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  1. Key
  2. Alright! My wallet is already empty!
  3. He scammed the lawyer, then you, I doubt the lawyer sent him to you, you are both somewhere in the middle of his BS money gathering trip, it made him sound a bit more legit saying that the lawyer sent him over.
  4. Crestor gave me muscle aches so bad that I couldn't sleep, it's beyond time to see my doctor and tell him I discontinued, so we can try something else.
  5. 3y 9m clean. Acute pain on Sunday, surgery yesterday. Opiate painkillers dispensed. I told my doctor, surgeon, etc about being in recovery. I told my sponsor about the painkillers. I had my non-addict wife count the pills as soon as they came home from the pharmacy. I made a chart of the pills that I take. I let other friends in recovery know about the situation. I am not going to die at the hands of addiction, like my father and countless others have. This disease dies in the light of day, and I've got the shades wide open. Happy Holidays, Bobby.
  6. Prayers to you brother!
  7. I had a root canal done last month with novacaine only. As mentioned previously, the needles, the smell, and the jaw ache were about the worst. I thought I was fairly tough for going through that, but I have another story to tell. Sunday night I hade acute pain down in the anal area - this is no joke, anyway, it was so bad that I was ready to go to the ER, but I got a hold of the colo-rectal doctor that did my 2 colonoscopies, he asked a few questions and ascertained that I likely had an abscess, and that he would take a look on Monday. Well he confirmed, through visual and digital (finger) means, that it was indeed a rectal abscess. I was scheduled for surgery for Wednesday am. The hospital called the night before and left me a voice mail asking me not to eat after midnight, I didn't get the voice mail until after I had consumed 2 pieces of toast and a glass of water. I get to the hospital, wait, get undressed, IV fluids going, etc. and the nurse asks when I ate last, so I told the truth, she shakes her head (acts mad at me) and leaves the room, the surgeon comes in and tells me that the anesthesiologist will not put me under general because I have a full stomach (3 hours after the fact), anyway, they do not have time in their schedule to do the surgery in another 3 hours, when my stomach will be presumed clear. I was offered to wait another day, or proceed with with rectal abscess surgery using only local anesthetic. I chose to go for it. I had rectal surgery yesterday morning, with only local anesthetic. I know lots of you will have lots of cruel things to say, but oh well, have fun with your comments, I sure would. Just like the root canal, the worst things were: a) the needles of local anesthesia (about 6 in a circle aound the outside of my sphincter), b) the smell, in this case it was the smell of cauderizing flesh, c) my rear (instead of jaw) being propped opened for so long. But the benefits were: a) no risk of heart stoppage, b) no anesthesia hangover, c) I got to make jokes in the ER, d) I was out of the hospital and home before I would have been, by about 2 hours e) a much lower anesthesia bill to the insurance company and myself. One of the jokes I made while the team was burning my a$$flesh, was that "I'm glad all of this happened, because It got me out of going to the dentist today." If there are any neighsayers, don't worry, I have pictures, I'll e-mail them to anyone that requests (but I'll also publish a list of names of those that requested). Anyway, didn't mean to threadjack, I have a point, and the point is; that if I can get my rectum operated on with only local anesthesia, then maybe you can put a new perspective on your proposed dental work. I'm not trying to act like a martyr, I have been taking the opiate painkillers prescribed to me for after the fact (taking less that the maximum though). To each his own, but lots of surgeries and other procedures are being done without general anesthesia or sedation of any type. At least I KNOW why MY a$$ hurts.
  8. cock
  9. That sure would make a nice artificial reef off say, Ocean City, MD.
  10. Fire extinguisher, then the garden hose.
  11. A credit card is no more than a link to an account. There are tons of things to buy on account without even having that plastic in hand. if the plastic is in hand, as you can see, its pretty dam easy to go to self pay terminals. Wow, imagine the damage anyone could do at a Home Depot alone! How about filling up a 300 gallon gas tank! or 1,000 gallons of diesel! No, I imagine most drug dealers don't take Visa, etc, but they can put in an order for a monster sized flat screen! Cancel you card right away if its missing, if it turns out you just misplaced it, oh well, better safe than sorry.
  12. farts
  13. Thank You.
  14. Ditto.
  15. Aerosmith
  16. A) This thread was started as a cut on a S.O.L. member, not about a disease or affliction. B) My uncle has it, and I know several people with children that have it. C) I can and do find humor in lots of words, personally I my post was related to the word. I can usually find humor through even the touchiest of situations, if not, I'd be close to insane right now, because I work as an Admissions Counselor at a rehab for chemical dependency issues. In conclusion - "K-mart, Yeah K-mart"
  17. wiffle
  18. Mmmmmmmmmmm assburgers.
  19. Icy Hot Please do not try this.
  20. shrimp ________
  21. peanut butter