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  1. Tom T


    Lol, I did not pay. It was a benefit for part of the medical school and it was on campus. My buddy worked at the venue and was able to get me in.
  2. Yes, that's rocky and the rest of the fag crab washers.
  3. Tom T


    Have at it Found those looking for something yesterday
  4. Tom T


    Corey likes it low and inside all the time.
  5. Tom T


    Color was much different in person. Sucks that the camera corrected it.
  6. Tom T


    Quite a tide line coming into FLL
  7. Agreed. However you did not answer the question posed
  8. You dropped a deuce in a crack in the floor?
  9. Remember how cool it was to wake up early to travel and have the whole day ahead of toy? 0345 wakeup suck.
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