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  1. I am pretty sure Osprey includes white crabs in their fare as well. Oftentimes if you want whites you pay extra on the boat up here. But I cannot swear.
  2. Make sure my hotel is taken care of, please. Budget rate, I'm not expecting much
  3. Drama in the togaholics thread But, that's a solid eff p10
  4. Who knew you could spend 20k on a tv? Make mine a double!
  5. The gift that keeps on giving!
  6. skinny are you comm or rec?
  7. effing hillbillies trying to appropriate culture
  8. Calling for a high of 26 here
  9. Yeah, it's going to be a cool one
  10. There are some guys in Barnegat Bay down here doing a lot of that (didn't read your link), just meant farming and moving oysters around to create different "brands". Neat stuff. 40northoysters if you are on the insta
  11. Go make corn mush.
  12. It's an analogy!
  13. Lol
  14. I think he's looking for terroir. Maybe
  15. Button roasted both him and Armstrong pretty good on the radio today.