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  1. GJohnson, don't know if you have an entire day to commit, but there are year round headboats out of Rudee Inlet. That would eliminate searching for a license, b&t, places to fish, etc. Always good to first fish with some locals in a new area too, I'm sure some would share some local info. Just a thought.
  2. The girl is definitely sick. Because of her celebrity status, unfortunately she needs all of that protection (maybe not that much), but they should send her a bill. Part of the problem is what the paparazzi will do to get dramatic pics, so folks like us can have fodder. I too feel sorry for her children and I hope she gets the help she needs. I see similar situations every day; people with plenty of money, who have serious problems that they think they can buy themselves out of, meanwhile tons of less fortunate people are literally dying before they get the mental health/substance abuse treatment they ask for. I pray to God every day on my way to work that I help at least 1 addict. (work at a rehab)
  3. Speak for yourself, my woman just landed a modeling contract for Marlboro.
  4. You can certainly sneak around and very slow speed cruise a good portion of the flats with your boat, but having that boat will open you up to opportunities for lots of other areas in the main stem of the bay (alot of the the highlighted areas from the map on my previous post) there will be keepers out there long after the spring run on the flats. We can keep 'em too, just not during the Spring spawn. Here's a partial list of the proposed rules for this year. Probably won't make a lot of sense to you, as it hardly does to most of us, you'll make friends down here that will help you keep track of the crazy regulations. Sorry, this is only a partial breakdown of the regs for this year as it may pertain to the upper bay. For details, goto : Bass, Striped CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY Proposed Mar 1, 2008 - May 3, 2008 Please use non-offset circle hooks Susquehanna Flats, upstream of a line from Sandy Point to Turkey Point and the Susquehanna River downstream from a line connecting the Susquehanna State Park Boat Ramp in Lapidum to Twin Rocks to Tomes Wharf in Port Deposit; and Northeast River. No eels. If using bait and hook has gap 1/2" or more, must use non-offset circle hooks.Bass, Striped (Bay) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Proposed 28" Proposed Spring Trophy Season Apr 19, 2008 - May 13, 2008 1/person/day Captain/mate not eligible May not possess striped bass while fishing between 12:00 midnight and 5:00 a.m. No Eels. Restricted to the mainstem Chesapeake Bay from Brewerton Channel to the Maryland/ Virginia Line, Tangier & Pocomoke Sounds (no Tributaries) Proposed Maximum two charterboat trips/day ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18"-28" Proposed May 16, 2008 - Dec. 15, 2008 2 @ 18"- 28" OR 1 @ 18" - 28" and 1 larger than 28"/person/day. May not possess striped bass while fishing between 12:00 midnight and 5:00 a.m. May 16 - 31, 2008- Restricted to the mainstem Chesapeake Bay from a Line between Tolchester to the south pt. of Hart-Miller Island south to the MD/ VA Line plus areas of the Chester, Choptank and Patuxent Rivers. Click here to see map Charter boat captain or mate = 1/fish/boat/trip Maximum two charterboat trips/day June 1 - Dec. 15, 2008: Maryland's Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. Charter boat captain or mate = 1/fish/boat/trip Maximum two charterboat trips/day
  5. The Flats are the upper most portion of the bay, if you look at a chart or a map of the bay, its the portion generally between Susquehanna River on the NW, Nort East River on the NE, Turkey Point on the SE, and Spesutie Island's Sandy Point on the SW. There is a main shipping channel that runs from the narrow between Turkey Point and Sandy Point from South to NW up to the Susquehanna. There are several secondary channels that tend to run parallel to the land forms. The actual area of flats is fairly well depicted in the pic. Generally speaking, the flats are about 1.5' to 8' deep. During the Spring Striper run, it will all be catch and release. Generally speaking, easy to catch little ones are concentrated near the lower portion of the C&R area, while a much smaller portion of much larger fish come into the shallows to feed, they are much more descriminate and a blast to catch on med-light tackle.
  6. My father smoked pot with me when I was 11. He died of liver failure at age 57 (alcohol), I've been institutionalized about 12 times from age 14 to 30, all drug related (including alcohol and marijuana). Thank God I'm clean now for multiple years. I love my father, but he was an irresponsible f**k. Marijauna robs ambition and can be a gateway.
  7. That's okay, may actually help someone.
  8. Does the bet hold if the Pats are caught filming the Giants playbook?
  9. Be a really good father to your child(ren), and a really good husband to the new wife or lady. This should not be done to piss her off, but pissing her off might be a by-product. I might also suggest taking the high road, don't stoop to her level. Keep your side of the street clean. I improved my life dramatically and she's the same idiot, I now have full custody.
