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  1. I for one just can't understand how someone could let a innocent little skate suffer while they go get their camera, then flaunt their catch on the internet.
  2. I just love these, especially the "road kills"
  3. Wow, so it's okay to spend thousands of dollars on hunting and fishing equipment that gives us humans a total edge over a multitude of creatures that we really don't need to kill for food, we call it sport, correct? How many of you have gone and bought and raised a dog to flush birds out of bushes so you can blow them away with a 20 gauge? How many pictures get posted on here of fish, BIRDS, deer, etc. that have been killed for a human's enjoyment. *** is wrong with you people? Cats are natural hunters. How many people on this board have posted a picture of themselves holding a fish? How many of those fish were killed by suffocation? I truly can not believe than any of you human beings would get all bent over pictures of a cat with a bird.
  4. Bel Air does have most of the things the ladies like; shopping, salons, clean neighborhoods, good schools.
  5. Wow, I thought I had the fever bad. Now I log on to see spreadsheets, then it all makes sense, then I want it to be Spring, then I have to read the whole thread, now its 2:30am and I have to get up for work in the latter part of the morning, now I already know that I'm going to crawl into bed and obsess over my surf fishing efficiency. Awesome thread, thank you and good night!
  6. Derrick, notice the screwed up eye in the first pic, kind of sets him apart the pack. When we got him at 6 weeks old, we thought he would have sight issues, but as you can see by his hunting abilities, he's okay. He got the name Petey b/c we thought about pirates when we saw his eye, he was just too little to look like a Pirate Pete, so Pirate Petey stuck. He has really lived up to the connotation too, he is a world-class pillager.
  7. Wonderful post, I love that we all share the same passion for fishing. That boat sounds like its running on a 1 banger, God knows, if that is all I had to get where they were bitin', I'd be cruising that thing too!
  8. There is actually a Sea Robin caught in the 1st video about 5 minutes in.
  9. 'Petey' is famous for bringing live and dead creatures home (sometimes catches us off-guard and actually gets them in the door). We've had numerous mice (including one vomited up over an hour after Petey came in) , moles, birds (including 1 live in the house), chipmunks (1 live in the house), and 1 partially skinned, live rabbit dropped at my feet. He loves to play rough with me, he chases and sometimes bites my wife, and he is very gentle and tolerant of our now 5 year old child. He can be the nicest lap cat, frequently sleeps on my chest, then you see him the next day with a half skinned live rabbit hanging out of his mouth. The dove in the last pic would have been be shot with the pellet gun by me within the next day or so because it nested on a drain spout and was shi__ing on my trash can lid, Petey saved me the trouble I would have been in by the wife.
  10. Unfortunately, the road issue seems to be a non-issue to the powers-that-be. Rte 22 between Bel Air (county seat) and APG is still 1 lane each way for the most part. But, when folks like me, who grew up in the county, complain about traffic and congestion, we're generally comparing to the way it used to be vs. other much more congested areas. I will say, there has been a fair effort to reduce overcrowding in schools over the past few years, but it still doesn't keep up with actual and projected growth. As far as homes, right now there are enough, a few years down the road, if BRAC comes as planned, I believe the commute will just have to be a little longer for some. Harford County is the epitome of urban sprawl, while we do have some small town flavor, and still some rural areas, most of the central part of the county is dotted with "house farms," they have sprung up in rows and patches where corn and cows used to flourish. All in all though, Harford County is a wonderful place to live. We are very centrally located to major cities (yet removed somewhat from alot of big-city problems), we have a very low crime rate (overall), our schools are very good, very low unemployment, a decent amount of parkland, plenty of fishing (either within or a short drive). APG is commuting distance from Cecil County, MD and York County, PA, where you can generally get more home for your money.
  11. No, not tourney weekend, weekend before. I've never fished VA Beach before, couldn't believe there were that many other striper addicts on the water in January. That is my first fish of 2008, probably all down-hill from here, but I'll be on the flats come March, AI by May, and in the doghouse year-round!
