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  1. It is a line from My Blue Heaven, but you are correct. The mates got the whole pool.
  2. It's not tipping I believe in, it's over tipping.
  3. Expertise!!!! Another sideways jab!
  4. I am in the, anything less than 20% of the pool plus your normal tip you are a cheap ****, category.
  5. Solid eff Rocco
  6. You couldn't have at least have given us the pick three?
  7. Hello Eddy
  8. Don't you have a pack of rotweilers?
  9. Lol, no I didn't. I meant to, I swear!
  10. I put the 3 in there. I'm alive!
  11. Just checking to see if Medicare was an option. You are in a sucky spot.
  12. Dan, how old are you? if you don't mind answering
  13. In that case, just make a nice ceviche.