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  1. I walk a local golf course and have collected a bunch of used golf balls. ProV, Chrome, etc. Would like to trade or sell. All balls have been cleaned, no cuts. ProVs:15 balls=$10, many cheap shag balls also. Prefer to sell/trade in person. State College, PA or make several trips/year to IRI.
  2. Your right, this one can't be trusted.
  3. Daughter. Yep...
  4. Daughter. Yep...
  5. Trouser minnow?
  6. Government imposed recall, fine the company for sloppy manufacturing and quality control. Send them back and stop importing until its fixed.
  7. You spouted the figure, you justify it.
  8. Just spouting bs to advance the lib agenda. Yet you claim to be so open minded and think for yourself... WOW...
  9. Wow, for a self professed numbers person, you sure struggle with this. 100billion dollars split over 11 million illegals is $9090.91 per person. Surely we can provide a weeks lodging and a plane ticket for that!
  10. no answer?
  11. G, Answer me one simple question. What are the official steps to immigrate into the United States?
  12. Still do, a buddy just bought a pair from old inlet last week.
  13. Still a lot of shorts, I caught my personal best short this weekend, a little under 6 inches! The osprey were picking off the small stripers on a regular clip all weekend.
  14. Teaser fly being chased by a bucktail. She bit the fly, a small one at that, on a #4 or #6 hook meant for little schoolies.