at this point that was just as likely to be a white as it was a brown.
  5. Meh. I don't see this as "screwing up marriage" or why it's even a big deal to anyone at all. What's the problem with folks wanting to have the same legal protections that are afforded to others in a more traditional relationship setting? I pose this question in particular to those legally married folks here who also claim they want government out of marriage.
  6. One of the mechanics where I work recently got into a huge fight with his wife over his use of the term "master/slave cylinders."
  7. $6.99 i think? They were cheap which usually puts me off (esp when they are advertised as Nantucket bays ). Usually those are some Asian variety which have practically no flavor at all.
  8. Went looking this afternoon but my local MB (Burlington) was fresh out. Got a few lbs of snow crab instead. Also took a gamble on some Mexican bay scallops which were actually surprisingly good.
  9. Supposedly they are good eating. There are online stores you can order snapping turtle meat from but it's pretty expensive.
  10. Wait, are we pro-curfew now?
  11. That may be the case, but in a situation where you might actually kill a person if your judgement call proves wrong, it's probably a good idea to err on the side of caution.
  12. Still herring in the Mystic right now. They are stacked up above the dam waiting for their turn to go over the spillway into the lower lake and back to sea. Seagulls are having a field day.
  13. You are definitely mistaken. We aspirate when we talk. It is very possible - and in fact very like in this case - to be able to speak while your lungs/airways are obstructed to the point you are not able to breathe in enough oxygen to survive. Slow, painful suffocation is no less suffocation.
  14. Things just blew up. And what a surprise... Antifa is behind the violence. These ppl don't give a single solitary **** about Floyd, or "systemic racism," or really anything beyond looking for an excuse to incite violence and steal stuff. Terrorist organization indeed. Source 1: a good friend who was there and witnessed it firsthand. He was there all day and got the hell out of dodge as things went south. Source 2: even on Reddit r/boston - which is as you can imagine is usually very left-leaning - are saying everything was going smoothly, peacefully, until the Antifa-flag waving college white college kids started throwing bricks at cops. Right about 9:20 or so. (I can link to the threads but not sure if it's allowed?)
  15. I believe it. They are doing a lot better in this state than most people realize.