  12. Yuppie trash? How about trailer trash? Redneck? Hick? Not too pleasant now is it? I'm a Harford County native, born in HdG, happen to live in Bel Air for the past 7 years, while we have our share of idiots, Havre de Grace does too (every place does). Bel Air is defenitely more pricey than HdG, but our taxes are actually lower. Bel Air is about 15 miles from HdG boat ramps, 10 from Joppatowne ramps (Gunpowder River), 8 from Otter Point ramp (Bush River). I'll think you'll find Havre de Grace has much more of a small town flavor, with decent infrastructure, and affordable housing (although there's not alot of waterfront for sale unless you want to live in an overpriced condo or townhouse (along with well to do retirees, and rag-haulers). Comparing Bel Air to HdG is apples and oranges. I would suggest contacting a local realtor and coming down for a weekend tour. BTW, if you time it just right, the Monster Striper bite may sew the deal up for ya! From the MD DNR website: Bass, Striped CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY Proposed Mar 1, 2008 - May 3, 2008 Please use non-offset circle hooks Susquehanna Flats, upstream of a line from Sandy Point to Turkey Point and the Susquehanna River downstream from a line connecting the Susquehanna State Park Boat Ramp in Lapidum to Twin Rocks to Tomes Wharf in Port Deposit; and Northeast River. No eels. If using bait and hook has gap 1/2" or more, must use non-offset circle hooks.
  13. It is a leaf, and the day-glo green spot is a paint chip from a bucktail.
  14. VA Beach 01/05/08
  15. Took the long land ride down to Solomon's with a few friends. A friend of a friend has a nice 45' Chesapeake that he just took down the day before. Got a late start and didn't get all lines in until a little after 8am. Trolling in 40'-110', all day, within a few miles of the HI bouy. A slow but steady pick of our limit on large, with 1 in the slot; 26.5", 32", 32.5", 2 X 36.5", and a fat 40.5" for my friend Gary (the guy with the big smile and big fish) and 3 "releases". white and chartruse, umbrellas and parachutes, long and short lines, low-high tide; didn't seem to be any real pattern other than the ovals the Captain Mike was making. All but the 26.5" had sea lice. A beautiful late November day on the bay, we could've tried for another 4 in the slot, but were more than happy with the meat in the box, back to the dock by 3pm. I've been paying a lot more dues than normal this year, it was awesome to actually take some fish home.
  16. I haven't had a bite the last 2 times down, last time was no moon, time before was full. This weekend we're looking at a full. Wondering what some of the consistent catchermen think? Weather looks iffy at best for Friday, not too shabby (although cold) for Saturday and Sunday.
  17. Thanks for all of the input guys. As usual, Poppy puts it out there like nobody else can, Poppy, you should seriously consider writing a book, I'd pay out the ying-yang for it. I decided to try a different route this weekend, and "cheated" by using a b#*t. I was not disappointed, I finally have some meat in the fridge . Hopefully I'll get another shot at the surf soon.
  18. My wife doesn't know yet, but I'll be down (AI) the day after. Hopefully the tryptophan and carb overload have subsided enough for a crab-feeding marathon, with a chance at a striped one. I'm thankful for a beautiful family that allows me to obsess and compulse about fishing.
  19. 1) Conch shell placed by the tide. 2) Commercial net washed up, drug that heavy s.o.b. up to the dune line and notified the Rangers. 3) Huge live Hermit Crab in a Conch shell. 4) Live Conch, moved about 10 of 'em back into the surf after that really high morning tide, in retrospect, I could've had a nice pot of chowder. camera: Sony Cybershot 8.1, model # DSC-W100 I thought the fishing was great that day, it was the catching that sucked.
  20. Overfishing and pollution do deplete stocks, but looking at a couple/few seasons is probably not the best indicator. Fish have tails, they wag 'em. I also believe that these things run in cycles, unpredictable cycles. One of the great things we've learned from the Chesapeake moratorium, is that Stripers can bounce back. The Feds have just limited commercial fishing for the ocean stocks; that should help us recreational guys out a great deal. BTW, I saw a boat slow trolling about a mile off AI Sunday, assuming he was bouncing soft plastics off the bottom, wonder how that's working? OMG, did I just say "B-O-A-T" on this thread?!?
  21. AI Saturday night 1 1/2 hrs, 8oz not holding, windy/cold, gave up with hopes of a briter Sunday, skunk. AI Sunday afternoon/evening fished the entire low-high tide, very last reel in of the evening, 1 smiling skate. Saved me from the skunk, but who cares? Lots and lots of "paying dues" this year, sure am glad I'm not doing this to put dinner on the table.
  22. I found a cheap CB in the basement of the house we bought last year, hooked it up with a $25 magnetic antenna from Radio Shack, works good, use on occasion on I-95 and I-70 road trips for traffic info and "bear alerts". I was wondering about AI myself.
  23. Stuck in the down position WMO week would be hilarious!
  24. Talbot Inn (M.R. Ducks). Very reasonable rates, decent rooms, fridge/stove/microwave. On the water at Talbot St. (a stones throw from Rte 50 bridge).