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  1. Ok so I know that there is no Real Answer to this question, however I was looking for some input on what you guys think the Most Reliable "All Around" Top Water Reel would be? I am always Fishing off my Skiff in the River and a 26 Shamrock in the bay / islands. Early and late season, I am always armed with matching sets of Soft 7ft St.Croix rods with Penn 5600L's in addition to conventional with Avets for the "Bait" Categories, however I keep finding myself with something different in my hand for when I want to enjoy some top water action and I am looking to put this to bed if possible. I have an assortment of rods under 7' which seems to be about the longest Rod I can fit down below in the 8 rod rack, however I keep finding myself changing out Reels trying to make things feel right and started to look at the Sealed Reels such as the Z's and VS's to try and cut down on having so many mut setups to figure out and Maintain. Any Advice on a great matched combo 7' and under would be greatly appreciated. Best Regards, Moe
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