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  1. My sincerest condolences to Bills family. Some of my best fishing memories involve Bill. Rest in peace. Russ
  2. Great to know. I have a 9wt. ,very nice rod. Never broke it, at least not yet.... Russ
  3. Paper tends to bulge (must be cut out) and you basically end up with a unsupported butt joint situation any way. Not a fan of this
  4. Small XRAP in Spotted Minnow will not get ignored.
  5. Mushroom-Stuffed Pork Tenderloin Recipe _ Food Network Kitchen _ Food Network.pdf
  6. I have also put an extra one or two above it on dropper loops, casts better and increases take.
  7. Not sure if help is required or not, but you are certainly not the only one....lol
  8. Ever try a steelhead rod for fluke in the surf? I have a custom built Sage Gll paired with a Calcutta 250 that is the bomb. (8' 6" ) Plenty of power for larger fish, and will deliver small lures with ease.
  9. Should be good. I use a Sage Gll SH290B with a Calcutta 250 for Fluke in the surf. ( A steelhead rod) It has lots of power, yet can deliver small lures.
  10. I use the Gryp knot often, never let me down. Once you master the tool, you can do it in the dark. ( well, low light...lol)
  11. J Kennedy Fisher custom on 8708 blank. Considered by many, including me to be the "HOLY GRAIL" of plugging rods.
  12. SOLD PM coming Thanks SOL
  13. SOLD PM coming Thanks SOL
  14. Never fished or swam. $25.00 Paypal & shipped