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  1. Dagwood for those of you who never read the comics
  2. Steal game 5!
  3. Emily's legs. Hubba hubba
  4. Or stupid move by Max last game
  5. Boston made Tony look real good. He's going to get paid if he shows those highlights. Now I can breathe again
  6. Lol, there's your call clown. Knew it was coming, though
  7. 2 out of 3 you are absolutely 100% correct about
  8. I'm still not happy even with the 3 goal lead
  9. The Puck is bouncing everywhere. Only a matter of time before one bounces behind Igor
  10. Watch it again. If his feet leave the ice it's only after Max slew foot him as hes trying to do his quarterback slide to avoid the hit
  11. That's insane. domi was falling, he got hit, the other guy jumped in took the instigator and that's that
  12. You don't melt the cheese on the grill, Mikeee?
  13. The Strome punch after the whistle by the net, yes. What else?
  14. That thing looks like it should be served at some free lunch program.