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  1. I represented well. Got through it ok, I give myself a solid Bplus
  2. You may not be sweating it, but you got it back last night.
  3. @bigfish4me you are on the clock. In or out?
  4. There will be some serious curating of the waiting list in years to come.
  5. Sue's mom. She's a pistol!
  6. @i07nyc you are the next contestant, and on the clock. In or out?
  7. That is truly amazing
  8. Thanks boys. I put a few (bad) jokes in there as an attempt to keep it light.
  9. jackass, I thought you were serious about the Peaches thing. You can stand on a boat, and sit when needed. There's a spot if you want it. Just say the word.
  10. It is. Also known as, lets take odds on if I can get through the eulogy without being a blubbering mess, day.
  11. I had some great diner grits in FL recently. Made the over easy eggs and bacon better. When they are not good, they are just redneck wallpaper paste. And let's not kid ourselves, there is nothing life changing about excellent grits, it's just what inbred southerners can figure out to cook. Just add water!