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  1. Hearts are overrated
  2. We need to get in on this.
  3. Jehovas don't email you, so there's that.
  4. I told you to get ready. You're on the list.
  5. uh oh, they must know I'm friends with Piney
  6. The graphic still makes no sense to me. But I wish them well with their venture.
  7. Quinnipiac coach retweeted this. Has to be cool for him.
  8. He posted last time you mentioned him. Watch your goofball intake.
  9. Effing vin
  10. We really need to start collecting these and entering them into some poetry contests.
  11. Oh boy, another day
  12. Filth from hedman
  13. Eggsackly
  14. Whiny. Typical.