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  1. Any word why? Saw it earlier
  2. Limit is only one right now. C&R pre season. Be nice to get to them before the spots get polished.
  3. Nice You pick up crabs, or use soft bait?
  4. Nice and quiet. Plus no floodlights
  5. So it's a non issue
  6. This was fantastic. And if the story was told here, it was before my time. Or I'm senile
  7. Remarkably people keep going back and are not dropping dead.
  8. Well look at that. Blind squirrel found an acorn
  9. It's not my bar
  10. I was always able to keep my weight in check with sports. When that ended 5 years ago because I didn't want to get my knee fixed is when my ballooning really started.
  11. It's good, I said.
  12. I've been to S.I. and the one up here in Matawan/Old Bridge...whatever it's called. It's good but not worth the fawning it gathers from it's supporters. IMO Rosies makes possibly the best crust around, Neapolitan style, and great quality ingredients. It's not your average slice joint, but you can get slices.
  13. I'm itching and seriously considering going (and paying) with a guy this Sunday for a scrimmage And triggers. But eff the triggers...
  14. Who said selfless?
  15. Weird, let me check my phone for any missed calls.