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  1. I’m embarrassed by this: "All men and women created by — you know, you know, the thing.
  2. I know of a company that was hit 10k per illegal, per days employed. Global corporation who acquired a smaller company and with it a few dozen Brazilians with meticulously forged documents.
  3. Holy lack of self awareness. Russia! Russia! Russia! Talk about duped.
  4. Did HE actually say that?
  5. We want to see your returns. Now.
  6. How’d that “deadline” work out for you?
  7. So you think it was Muellers and the DOJs job to simply provide information to Democrats without making a determination? That’s funny.
  8. Me too. Anyone saying otherwise is straight up lying.
  9. The narrative I’m hearing is ‘it wasnt really Muellers job to find crime it was just to provide evidence to congress so they can decide’. Guantanamo. All of them.
  10. It doesn’t matter what they do. They are less than zero. It’s time to deal with them properly.
  11. Can’t get anything by this guy.
  12. It doesn’t matter. They are now less than zero.
  13. Do I detect a pivot from Russia Russia Russia to China China China?
  14. Let’s take it to the streets. Last man standing is King.