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  1. Ernie, I'm getting this for you.
  2. I don't drink enough
  3. Shorts and flops for me, rubber goes away for a few months
  4. Indeed it does
  5. Guy taking a hiatus from the board. If you get down to Marathon in the March through June timeframe we can put you in touch with him. Otherwise he's on the west coast of FL near Ft. Myers.
  6. You can be neighbors with are friend in FL
  7. A yacht and a tender!
  8. Play stupid games
  9. I was so proud when I found HUK on the sale rack a few years ago at Sierra for like $5/tshirt. Figured they would be good boat shirts. Now I can't wear them.around anyone who fishes.
  10. Mikee asked him if he was vaccinated, he looked like Mikeee stabbed him.
  11. Ok, hippie. Or just the proven scop by itself without your witchcraft added.
  12. different buddy. Duh
  13. Mikees friend Mark is your guy. He's been just about fly only the last two years. That fag.
  14. Mothers Day
  15. We need to cure you of this somehow.