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  1. I was wrong, it's a Turdossum.
  2. Jackalope.
  3. Captain Mark Sampson does offshore and inshore. years ago, he put me on my best Striper (at the time) in OC inlet, livelining a spot. At the time he was running a small center console for the inlet/back bay charters, and a larger boat for offshore. Use your favorite search engine to find him by name or "fishfinder adventures".
  4. goat antelope
  5. Cripple Creek
  6. I believe you can get a "hike in" camping permit for up there also.
  7. student
  8. pencil-thin-moustache
  9. trousers
  10. AIG is not viable, only small portions of the holdings are, that and all of our tax money is going to be gobbled up by people who live way better than the most of us kicking out the $. Its the American way, apparently. CAN YOU SAY SUBSIDY?!? Has Amtrak EVER showed a profit?
  11. Now that is the good stuff!
  12. If someone wants to drink, it is absolutely none of my business. If someone wants to stop, and asks me for help, it is absolutely my business.
  13. raw
  14. Cornholio
  15. My wife is going to NYC for a day trip tomorrow. I told her to go by AIG HQ and just throw all of her money at the door. I got the idea from the government.
  16. I like that, "make the janitor the CEO." Reminds me of a great movie from the 80's. They should hire this guy-
  17. Okay, if they were "legally committed" to make these payments, by contract, before the bail out, then what would have happened if the the bail out never came? Wouldn't they have gone into bankruptcy and have not been liable for them? It is also stated that these bonuses went to retain the financial wizards (inferred) to help keep AIG viable. AIG is not viable, it is now subsidized by the taxpayer. We now own a controlling interest, yet have absolutely NO control. I think that we are seeing that Washington remains crooked, no matter whether R or D controlled. We need a movement. Might be time to move this to P.G.
  18. Susquehanna
  19. I can picture (or hear) this unfolding with the British accents too, makes it even funnier, kind of like a modern day Benny Hill chase scene...The Brits should make a comedy series out of this.
  20. Use the quote button, and add your name and date, this is not a contest, this is to show others, that it can and does work! Bobby W. 03/11/2005
  21. Post your new date! Be proud of it, and protect it! In fact, how about a clean time countdown? I'll start on the next post.
  22. Dillon, check your PMs. J R, great meeting you today! Fr would have just loved knowing that not only were people reunited through this, but others have come together for the first time. I'm a firm believer in "things happen for a reason" and most of the time, its not even our business to know the reason(s) at the time, we just have to look for positives, and proceed. Skinny water light tackle cows coming soon...
  23. Read through, he's a laborer, and she is on welfare, they don't have a pot to piss in, and their house was robbed a little while back, took the tv and all; gives them time to read the Quran together. You just know that everybody is wondering about the sex! Its like passing a wreck on the other side of the highway, although you don't see anyone injured, you can visualize the carnage, and get that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. I don't know, maybe they met in the checkout line at the grocery store, she dropped her coupons or somethin' and he came up from...I'll let these guys tell the story, they're pros." target="_blank">
  24. Charles Barkley just did a whopping 36 HOURS there for DUI.