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  1. Sorry as usual I didn't read the fine print. I'm asking $330. Is this a fair price? Bob
  2. I have no set number. I'd rather see someone put it to use rather than sit here. I'll consider any offers
  3. G Loomis SWR84-20C/7' medium fast action 15-25 lb saltwater series and Ambassadeur 7000C3 reel for sale or trade for canal jigging rod (spinning). I may have used this rod and reel 3 times.
  4. Picked the emblem pro 5500 spooled with powerpro 30# braid and a 10' Lamiglas XS 10 MS rated for 1-3# per doing much research on the forums. I still can't cast a plug out to middle of canal where I would like to be. Ive tried 1 2 and 3 ounce plugs with similar results. Watched this guy cast past the middle this am and bang one after another while everyone else just watched. Any suggestions on my existing gear or can you recommend a rod and spinning reel that will get me out there? Willing to spend around $600
  5. Where else but the "Big Ditch"!
  6. What is the law on filleting stripers(lets say at the canal). Can you fillet the fish as long as you bring the carcass with you? What if the fillets were longer than 28" would you still need to bring the carcass?
  7. Was fishing tues from 4-8pm at the east end and saw the black fin of the mola mola and saw it jump out of the water twice. Everybody that walked by asked if I saw the tuna jump which I informed them it was a mola mola and in turn got a "say what". So thats my guess what everyones hearing and seeing.