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  1. I meant to me. I still have half a quart mason jar of the stuff.
  2. Keep an eye on the knuckleheads
  3. I'm glad Sue isn't around to see that.
  4. As others have said the two wheels will allow you to actually steer the thing though.
  5. mmm, vegetables
  6. Although the alligator skin refrigerator might beat him out for dopiest when the judges finish tallying their scorecards.
  7. Lol, no. Just a quick google to see what Belmo is "saving" by constructing this thing.
  8. $130 bucks. done. And it will probably work.
  9. Just caught up from December. Great work everyone. Except Belmo.
  10. Yes, that is for a merchant. Like I said I saw no mention of it for private payments. Unless boB has a payment screen that says "don't have a paypal account".
  11. Bob, just pick me 4 in different rows/columns. Thanks.
  12. lol