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  1. Caught a crappie at a pond in a park near Newark in the mid-80's. Took it back to the apartment and we fed it goldfish all winter. Got so big it could barely turn in the tank. Thought of returning it to the pond but we figured the lack of goldfish from above would be his demise. We cooked it for dinner instead. Quite tasty. The things you do in college...
  2. "stingray's on rt13 in va near the tunnel"...Their little ham biscuits are great to take out on the water in the morning. Blow by there most of the time on the way to HI but have fished in the area and eaten some goodies from there. Good luck all this spring!
  3. Great. It'll be like South Beach or Ramp 55 on a 4th of July weekend.
  4. my buddy lives in Frisco and reported that some pups are starting to be caught. Getting close to time for a trip down.
  5. Sorry to hear about the injury Allen. I have always enjoyed your posts and and, as with all of us, life changes things we are used to. I wish you well in your recovery. Tom
  6. I once used a pinfish under a float on the sound side in Hatteras and ended up catching a nice sized speckled trout. My buddy had done it before with success so i gave it try.
  7. Lots of work but you'll enjoy it. My girls turned 20 this year. Juniors in college. It goes by fast just like they say.
  8. Can try and try but you can't fix STUPID.
  9. I've used Mike's Reel Repair out of Vancouver, BC before. I ordered a bunch of small parts for an older Saltist spinning reel and he came through. He also has a ton of reel schematics which help in parts identification.
  10. A crappy rainy weekend lends itself to getting stuff done indoors. I found a schematic on Mike's Reel Repair out of BC and was able to get the reel back together. It took a little time but was well worth it. Bonus was I didn't have any unaccounted parts at the end.
  11. Nice looking fish, though.
  12. I was familiar with it but that was last April when I fully disassembled it. It's a Saltist spinning reel (conventionals are so much easier) and the very last gear had teeth missing so it's down to the shell and all the parts. I did lay them out in the order and have them tucked away in a large box. I also took pictures so I do have some references. I ordered parts in April and they didn't come in until October. I'm just getting around to looking at it and I'm trying to get ahead of my potential frustration by having a backup plan.
  13. Any recommendations for reel repair in northern Delaware? I have a reel or two that could use some help. A neighbor also just asked me tonight if i knew of anyone so I'm hoping someone can help us out. Thanks in advance for the responses.
  14. I've seen them on the menu at the Four Seasons. Did you throw them back?
  15. Got it just in time too. Closed the point today for oystercatcher chicks.