  10. SkyLab '08 ? small pic of the largest piece recovered
  11. Why is Maryland importing license plates from New Jersey? Are there not enough prisoners in MD? Do NJ prisoners work cheaper? Is demand that high? I tried to enter a pdf file, wouldn't work. Anyway, it seems Maryland is buying some of its license plates from NJ prisons, last time I checked, we had plenty of convicts at numerous facilities all around the state. I guess they have better things to do like: murdering guards and then cursing out and giving the finger to the deceased guard's family at trial. Or attending classes like: how to succesfully run your heroin ring from a cell block.
  12. I hope she passes this on to her kids and grandkids, etc.
  13. 1) Not sure if this is a Cave Salamander or a Long tail Salamander, found it deep inside an abandoned train tunnel near Green Ridge SF. 2) View from one of many overlooks in GRSF. MD on the left, WV to the right, Potomac River center. Late October 2007, leaves should have been way more colorful by this time.
  14. Headin' back to the barn, that's Pooles Island in the background.
  15. Circa 1971 (note the development date of Feb 1972, my how times have changed)
  16. Kid and Cat.
  17. A few years ago I took my daughter to a local pond the day before a catfish derby for kids at Catoctin Zoo, this was her training. She went on to win largest fish at the derby, can't find that pic, but the fish was actually smaller than this one at the drainage pond.
  18. Smoked Blue
  19. Better?
  20. I second the group hug!
  21. In the throes of death? Let's celebrate the fact that some animal was hit by a car by mounting its skull. Conjures up an image of the creature getting hit in the hind quarters, then dragging itself around with the front half working, and back half mangled, all the while crying out in pain to anything within earshot. Lets go shoot something and have it stuffed, put realistic eyes back into it's lifeless head, mount it on a wall, and post pics to the internet, to show everyone how beatiful nature is. I guess it is okay because it is legal? I am not against any of your pictures, just making a point. There are plenty of folks out there who certainly dont understand hunters. I am not a hunter of anything but fish, but I am okay with hunting for sport, whether it is you or the guy who thinks life would better without plovers, or the guy that used to enforce game laws, or my cat. I can actually appreciate the skill that goes into blowing away Bambi, just as I can appreciate the cat with one working eye, that brings home what he percieves to be a contribution to his human "pride". I'm glad to see that you have successfully passed a course in etiquette from the Emily Post Academy. Hey, I passed a dead skunk on the way to work, PM me for directions so you can go scrape it up and mount whatever part is still recognizable. YUM! I know that shark was released, my point is that we all have different opinions on what is distasteful and what is not. IMO, my cat killing a bird is not, neither are pictures of creatures in the open air that normally derive oxygen from water, neither are pictures of mounts (even road kill mounts), neither are pics with a bloody deer and the hunter's baby sitting right next to it. If your stomach is so weak you can't handle seeing an image of a cat with a bird, how in the heck do you go up to a deer, stick a knife in its belly, and remove the guts? Have any of your shots ever not been instant kill shots? Good Lord, please save me from the hypocrites.
  22. Nice, coming from a guy who gets a warm fuzzy feeling watching a pelican eat a pigeon, then wishes the plovers would all go away.
  23. It is perfectly okay to post pictures of people that have killed all sorts of creatures fort sport. What is sport? It is pleasure. My cat instinctually kills, I'm sure he derives some natural pleasure, just as everybody here does when the reel in the big one. Assanine, sarcastic remarks by me are in response to those who feel that it is okay to kill, so long as it is legal, or because they are at the top of the food chain. It is 2007, and in America, being at the top of the food chain means we go down to local grocery store and get what our families need to eat. Everyone that has posted on this thread has killed for sport. Like it or not, we are all hypocrites when we judge others that kill something that we normally wouldn't. As responsible fisherman, we may take pride in releasing most of our fish, but the key word is most. What gives any of you the right to judge anybody or anything else that has killed for sport, or to eat? BTW there are no leash laws where I live (for cats) and my cat is not ferile, he is neutered and up to date on shots. I just love those who post pictures of mounts, racks, trophys, tournament marlin, etc. And can't accept a picture of a cat with a bird. I guess because man is governed by man's law, all creatures should be. Take a look at the state of the environment; it is the result of man's laws....
  24. Last edited by Critter Gitter : 07-29-2007 at 01:39 PM. Critter Gitter Let me guess, you are smiling because you just helped that shark by giving him free dental work with those channel locks?
  25. Do you mean that's why you shoot cats? I hope not. I would venture to say that most American hunters would not want to be lumped into that category. Anybody else want to chime in on this one? BTW, I live within town limits, very close to a shopping center with several dumpsters. Most of my neighbors are plenty cool with my cat doing what his instinct has him do, I can't exactly train him to not kill birds, that would be like going down AI and slappin' ya'll silly every time you reeled one in. I wish I could curse on this board tonight. Has anyone ever watched Animal Planet? Discovery? Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom? The evening news?