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  2. No license required for fishing from land or boat in Maryland's coastal bays and OC/AI beaches. You will need a MD Certificate of Boating Safety (or your state's equivalent) to operate a motorboat in Maryland waters if you were born after July 1, 1972. If renting a boat, the livery should be able to assist you with the certificate. If trailering your out of state boat to the OC area; PREPARE TO BE BOARDED by Coast Guard and/or MD DNR. The MD test is mostly common sense stuff, but studying a little never hurts. Know the size limits (creel is probably not an issue judging by the reports lately)
  3. It seems everyone has a cause nowadays. I'm not going to stop eating meat because some "not for profit" multi million dollar buisness tells me to. This is America, you protest all you want, I'll harvest whatever is legal, and I know will be eaten, so long as I also know the resource is sustainable. March on down Main St. in my hometown wearing your leather sandals, get there by chartering a bus from funds that contributors thought were going to save neglected pets, kill some trees by printing up lots of propaganda, get a life. While you are marching, I'll either be helping people to get off drugs, or fishing.
  4. That might be a rabid Delmarva Fox Squirrel!
  5. Did you report that dead dolphin? It is kind of important to report a stranding or even dead marine mammal, they do die of natural causes, but it's nice to let the experts know so they can tell what's going on, dolphin eat alot of the same species that we do.
  6. I guess we have to pay for all of that new equipment they are going to attempt to use to give us tickets, to make more revenue, to line the pockets of politicians. It's just like the fee increases for AI ORV use, they will jusitify the increases by putting out some vague list of where the money goes, of which only a small fraction goes to fishery/recreational fisherman use. They will point out places like Lapidum Landing, but not tell folks that everyone has to pay $10.00 per day to use it (or $70.00 per year). We do need DNR patroling our waterways, we do not need their management sucking up funds for pet projects. Wanna save the Chesapeake Bay? STOP DUMPING SEWAGE IN IT, ENACT A COMPLETE MORATORIUM ON OYSTER HARVESTING, PUT ALL FUNDS (aside from policing) INTO OYSTER AND GRASS PLANTING.
  7. Try Baltimore for strippers, there may however be some small stripers under the Rte 50 bridge. You actually sound alot like me when I'm planning a short fishing trip, I want as much info. on as many options as possible, I'm always second guessing myself and overpreparing.
  8. I took a ride over to bayside on one of those crossovers Sunday evening, bugs horrible. I am wondering what the fishing is like over there and assuming the bugs aren't as bad in the middle of the day. What kind of fishing? Which crossovers? Crabbing and clamming? All suggestions appreciated.
  9. Great job Katie! I can't wait to show my daughters the picture.
  10. Took my wife and 2 daughters camping at AI this past weekend, I had delusions of a short wait for the ORV. The line on Saturday afternoon was to the pavement (from the crossover), the guys 3rd in line told me they had been there over 6 hours, turned around. Sunday morning the line was almost as long, turned around. Wound up fishing "by foot" from the state park 3 incoming tides; 2 Smoothdogs, a pair of horseshoe crabs (deep in the throws of passion), and what I think to be a juvenile Bull Shark. Finally got to take the family for a drive on the ORV Sunday at sunset (only 2 in line). It was their first time and they absolutely loved it! We're coming back in 2 weeks and hope to get on without much of a wait.
  11. Fished our rear ends off from 1pm 'til 1/2 hour after sundown, from the top of the flats to Sandy Point. We used all artificial: broken backs, poppers, slash baits, bass assassins, deep divers, flys, etc. Caught 1 baby striper right after sundown in about 4 ft of water. Had one other hit and spooked a couple of much larger fish. The water on the upper and middle flats was as clear as I've ever seen it, the conditions were perfect. It was a great day of "payin' dues."
  12. Harborside in West O.C. and Matteo's Salsa Loco in Bethany (right off the highway by the totem pole)
  13. Legal Rockfish, Nice Red (not a puppy), Slammer Blue.
  14. Fished AI Saturday, about 5 mi South of air station. Incoming tide. 1 skate, 1 Horndog. Special Thanks to the guy that gave me a sand spike at the air station, I forgot mine and he wouldn't accept any money for it! I'll pay it forward. The weather was awesome.
  15. I just got back from fishing The Susquehanna from shore. I landed my personal best Striper! While fishing from a rockpile on shore, using a medium light 6'6" Shakespeare spinning combo, and a broken back Rapala, tied on 8# test, I hooked up and fought the beast for about 20 minutes before being able to get a hand on her. I had to be very careful, as I didn't want to bang that momma up against the rocks, I succeeded, and although she went belly-up for a few seconds, she regained her strength and splashed me good as she took off. I've been fishing for the better part of my 37 years, caught all sorts of game fish, worked on the ocean for several years, and this was one of the most thrilling catches of my life! Estimated 40# fish. By the way, I lost my broken back, tied on a Rattletrap, and snagged a nice catfish in the belly, now I have tomorrows lunch taken care of too.
