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  1. Yeah, how many of those bucks even know what rollover is? You can leave it alone completely, and it's going to be completely different in 50 years. Anyone ever take a good walk down from the fence into VA? Notice the higher concentration of trash? Why more trash where there's no traffic? Because we pick up trash where we fish! Most of the junk on AI is from the tide, not the traffic! And I'll be damned if Horses are a natural part of the eco-system! We pay taxes AND use fees for this beach, and what do we get? A flippin air pump and a raft of $h!T! I like the idea of asking for MORE!

  2. View PostOh my I am a total idiot..... yes I spend too much time airing down four tires, and while I was sitting at my desk reading and dreaming about being in the sand, I was able to make four with the binder was tough but I used a envelop opener that is pointy and was just banging it on the desk until I got through the metal, then got a screwdriver from my car and it worked, will need to file down pt when I get home but heck, with a drill this would be a snap... thanks so much!!!! I had to take two screws out of the desk but wth..... there are priorities here!!! Thanks again!!



    "Mariner" ingienuity!

  3. @ 9:30 PM, someone nailed a pony right on 611 between the bridge and Bayberry Dr, closer to Bayberry. It was quite a sad site. A ranger I talked to said he thinks it's neck was snapped instantly and that it died immediately. There was considerable damage to a white van as well. The ranger mentioned that "they [ponies] have a brain the size of a walnut..." I'm guessing that he thought it was the pony's fault. FYI, the speed limit right there is 30 mph, and they take radar there more than anywhere else on earth that I know of.

  4. View Postwe are involved in trench war fare the lines have been drawin . all we do is fire at each other , take a break eat lunch . they never had to settle in OBX its like a person accused of murder an they settle on manslaughter. i'd like the nps take the lead in going green . i myself am putting solar power to my batterys so i don't have to run the gen or start it rewired aux battery , am looking for solar heat next any ideas.



    beers.gif ........kooky.gif


    non sequitur

  5. Okay, so a small 4WD not aired down leaves ruts, I understand that. What are we going to do, inspect everyone? If ruts are an issue, shouldn't we push for a weight limit too? Oh, wait, a weight limit would likely keep all of the camper tops off the beach. Who wants that?


    We have bigger fish to fry. Pun intended.

  6. View PostI will make mention to the powers to be of this issue. I have had the same problem in the past also. This just isn't right at all. I would like to offfer a suggestion at the same time I mention this. What are some of your solutions to correct the drive bys. I can think of one, possibly putting up barriers to allow one lane traffic once you leave the rotary however once you get in line one must wait it out and there would be no turning around at that point. What are your thoughts.



    No more barriers.

  7. View Postfished 3rs on saturday morning till about pretty sure i had my first stripper hit!...i looked over at my rod and my reel was cruising!..i almost lost my the time i got to the rod it spit the bait frown.gif ...i had another one on and i saw it pop out of the water and lost it...ppl around me were catching rays skates and a few small doggies


    You gotta be careful with them strippers, they sure will do a number on your rod!wink.gif

  8. In Delaware you will need a fishing license to do the beach and/or coastal bays, in Maryland you will not (at least not this year). Have you ever been to the area? where are you staying? There's a few stripers in the surf, some flounder in the bays, and the blues are just starting to show. You won't be able to fish any beaches that are lifeguarded, while guards are on duty. Hiking on AI can be very rewarding, provided you are well doused with something containing a high % of Deet; also best to hike during mid-day, when the sun is highest. Let us know where you are staying and we'll point out the tackle shops, eateries, etc.

  9. Wreck fishing by myself out of OC MD this past Thursday, 6 keeper Sea Bass (12.5" or better, largest around 4 lbs) about 30 throwbacks, artificial reef about 5 mi. from OC inlet produced 1 short in 1 hour, moved to a reef site about 13 mi. offshore, where the decent action took place. Trying to anchor on little snags, by myself, in a pilothouse style boat was not easy but I did it. On Friday I took a friend, we went straight for a reef about 19 mi. offshore, and with a late start, and wind coming in early (short amount of fishing time), we took 13 keepers and had about 50-60 throwbacks. Saw a Loggerhead Turtle on the first day, he was "marking" a wreck for me!

  10. They are "culling" in a way.


    Most of us know that what is being done is not right.


    Perhaps if they were eating Plovers, the NPS would shut it down, otherwise, forget about that option.


    Is someone going to name the captain or what? Do you think the IRS would want to know about his little taxi service?


    Creel limit for Tog is now 2 per person per day.


    As far as "a language barrier" - BS! When they pulled that "no speak English" crap on me back in my headboat days, I brought 'em up to speed real quick by throwing ALL of their fish overboard!