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  1. Hi What is the good grease consistency? Most of the time if the grease is not thinned the reel feels tight.. and if the grease is to thin it runs and the reel runs too loose. Victor
  2. Thanks God I just try to make the mix and didn't works. Now I know I confused the break fliud with the trans oil.. tomorrow I will make it again with the trans oil.. Victor
  3. I also heard something about Lucas Reel oil #10690 is the same as Lucas Synthetic 2 Cycle Engine Oil.. is that true? Victor
  4. Hi I found in my garage a tube of STP Premium Marine grease, but it not dilute or thin with break fluid. I try with a bottle of water pump oil and it thins. But it requires a lot of this oil. Does anyone knows any other oil may I use to thin this grease? Or this grease can be used as is? Thanks Victor
  5. Hi What I mean is, I fish with a 20lb braid line. My reels are Penns 4000 and 4500. Thanks Victor
  6. Hi Answering one of the questions, the 25lb are the braid line I used to fish with. I understand the comment about the power and feeling of this shore jigging rods. What I looking for is a setup lightweight enough to cast several hours without hurt my back, but strong enough to fish Jack's, tarpons, snooks and many others. I know it will make the fight longer.. but a heavy setup is not any more for me..
  7. Hi: Those japoneses surf rod are the same to shore jigging rods? Or those shore jigging rods are something completely different ? Thanks, interesting post.. Victor
  8. Hi The predator.. believe it or not, the best rod I ever had. It snap at the joint. Can be fixed, but It will end shorter and the guide distribution will change. So, a lot of work to return this rod to life.. and isn't sure it works the same..
  9. Hi: I used to fish for years with surf rods from 9' up to 11' surf rods. Sometimes to reduce the fatigue and back pain with a 7.6" - 8' Inshore rod, the casting distance with this last one are no the same as the surf but it works. Now I was reading and see many people around the world arevusing shore jigging fishing rods and they runs from mostly from 9' up to 12' long. They seems to be lighter and flexible than the surf one's. The reality is that I need a lightweight rod to fish alfrom shore and reduce the problem with the pain on my back. One of my new rods Im trying is the Dark Matter OB surf which is 10' long, really lightweight. Now talking about the shore jigging rods, Asia, Australia, Africa, Spain ect.. are using this kind of rods, what are the biggest difference or similarities with the surf ones if any? Few fishermans in other forums from that area of the world are giving me advice to get one of those shore jigging rods and I will never going back to the surf ones. But I'm not sure about that.. someone can tell me if they're a good option? I used to fish with 25 braid line, 4000-5000 reels, and cast ½ up to 1.5 oz lures. I will appreciate your advices! Thanks Victor Garcia Puerto Rico
  10. Thanks
  11. Hi: Thanks to all for the advices and comments. I decide for the Tsunami Carbon Shiel 2 , 7.6 MH. I have in mind to buy something may be like the St Croix but the budget decrease due an emergency, so this one is cheaper , and have the budget for it. I buy it today. Hopes it fulfill my speciations. Thanks a lot! Victor Garcia
  12. Thanks a lot!
  13. Speciation... are you somebody to arguing about my English who are you? Don't border me more.. get out and go wash the dishes.. ! Are adding something interesting about the post? No ! so? I really don't want to write what really you deserve..
  14. About $150.00-$175.00..
  15. Bro, I'm sorry if my English doesn't satisfied your speciation, but I'm not from the states! By the way it really matters? Do you understand my question, right? If you don't like it, is easy don't comment..