  16. My wife has a 2006 Equinox, bought new for @ $23,000. I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee, bought used for @ $8000 (the beach vehicle). The Equinox is not the AWD, but I can tell you, there is no way I would take one down the beach, even if it were AWD. Don't get me wrong, the Equinox is a very nice vehicle. It is: very quiet, has a smooth ride, PLENTY of power (Chevy 3400 engine), decent efficiency (19cty 23hwy), tons of leg room. The Equinox, however, is not an off-road vehicle. Don't get off-road confused with sport utility. The Equinox is an SUV. The Jeep is both SUV and off-road capable. The steering, suspension, and clearance, and differential on an Equinox are not geared toward off-road beyond parking in the wet grass at soccer practice, or 6 inches of snow on the road. If you get an Equinox, good, just don't take it on the beach. Don't listen to others who only went a few miles in one, educate yourself as you are doing. I could tell you hundreds of stories about all different makes and models of cars breaking down etc. Whatever you do, don't assume a vehicle is off-road worthy simply because it is sold as an SUV.
  17. I recently recieved my '07 AI sticker which came with warnings that folks were losing stickers when they put em on plastic bumpers. What sort of inexpensive, and low-key solutions are people coming up with?
  18. I combined a few of the suggestions. I cleaned the bumper with rubbing alcohol, stuck the sticker on, got a piece of flexible plexi (bumper is a little rounded) about 1/2" larger than the sticker all around, drilled holes in the edges of on the plexi, made a clear silicone bead around the inside edges of plexi, then screwed stainless screws through the holes and into the bumper, sealing the plexi over top of the sticker. The only way that sticker will be damaged by the elements, is if I park below the high tide line and take a really long walk. Can we please have window stickers in the future?
  19. I told the Gov. I wasn't some two bit, tree huggin, bleeding heart, rather a guy who grew up on the Chesapeake and worked fishing boats out of O.C. for the better part of the 1990's. I told him I've witnessed the destruction first hand, that I love clams, but I love our estuaries as a whole, even more. I asked the gov. if we have learned anything from the overharvesting and dredging of the Chesapeake that we could apply to our coastal bays. Waterman need to work. So do tackle shop owners, tour boat operators, head boat personnel, hotel/motel employees, restaraunteurs, etc. Why is there so little aquaculture on the Eastern Shore? We have tons of experienced farmers and fisherman. There is no way our natural resources can keep up with demand, so lets just keep harvesting until absolutely nothing is left, there wont be much of a controversy when all the clams are gone! Along with the clam habitat goes crabs, flounder, and a whole host of other fish/shellfish. Yes, keep on raping the bays, then you will know first hand what "the point of no return" means.
  20. What tide charts and differentials are most accurate for AI? "I gotta stop wishin, I gotta go..."
  21. Any tree-huggin group could use any pictures of any molested dune to attempt to further their cause, even staged photos. Anyone can post pics of destruction and attempt to further their cause. The pictures are not the cause of the problem, they are an awareness. Yes, people do take things out of context all the time, but most sane, relatively intelligent people will weigh a proponderance of evidence before making drastic decisions on issues such as closing public areas of national parks. This behavior is unacceptable, the exposure of it, is completely acceptable, and commendable. If not for that post, would we have everyone coming forward with descriptions of the suspect vehicle? Now we know what to look for. These jerks need a good flogging!
  22. My friend Ricky and I set out to fish the flats today. I arrived at Tydings Park before he did and it was blowin' up a stink out there! I called my trusted fishin' buddy and broke the news; whitecaps on The Flats. We decided to put in at Jean Robert's and head up river to attempt some striper action, there's always a back-up plan, and ours usually involves bottom bouncing for catfish or perch. Well, weren't we surprized that the nightcrawlers never had to leave the box! Ricky hooked up with 2 nice stripers! The first was a FAT estimated 17#er, the one in the picture is right around 25#s! We were above I-95, below Lapidum/Tomes, bouncing soft plastics. Sometimes plan B or even C can be pretty sweet. Lovely day on the water!
  23. Thanks guys, maybe I'll wash and dry real good and use a little superglue right from the start. The sticker does seem kind of cheap, considering they're all going to see some really harsh weather, both on AI and everywhere else. It would be nice to see a window sticker, one would think the rangers would like it to be more visible anyway.
  24. Thanks Bill, I've fished O.C. for years, lived and worked it for 7, never too much AI fishin' though. Now I'm back in Harford County and only get the chance to come down 8 or 10 times a year. I'm actually trying to educate myself a little, and this web site is doing just that for me, thanks to guys like you!