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  1. Kinda surprised to see Seafood Sam's suggested. I used to live down the street from the one on Coast Guard Rd. Went there maybe three times and hated myself for that decision every time. Don't know why anyone goes there with so many quality other options in the area, like some of the ones already mentioned in this thread.
  2. Haven't been to the Charles, but they are all the way up to Horn Pond in Woburn (Mystic run) as of last week. Watched an osprey take a dive on them right in front of me. (In other news, I'm seeing a lot more ospreys this year.)
  3. I'm sure the finger-wagging Karens of Chatham and Brookline will be devestated to hear this. To the contrary, it's what they want. To keep you out of their (rich, elite, suburban liberal) covid-safety bubble, or at least to have the legal justification to shame you for being there. Screw em, indeed. I won't stay away. Been fishing un-masked in Brookline since even before the mandate lifted, and won't be doing a damn thing differently regardless whatever silly local mandates they continue to impose. Just "following the science," ya know?
  4. Got the second shot about 4:30 yesterday. Definitely more wiped than I was with the first one, and have a dull headache today, but so far not dead yet.
  5. One of my bucket list reptiles! Haven't found any yet...
  6. Wife and I had covid. She was a little wiped out after the first shot... the second was a breeze. I'm going for my second this afternoon, will report back tomorrow if I'm still alive.
  7. How is it that like 80% of this thread is just complaining about the fact fnm posted in it and/or just outright insulting him? What was the topic again?
  8. According to him, apparently. I mean, I do drive a Monte Carlo...
  9. I have a neighbor who does stuff like this with his Wifi. Haven't checked in a while, but at one point it was F**kRednecksAndTheirMonteCarlos. Guess who owns a Monte Carlo.
  10. They came up with that number around mid-summer, based on the fact that re-infection within that time-frame was virtually non-existent in otherwise healthy individuals. And that was at least 90 days; the virus hadn't been around long enough at the time to determine immunity out beyond that, but it had been suspected since very early on that protection lasts much longer, and that does appear to be the case. That said, we know that the immunity does likely wane with time, which is why even recovered covid patients are encouraged to get the vaccine, especially if they are past that 90 day window. Wife and I had covid back end of Sept into October... she got her second shot today and I get mine May 4th. I figure worst case is it doesnt do anything since we already have natural immunity, best case we gain an additional synthetic "booster" immunity lol Whatever it takes to get back to normalcy and peace of mind.
  11. You know, when I really think on it, I don't think I've caught any of these weird transients and I'm a little bummed out about that. I've seen/caught some butterfish in Boston harbor near the USS Constitution (and the blues that were crushing them) and caught a pufferfish in a scallop dredge in Cape Cod Bay a couple decades ago, but that's it. Lame!
  12. Well done, new guy. Thanks for the laugh.
  13. Two your last two questions, no. To the first... maybe? Depends. Are we talking about defunding police to the point that they can't afford guns? Then no, of course not. Do I think the money spent on arming every police force in every town in America with state of the art urban assault vehicles and riot gear could be better spent elsewhere? Yeah, probably. I personally don't know anyone who thinks the cops should be the only ones who have guns but also conversely thinks they should not be allowed to carried guns,as your OP suggests. That's why your premise is flawed. It is simple, for sure... in that it seeks to over-simplify a complex issue in attempt to make a mockery of a tiny subset of people who may or may not even exist.
  14. Sometimes the question can't be answered because it's based on a flawed premise. I feel this is one of those cases.