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  1. Barrel you do realize that quote is from 12 years ago:shock::) Doug M
  2. So you do not have a clue how the current student loan program has jacked up the price of education do you??? . Doug
  3. The Destruction of the Economy Based on Liberal Policies. Think of the Parallels of The housing bubble and The student loan bubble. Government gives money to people without a clue as to whether or not they can pay it back. In both cases the easy money drives up the price of houses/Education to levels that are way beyond the level of inflation. The shear stupidity of liberal policies is right on display with our president..Obama was at the ideological for front of pushing the subprime market that lead to the economic collapse, then he spends the last 3 years blaming it on everyone but his vapid ideology.. The Last 2 days POTUS has come up with 2 plans to fix the mess The first is two let people who are current with there loans and who are upside down to Refinance @ the current rate.Well really no problem with me there.But it will do virtually nothing to the housing market because these people were already paying there loans. Maybe just a few people who are borderline. 99% politicking 1% results Next we have the student loan Issue.POTUS has been all behind making student loans as easy to get as a case of herpes from a Bangkok hooker.The easy money ends up jacking the price of education to the point that the young minds of mush are in dept way over there heads in a crappy economy caused by other brain dead liberal policies. So our rocket scientist in charge wants to have student loans be paid back only If they have a job and then at a percent of what they earn above the poverty level..And then for only max of 20 years...Who is on the hook for the rest...yep the tax payers again. 100% politics negative P results. Please tell me I am not the only one who can see this. Next up ...How Liberals energy policies have driven up the price of energy and risk our national security Doug I leave all Liberals this nice link to a 1999 article in the new york times by a fine liberal african american journalist who lists all the wonderful policies put in place that caused the housing bubble.He even saw the perils of them.I am curious how come Bill Clintons Administration gets a pass on this when his was the most responsible??? Thats what happens when %90 of journalists belong to the Democratic party.Truth be Damned.
  4. Just curious sheep.are you for or against water boarding???Yes or No?? we will take it from there. Doug
  5. Anderson Cooper...the one who thought the teaparty was a joke and then had to tell you the results of one of the biggest political shifts in American politics.he is a true tea bagger
  6. Obama supporters want to take credit for this.How did they the get the intell??...Holder and Obama put a stop to how they got the intell.You idiots should be ashamed.Under this dipsh...ts policy you could not gather the intell that led to this...Do you get it???..idiots..sheep Doug
  7. I would have done the water boarding myself.Read the news and timeline.Peter king just released that they got the info through waterboarding slappy.Your idiotic president and attorney general would have read them meranda rights and got them lawered up.
  8. This Has so little to do with Obama.The information was gathered through water boarding and rendition.You are are a sheep Baaaaa.Baaaa.A 5'2" sheep but a sheep none the less.This digracefull sheep of a president ended those policies.You should crawl under a rock troll. Doug
  9. LIPA'S Northport power plant burns mostly oil.Some of it has been converted to gas I believe. Doug M
  10. Looked in my crawl space.1 foot of water.That is just from the rain.Tides are next,Amityville Doug M
  11. If you want the bay the way it used to be .Remove the Southwest sewer district and put a hundred duck farms along the southshore.Lots of poo.Lots of algae.lots of flounder.lots of clams.Leave a break open every now and then and walah!!!!.Lets bring it back to the good old days. Doug M
  12. I Surf fish/Surf/Dive/Kayak fish/Own a boat. No one user group should have sole use of the waters.When I hear surf fishermen bitching about surfers....Fish at night.The amount of days that you have surf compared to the days you can fish the surf are 1 to 10 ,I stopped fishing Montauk 8 years ago.Not because of the surfers but because of the fishermen.The whole scene out there is embarrassing because of the dopey surf fishermen who could not catch a fish from the surf unless it is there.The whole scene is sophomoric. Doug M
  13. The Jersey guys are getting a bad rap.The loud mouth is from Babylon.I have trouble with him urinating in my bushes also.Take him out of the picture and the place is quiet and does not smell as bad. Doug M
  14. I Noticed the Main page is a couple of years old.Is Tim still involved with the sight??? I can't imagine not updating the home page in 2 years unless the sight was sold to someone
  15. "Even if it's not as bad as the alarmists predict, or if it's completely natural it will still have profound economic (i.e. national security) impact." That is an intellectually vapid view.You have a better chance of picking lotto numbers then predicting what the impact of temperatures going up or down will have on national security.This is just so silly. Doug M