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  1. When I was at the RISSA show I bumped into someone from Van Staal. Very nice gentleman, but I mentioned that I had an "ancient" VS250 (1xxx) and that it still worked great but I had concerns about it and if there was anything I should do. Something he mentioned was to take off the spool and put a few drops of motor oil down the shaft. He said that it would help add some moisture to the seals which likely dried out during the off season. He was also very specific about the weight of the oil I should use as well. Unfortunately that show was awhile ago and I've forgotten what the oil weight was. First off, has anyone else heard of doing this and what weight oil should I use? Thanks.
  2. I have a rule that if they're not going after Sluggo's then they're probably not going after anything....
  3. I've been fishing it off and on for about 10 years or so. I try and make it a point to hit it a few different times during the season. From my experiences I'm the only person I have ever seen pull fish out of there. It's happened twice, maybe three times. Mostly I've stopped fishing there because it's not that productive. It's beautiful to see and hike down, but I'm almost ashamed for the amount of time I've put into getting fish there with so little to show for it. My running theory is that when it was "hot" was around the same time that Deer Island was nearly on fire for fishermen. A few storms came in and changed the structure and it isn't nearly as appealing to fish it once was. Honestly, don't get locked down to one beach. That area has a ton of fishable spots. Seek them out, talk to people and put in some time and you will be rewarded.
  4. I have a certain affection for this rod as it pulled a Bluefish out of the surf out on Great Point with a 14kt wind dead-on in my face in front of my in-laws when they made some crack one afternoon about me not ever having good luck when I was fishing. It's a great rod, and versatile. But I just don't fish as much as I used to and I'd prefer to see that it gets enjoyed.
  5. I'm not opposed to plastic. Please let me know what you have. It seems like that would be a shorter list than me guessing.
  6. Yeah,been busy starting my own business. Hard to walk away from fishing during the season but it's what I had to do! I tend to throw on the lighter side for plugs and prefer swimmers over poppers. I'm a sucker for needles though.
  7. It is spinning. Will consider partial trade for plugs. Let me know what you've got.
  8. Still available. Still not interested in shipping.
  9. Ya know, not entirely sure. I did get it from a guy that I believe tied pro or semi-pro. If you can be patient with me and tell me how to find out I will gladly do so and let you know. Thanks!
  10. I'm afraid I have no planes to be visiting the Garden State anytime in the near future. Thank you for the bump though.
  11. Nice 11 footer for insanely heavy plugs or chunking. Cork handle, Fuji seat and guides. In good condition. Has been used but taken care of. I live in Reading, MA but will be in Falmouth this weekend. You won't find a cork-handled rod with Fuji hardware on it for this price anywhere. No shipping. $50
  12. #1 Hen Saddle Grizzly. Purchased a few years ago and never used. $12 plus actual cost of shipping.
  13. Two Cape's for Sale. One in Red and one in Grizzly Pink. Purchased a few years ago and never used. $30 each plus actual shipping. Buy both and I'll cover shipping.
  14. There are manufacturers that make them. If you want to PM me I can provide you some information.
  15. Good morning, Not trying to lowball or offend or upset you. Bean blew these reels out a year or so ago for under $30 a shot. I picked up two but one detonated on me and I'd like to find another to replace it. I'd like to offer you $50 for the whole setup. I know it's way less than you're asking. If you're confident you can do better than by all means, best of luck to you and I hope you get the top dollar you're asking. But if not please consider my offer. Thanks for your time.